Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am so happy that we are finally having some cooler weather. The nights are really great, I am going to sit out on my patio and light a fire and sip some wine. Love this time of year, I am trying to get a area dug up for my mums, so with the days cooler I will be able to get it done faster.  I am putting them around my patio area with my Clematis. I love all the colors of the mums so I will be buying them all. Leaves are starting to fall off our trees so now I have to get my rake out. Which is great exercise for my flabby arms.  lol!!!!  My pear tree is so loaded with pears this year we lost some branches because it was to heavy  kind of like my bottom, some days I have to pick it up and tuck it in. OOPS off track, sorry. I do that a lot more now I move so fast from one subject to the next poor honey can't keep up.  So where was I any one remember????   OHHHHHHHHHHHHH yea my pear tree.

Well today after work we lost another one, I have been picking them trying to keep up, we have so many I am going to have to learn how to can them now. So this should be fun. I sure hope I don't kill us all when we can eat them. So any help I can use so

H E L P!   My tomato's are all over the place too, I can't seem to give enough away. I love tomato's but I can eat so many. I will have to learn to can these also. Boy if it is not one thing it's another. At least we don't have to mow yet, no rain so no growing grass, now that is fine with me. My legs are looking kind of thin these days.  Sorry I leaned to the left again, I will try to keep in the middle. lol    I will take some photos of my pears and the spot where I will plant my mums and asters, do a post on them.   Like any of you want to look at my dirt, and buckets of pears......... So how about it want to see them??????   Ok I will show them to you, you twisted my arm.  Hey I need to find a photo to put on here, I feel like I am necked with out a photo on my post.  Now that is a horrible vision, sorry again....  :} he he



Now if I were not an honest person I would tell every one that this is my back yard, but I am so it is not. But I would love for it to be mine.  I feel better now that I have a photo for all to see.  I have the day off tomorrow again so I will be digging up a storm.  Well I will let you all off the hook now and you don't have to read any more.   lol;   I have lots of you to go and visit, I try to make time for all of you, but I always run out of time I have so many friends. I am so lucky to have all of you as friends who are getting more and more like family.  I could break out in song,,,,,,  relax I am not going to sing....  :{ 

I want to Thank You Friends for you sweet comments you all left me, I a so blessed. I am always keeping all of you in my prayers for the Lord to keep you safe and on the right path. Have a great week ya'll.  God Bless




Dawn said...

It's cooler here as well. I actually had to open the windows because it was warmer inside with the AC on!

I love pears. I wish I lived close. I'd take some off your hands!

I wish I was good at canning. I would love to do that with tomatoes.

Good luck with the mums. I love them too!

take care,

Smilingsal said...

Well, it's not cooler here!

I do wish that I lived next door to you so that I could "help" you with all of those vine ripened tomatoes and all of those pears. Yum!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Sounds like fall has one foot in the door in your neck of the woods. Can't say that here yet...but it won't be long!
I love mums too!

artis1111 said...

My brothers pear tree is so full it is breaking limbs. I told hubby to bring some home to put in the freezer.Sop by the blog tomarrow for a laugh. Heee Kathy

Kim's Treasures said...

It has been so nice not having to cut the grass! But boy do we need some more rain! I look forward to seeing your mums and asters all planted pretty! We have tons of tomatoes too...I don't think I'm up for canning them though. We have been giving a bunch away.

Have a great night!

This Country Girl said...

It's cooler here a little, and I'm loving it! I'm ready for fall!

I love the fall picture you put on here today...really gets me in the mood!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hello there...I had fun visiting your blog...love your decor. cherry

bj said...

It is beginning to be a little cooler out here in West Texas, too...especially late nights and early mornings. Still too hot during the day to want to work outside.
Wish I had some of your pears and tomatoes. We are going to have tons of pecans, come colder weather. I'll trade you some of those!! lol
Have a really good day...

My Thrifty Victorian Home said...

We are having an extremely cool summer here in Iowa. The days are shortening and I'm trying to hold on to the summer as much as I can. Best of luck with the mums!

Blessings to you and yours,

My home - My life said...

We have a ton of tomatoes also! I just posted today about them - my hubby made spag sauce because like you said, we couldn't give enough away!

Jill said...

Well aren't you the witty one today...love the comment about the butt tuck! Cute!

My neighbor gave me a huge bag of tomatoes, I was going to make some salsa...but I don't have any green pepper, jalapeno or cilantro. Guess we will just have BLT's!

I was messing around with Microsoft Picture it with some soft colors (doesn't match my blog) and came up with a cute header and just added your name for fun. If you would like it, I will send it to you!