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Good evening dear friends;  Yes it is that time again for all of us to show off our lovely Pink Pretties…. And a very huge Thank you to our Sweet Pink Hostess Beverly. of you will find so many more lovely blogs to visit, and they will be showing off their Pinkness, so stop on by, you won’t be sorry you did……  So now sit back put up your feet, and sip you coffee or tea and have a beautiful Pink Saturday..

As most of you know I have been gone for awhile trying to get my G. G. Niece’s quilt,, well I am almost there…. yea…. my fingers are really getting sore,, all the pin prick’s and such…. But I thought I would show you what I have been up too with it,,, I hope you enjoy looking at my photos, of the progress, I will try not too show too many photos…. lol’  OK here we go………………….

Blowing Rock 001

Sewing the squares together, they are 5 inch squares.

Blowing Rock 004

Here I am sewing them into a top…. good thing I numbered them so I could put them as I had them laid out.. it took me a bit to find a pleasing look, that flowed nicely.

Blowing Rock 005

This is the Top all sewed together,,,,,,,,,, now I know some of you are thinking,,,,,,, she sewed them with the seams on the front,,,,,, now I am not crazy, so don’t worry,,, it is supposed to be like this,, it is called a rag Quilt..

Blowing Rock 006

Just a close up of the Fabric’s… I just love them all. don’t you????????  Love the man on the Moon… to to cute.

Blowing Rock 015

Here the I put all the layers together,, backing and batting. I know it does not look like much and a little uneven, but really it is not….  so don’t worry,, I really know what I am doing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OK most of the time.

T Bone Steak house 001

OK Ladies,, this is the almost finished Little Lucy’s Quilt… I am still doing my hand quilting on the blank squares only… the other ones have a sweet bow and button sewed on really tight so they won’t come off…

T Bone Steak house 002

T Bone Steak house 004

As you can see by the needle I am still quilting it.. I was going to put the bows and buttons on each one, but it was starting to look way to busy, and I did not care for that look… so I did a few on each line… it seems to look better that way….  so what do you think?? did I do the right thing……

T Bone Steak house 003

On this block it might be hard to see but if you click on the photo’s you might see it better…. I did a heart, and in each corner there I put a baby bottle, booties , duck, and baby pin…

T Bone Steak house 005

On the back I used my old Chenille bed spread, so it will be very soft for Lucy when she is wrapped in it…

T Bone Steak house 006  OK last photo of the quilt,,, I promise…. hehe,,, I quilted each block in a different pattern.. one has some dragon flies on it.. now that was not easy to do, but they turned out pretty good…  When I have all the quilting done, I have to clip all the seams and that takes so very long to do,,, then I wash it and dry it and it comes out all fluffy and soft,, the seams just fluff out so nice like a rag,, and the more you wash it the softer it gets… 

Now I will show you all the fabrics I have chosen  for my next baby quilt,,,, I just love them,, most are a soft flannel…  I had so much fun picking them out,,, even Honey Bunny was a huge help…. how sweet was that..

baby quilt Sheila 007

I hope you can see them,,, if not click on the photo to see it better…  I took a lot to get the best of them..

baby quilt Sheila 009

baby quilt Sheila 006

I can not wait to get started on this one… the name of the Quilt is Nite- Time Teddy Bear…. it is going to so much fun making it….  The brown and black and light tan are for the bear and some block’s and the pattern ones are for bibs and pj’s and for framing the blocks….

Well dear friends,,,, I hope you enjoyed my Pink Saturday  Quilt…  I am so looking forward to paying you all a visit and see what you have for your Pinkness…. I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to stop by for a visit,and to leave me a kind word… I am so blessed to have such friends….

So until next time;  God Bless;




Karrie said...

What a beautiful quilt! I also love all the other fabrics you have picked out for your next beautiful creation. Happy Pink Saturday.

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

What a lot of love went in to this pretty pretty quilt!! I love the way you used different shapes to quilt into the blocks!


Connie said...

That's a darling quilt, sugar! I made one like that years ago and sold it. Never again! Too hard to do, chick.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That quilt is so sweet! My mom is a quilter so I know how much work goes into that! I love the colors you chose!

SherryRoseBella said...

Alaura, Lucy's quilt is absolutely gorgeous! What a lucky baby to have such a beautiful keepsake!
Thank you so much for always leaving beautiful comments on my are a dear.

Vicki said...

Hello, Alaura,
I think the baby's quilt turned out perfectly. I have always loved the look of a rag quilt. I don't sew a stitch so I am always in amazement of you ladies who do. I like how you put the ribbons just here and there and not too many. Thanks for sharing all of your hard work with us. Happy Pink Saturday and blessings to you! Vicki

caren said...

It is so beautiful and dainty! I'm sure it will be loved. Happy Pink Saturday.

Mildred said...

What a labor of love for little Lucy. Some of my Australian blog friends have been making these rag quilts and I think they are adorable. Your fabrics are so pretty. I look forward to seeing the teddy quilt come to life!

Catharina Maria said...

How beautiful is your quilt!
Happy Pink Saturday!
love from Rini , the Netherlands

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

What a sweet quilt! I love it.

Happy PS!

SmilingSally said...

What a darling quilt. You're spending your time wisely in your new home.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Oh so sweet. I do love the way you are finishing it out. Perfect. Happy Pink Saturday!

Mary said...

Hi Alaura,
The quilt is amazing! I cannot wait to see how the next ones turn out!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Mary :)

Betzie said...

I LOVE rag quilts!!! A good friend of mine made me one for Christmas last year...all PINKS too!
This is just beautiful, great job!
She'll love it! I would love to try to make on someday, and you've inspired me a step closer...HPS!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Alaura! The quilt is just darling and I love it! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.


CC said...

Little Lucy's quilt is gorgeous.. oooo,I love it. What love has been quilted into that tiny quilt..she will adore being wrapped in it. happy Pinks..have a great weekend.
p.s. That was not too many pictures, I would have loved to see more. Can't wait to see the little flannel one.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl this is just darling for a special liitle girl..Awesome job..May you have a great weeekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Mary said...

What beautiful work! The quilt you are featuring and the fabrics for those next in line are wonderful. I hope you are having a great Pink Saturday.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Alaura, The quilt came out so darling! The fabrics are so pretty and I love the little ribbons with the bows! Perfection!

The Teddy Bear quilt is doing to be adorable. Love the fabric you got for it!

Have a lovely weekend!


stefanie said...

its GORGEOUS!!!!!! have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

So pretty. I love the buttons and bows. Hope you are having a great weekend and Happy pink Saturday :)

Liberty Biberty said...

Ooooooooh! That quilt is GORGEOUS! I love all the little buttons and bows on it, just perfect!

Jillian said...

It is adorable...Little Lucy is going to love it! Very sweet.

Claudia said...

What a lovely quilt! It will be loved, for sure! Happy Pink Saturday!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I love the rag quilts, and you did a great job on the Pretty Pink squares with fabric choices, piecing and quilting. Happy Pink Saturday. Hope you can make it by CollectinTexas Gal and sample the PricklyPear Jelly...Sue

Grace said...

Hello Alura,
Happy Pink Saturday. Although I did not have time to post for Pink Saturday, I decided to take a look at some posts and found yours. Such pretty choices of fabrics for the pink quilt and I admire the flannnel fabrics as well.

dana said...

You did a wonderful job on that quilt. I love the touch of the old chenille on the reverse side, too! Hope you're having a great Pink Saturday!!! Dana


OMG...I love your quilt...very inspiring! I especially love that you recycled your chennile...I love to do that too! Lucky little baby! Your work is WONDERFYL! Where did you ever find the man in the moon fabric...I love it!
VERY new gran-babe to be (countdown till due date 7 days) just may "need" something as beautiful as this!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a wonderful quilt!

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Pink Sat,
The rain and wind has finally stopped.The sun is shining bright and now I am visiting all my pink sat friends.Your pink quilt is so pretty.Looks like alot of hard work with lots of love going into each stitche. I hope you have a wonderful week and see ya next weekend. Happy Fall,Jennifer

Shirl said...

Hello, I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your pink post this week! What a beautiful quilt!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Our Back Porch said...

LOVE the fabric! Quilts are wonderful, and yours is beautiful! I'm running a day behind on visiting as yesterday was a difficult one for my family {explained on my blog}. Hope you can come by for a visit and see my pinks.
Have a lovely week!

Back Porch Blessings,

She'sSewPretty said...

I am too late for pink Saturday but not too late to tell you how much I love your quilt. I have been wanting to make one of those rag quilts but have heard that it is hard on your hands and fingers. Someone said to wear gloves while cutting. Yours is so cute though that I think I will risk the sore fingers. Have a wonderful week!

someplace in thyme said...

Oh that is so sweet, you are almost there. It looks so pretty and I love all the little bows. I am sure she will love it. Happy Pink Saturday, Char