Sunday, October 25, 2009


T Bone Steak house 028 

Good evening dear one’s;;;; I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here is really so nice, not too hot and not too cold,,, just right…. hmmmm sounds like Goldie Locks,,,,  the trees are starting to turn now and every thing is looking so beautiful…  OK now the photo  above is a long pier that takes you inside the Restaurant, which is called  T. Bone’s Steakhouse… sorry that it is so dark and sort of blurry,, but I did get some other good ones to share.  The restaurant is located in S.C. on Lake Willey.. it is a beautiful lake… We had a wonderful table by the window so we could see the lake while we ate… I just loved the inside of this wonderful place,, the decor is really interesting… I will show you…..

T Bone Steak house 024

Just look at who greeted us as we walked in…. he is so huge.. but so very sweet…. 

T Bone Steak house 013

The gorgeous view from out table,,, see all the cute geese in the water,,,, they were having some fun.. I loved watching them….

T Bone Steak house 014

This is the dinning deck out side,, they had a bar out there,,, It was kind of humid on Friday night so we did not go out there to eat… But I would love to go back soon so we can sit out by the water… The wind really picked up later and they had to take down all the Red umbrellas..

T Bone Steak house 016

Now these two little fellows were sitting up above us,, I was a little worried but they seemed friendly enough..   So no worries there….

T Bone Steak house 015  The huge Chandelier was made with Antlers , I am not one for that sort of decor,, but it was pretty.. and if you look close to the left of the photo you see and Indian sitting up there keeping watch over every one…. just click on the photo to see him better…

T Bone Steak house 017  T Bone Steak house 018

This is the upper dinning area.. OH and Mister Turkey sitting up in the corner looking on…  Probably hoping no one see’s him before Thanksgiving comes around…..

T Bone Steak house 020

OK on to the food part….lol  this was a delish….. Crabmeat and Cream Cheese dip, with chips and bread… I just loved it…. mmm mmmm good….

T Bone Steak house 021

This is what I had for dinner,,,, steamed veggies and a wonderful strip stake… just loved it.. and a salad…

T Bone Steak house 022

And Honey Bunny had a Sea Food Platter,,, as any die hard fisherman would have… OH dear  he is really getting carried away with the salt again….. Bad Honey Bunny……  must have a talk with him about that…  We took home our dessert, two slices of Cheese Cake with warm Blueberry sauce… oh now that was so yummy to eat later in the evening…  I did not think of taking a photo of that,,, I ate to to fast…lol 

T Bone Steak house 025  I had to take a few more photos of the sweet  ducks and geese in the water again… when we left..

T Bone Steak house 026

T Bone Steak house 029

This is taken from our truck,, the view was just amazing.. We had such a lovely time on our date. I just loved that the whole Restaurant sit on the water…. 

Update on Little Lucy’s Quit……  I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!  wow my hands are so sore from clipping all the seams.. but she is finished,, and will be in the mail tomorrow… I hope it gets there before she show’s up… From what my Sister said she really getting close,,, she lost her plug yesterday….  but I ask for Your Prayers for Britt, is sick with the flu.. her Dr. is keeping a very close eye on her and the baby…. I thank you all for that…. I will keep you all posted on her progress….

Well I hope you enjoyed my post on our Dinner Date,, and the photos,, we have been going to a different Restaurant every Friday to try out new foods… we are having so much fun finding new places to eat….  And we are only 5mins from South Carolina,, love it…..  I Thank You for taking the time to stop by,,, and for leaving such lovely comments…. I so love to read each one…

So until next time;  God Bless;




Anonymous said...

What a lovely restaurant and the food looks so good. Beautiful views all around. My prayers are with Britt and the baby. So glad you finished the quilt. It's sweet as can be.

Unknown said...

That food looks so good!