Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello there dear ones;;;;; as promised and a day late I will be showing you all the gorgeous photos of blowing rock…. We had so much fun up there they had some small trails to walk on and places to lean over a rail and look wayyyyyyyyy down….. lol  wwheeeeeeeeeee…

Blowing Rock 040

I was trying to be very cleaver with my photo taking,,,, but missed by that much………………. hehe  it was so beautiful up there….

Blowing Rock 041

AWWWW look that is my sweet lovin’ Honey Bunny… he was taking photos with his I phone,,, show off…. I am usually afraid of  heights,, but not this time…  Not many trees were changing colors yet..

Blowing Rock 042

ON this photo I used my close up, and you are looking at Grandfather Mountain.. click on it and see if your can see his face…..  I can’t wait to go for a visit…

Blowing Rock 043

Oh look there is honey bunny again,,, well at least half of him…. lol;  

Blowing Rock 044

I would just love to have mountain home like those in the back ground… can you imagine the sun sets.. and the rain thunderstorms rolling over the mountains… Wow what a front seat view of the changing colors…

Blowing Rock 045

Blowing Rock 049

Blowing Rock 050

I was even brave enough to go and sit up on the rocks… So now do any of you know the legend of Blowing Rock???? I bet a lot of you do….. It is amazing how the huge rocks look wind swept, like when it snows and Ice storms blow in and the freeze swept like a broom,,, that is how the rocks look here… I wish I could have gotten a lot better photo to show you… but from the one above kind of gives you an idea of how they look…

Blowing Rock 047

Blowing Rock 048

This is the monument for the story of how blowing rock came to be…. It is a great love story,, and Gunnies book of records has it in there for the only place that the snow falls upside down…. really interesting bit of history for you all….  To make a long story short,, and Indian from an other tribe, fell in love with an Indian Maiden,, when he people told him to come back home,,, he was torn with his duty to his people and the woman he loves… so he jumped of the rock,,,,, she was so upset,,, she went there everyday to pray that he is brought back to her,  and then it happened that the wind blew him back up to her…. They said that if you drop something that is not to heavy that the wind down below will blow it back up to you… I wish I would have thought of doing that… maybe next time I will…. and let you know if it really worked… 

I went and had my long hair cut off today… I was not happy with it any more… It was too long and too heavy to take care of any more,, and with the warmer weather here I was always keeping it up in a pony tail or bun,,, and that gave me such head aches… I just love my new hair cut,, it is up above my shoulders, with some layers… I have a photo to show, so don’t laugh,, I am not wearing any make up…….  I am showing my age…. booo hoooo..

  photo (1) I hate having my picture taken,,, but I wanted to see what you all thought I my new do……  please be kind…… :)  kidding.

Well that is it for this post.. I hope you enjoyed walking with me on Blowing Rock,, I really enjoyed sharing with you….  So until next time; God Bless;




Connie said...

Honey, I LOOOOOVE your new DO!!! It makes you look so YOUNG!! Just darling, sugar.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Love your cute new hairdo! You look very young (maybe you are!)

We went to Blowing Rock several years ago. I didn't go up the mountain because of my fear of heights. Hubby went while I shopped the darling village! I was happy and so was he!! LOL!


Regina said...

Lovely views. Thanks for sharing.
Happy weekend.

Melissa Miller said...

What a gorgeopus place Alaura!
I love the scenic photos.

~Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

My Crafty Little Page said...

You look fabulous...I love your new haircut! And your mountain pics are sooo beautiful. Have a wonderful day Alaura. Hugs, Nancy

fairmaiden said...

I understand about those headaches. If I wear mine in a ponytail too long I get them too. You look so cute, just darling, and youthful! I bet you feel spunky!

BelZ said...

Nice bob. :)