Sunday, August 17, 2008

Honey Bunny's 50th Birthday Party;


Surprise!!!!! Happy Birthday my Sweet Dear Hubby. I was so busy yesterday trying to get this surprise party ready for 4:00 pm.

Our two oldest grand sons took grandpa out to the movies so my daughter and I could decorate my patio. I was running around all afternoon getting the food party supplies and such. Then when I got home I had a mad dash to get things ready, Heather was running late so she was not here yet to help. I had to clean my patio off and sweep dust and everything , ,,,  so everyone can mess it up when they get here.  Now how much sense does that make... at least it looked good for a while.  His party was a Over The Hill theme I had every one wear black and white. And that is how I did the patio, it was pretty nice looking. The timing was just perfect, everyone was here when he came home, I had all of them park all over so we had no cars in front of the house. So when he came in he was soooooo surprised. I loved it, it went perfect all afternoon.  A great time was had by all. Grand kids and nieces and nephews went swimming, and I ran my feet off trying to be the good hostess. I did not get to sit very long at all. But it was well worth it.

So to my Dear Husband whom I love more than life it self, I wanted his day to be so special. All of the children  Mom and Dad Stepfather and Stepmother Aunts and Uncles, grand kids, sister in law Dear Friends. You could not have had a more special day.

My love for you fills every inch of my heart, I fall in Love with you more each passing year.  You are my strength and my biggest supporter. You are the most caring and loving Man. So ready to help others when they are in need, even strangers you do not know, which I might add is so true he has done that a few times. He is not the type to say any thing about it but I will just this once.

Honey you are the first to put others ahead of your own needs, I am so Blessed that the Lord brought you too me. My life is the better for it. You have a such patience with me, even when I threw away our State Tax form you did not raise a finger or your voice. Or the time I cleaned off your desk and you could not find any thing, what a guy.  OH or the time I lost you good pocket knife, you just looked at me and shook you head. ha ha ha

See Ladies my poor hubby has put up a lot in the 22yrs, of marriage.  And he still loves me.  Lets me decorate our home any way I wish, he has encouraged me to find a hobby years ago and love's every thing I make, now that is real love ladies. lol;

Is always praising me and pushing me with my opening my blog and then my shop.

So Happy Birthday to The Only Man I will ever Love.  You are the best....   Kisses and Hugs, and thank you for Loving me the way you do......

Now for the pictures... have fun looking, And a HUGE THANK YOU for all you lovely comments on my Pink Saturday. I have seen so many wonderful pink Saturday's on others blogs. I am so grateful to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, for making everyone's Saturday's so happy and bright and soooo Pink.


Rods Birthday Party  50th 013

Rods family Aunts and Uncle and his Dad in the checked shirt. They look so much alike.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 001

Family and our Dear Friends. in my empty dinning room. Had to take every thing out side. Rods Birthday Party  50th 012

Honey reading all his B- cards. Oh and looking for money. haha


Rods Birthday Party  50th 005


Rods Birthday Party  50th 010

My beautiful girls.  from left to right... Daughter Chas, Heather, and MY two sweet Nieces Jenny and Brandee, they are more like my daughters then nieces.  Are they not just the prettiest things in the world...... I am so proud of them all.


Rods Birthday Party  50th 004 

Granddaughter Regan she is such a doll, love her smile, she is so much fun, she is 18 months old.  My little angle.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 015

grandson Zachary showing Mamaw his muscle's he is so proud of his muscles.  He is my Cuddle bug, loves to cuddle with mamaw. and gives me kisses all the time.... My little man.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 016

And this handsome man is my son Dustin, Zach's daddy. This is my first Little Man, that is what I called him Momma's Little Man. I guess I can't call him that now. can I. Oh well.

Rods Birthday Party  50th 018

Honey with his family for a photo how priceless this is.

I did not get my camera out until late in the day, shame on me I was so busy that I forgot to get it out. So I have no cake photo or all the grandkids with grandpa, or kid with Dad. Now I know a good blogger always needs to keep a camera on hand, I need to hang one around my neck.

Now dear friends who are such great prayer warriors. I have a unspoken prayer for my Niece Jenny and her family. I would appreciate everyone's prayers for the family.   All I can tell you is that they are have some trying times with their adopted Daughter Olivia. Our Lord knows their needs and that is enough for me, she asked me for prayer and I am, so I thought I would send this out to all my Dear Friends, I thank each and every one of you for this. You are all the best. God Bless;

I pray for every one to have a wonderful week   ahead of them. And for those of you who have children starting school, for the Lord to put a hedge of protection around them. Thank you again.




Mom2fur said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweetie! Looks like a wonderful day!

I hope all goes well with Olivia.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Happy Birthday to your hubby. You have a beautiful.
Patricia :o)

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. My husband will be 51 next week. It sounds like everything went off without a hitch. I'm glad everyone had a great time.

take care,

Alice said...

Happy birthday to your dear husband! What a wonderful surprise it must have been for him when he arrived home. You have a beautiful extended family and I enjoyed seeing the photos.

Smilingsal said...

What a fun time you had!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a great day! We had a surpsie birthday party for my Daddy on Saturday because my sisters were in town. His b'day is actually tomorrow. Since he is terminal, this was his last b'day party (unless the Lord intervenes), so you can imagine how bittersweet it was for all of us.

Susie Q said...

I am late but please tell your handsome honey happy birthday from us!

I loved seeing the pictures...

Jenny and family will be in my prayers...