Friday, May 28, 2010



Good evening;  I know I an early for posting Pink Saturday,,,, but I just thought I would get an early start.  Wow can you believe that Pink Saturday is going to be Two yrs old,,,,,,,,, my goodness how time flies. When our wonderful Sweet Pink Hostess Beverly of  How Sweet The Sound started it two yrs ago,,,, there were only a few who were participating,,now there are so many who have joined in on the fun…. Beverly has made our Saturday mornings so much more enjoyable with all the wonderful blogs showing off their gorgeous Pinks.. I have so enjoyed playing along,, showing some of my favorite Pretty Pinks…  So I thought I would show a few of  my old ones again…. I hope you don’t mind seeing them again,, but it is fun to look back,, don’t you think. And if you wish to see a lot more,,, then please stop by Beverly’s to see all the other’s you won’t be sorry it is a Lovely way to start you morning….. OK on with the show…  Pink show that is…lol

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 015

My Pink Rose canister and Tea set,,, a gift from my wonderful Mother in Law,,, I just love it……


My Beautiful Pink and White Quilt I was so lucky enough to have won in a give a way that Heidi was having,,, it still hangs on the back of my bed,,,, I love it….

Lucy's finished Quilt 006

Baby Quilt I made for my Great Great Nice Lucy Claire..

DSCF0003 (1)

My Pink Garden kit,,,, I love this, all the great Pink garden tools and gloves…….

G W and tea pot 023

Tea Cups 009 

Well I guess I should stop now,, don’t want to over load you with all this Pink……  I can’t seem to find my older photos,,, hmmmmm wonder were they went,,,,,,, oh well,, I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Post….. So please sit back with your morning cup of what ever you like and hop around blog land for some lovely Pinkness,,, I know I will be………………………………  Again a Huge Pink Thank you to Beverly,,,,,,

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and pay me a visit,,,,, and for you sweet comments…. Until next time, God Bless;

Pink Hugs;


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


  Hello there!  I am still here alive a kicking…… I have been a bad blogger here lately,,,,, I have been having blogging block,,,,,not much to write about…… have not been busy doing much either,,,,, gosh I hope I am not the only one who has had this problem,,,,,,, for some reason I am having a hard time getting into the swing of things,,, not sure what the problem is…. hope it goes away soon… I have not even been creative,,,,,,,  yes it is true,,,, I know I can’t believe it either……

  I have been by to some of your blogs to see what you all have been up too,,,, I have been keeping up with our Sweet Sherry from Phoenix,,, I am so happy that she is home and doing better,,,,, Praise the Lord for that…. I Pray that she continues to do better each day……   So I think I am getting back to normal again…….. I hope…lol  I have been working on my Patio,,,,, getting some new plants and making it a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by….. I do love to sit out there when it is not too hot,,, it faces the west and when the Sun hits in in the after noon,,,, Wow!!!! it gets really warm…… but the cloudy days it is really nice…   I have some photos to share so I will stop  talking and show you…. 

  Patio Redo 006  

Patio Redo 007

Patio Redo 008

Patio Redo 009

Patio Redo 010

Patio Redo 011

Patio Redo 013

I love this plant…. it is so pretty……

Patio Redo 014

Patio Redo 016

Patio Redo 017

Sorry for so many photos,,,,,,, I still have lots more I want to do to it,,, but so far it is looking pretty good….   I am planning on getting a trellis so I can plant a Wisteria I love those,,, and it will give us some needed privacy not to mention the sent… mmmmm love it…. and I still need to get the window boxes to hang on the railing… a few tables,, and some tiny white lights….. for that evening glow….. the rug we brought back with us,, I love to have a rug out side,, it makes it much nicer looking…… it does need a wash though….you should see my neighbors when I am out there with my vacuum….. it is too funny…… hehehehe.   I have my four arm chandelier to hang too,,, just not sure where to hang it yet.. it is a non working one,, I use candles with it….   Well I hope you enjoyed my patio……  I am having fun putting it together,, getting my hands dirty….. love it,,, love it….  oh I have planted some tomatoes too,,,, they are doing great….. so this fall I will have fresh tomatoes,,,,, we are thinking about getting a dwarf fruit tree,,, that would be wonderful….   the weather has been amazing here,,, I have been to the pool and the water is really great….. I even found a new bathing suite,,,,, and I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol  on me that is…. which is no easy task…… (wink)

  Well dear friends that is it for now,,, I hope you enjoyed my patio,,,  I am going to be paying you all a visit now,, I can’t wait to see what you have all been doing…….  I will make sure I leave you a comment to let you know I have been by,,,,,, I don’t like to visit and not leave a comment to let you know I have stopped…… so I hope you all have a wonderful week,, and that the weather in your area is as beautiful as it is here,,,,,

And as always thank you all for taking the time to stop by,,, and for you lovely comments…. So until next time;

God Bless;



Saturday, May 8, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Wish you all My Dear Friends,,,,,, A very very

Happy Mother’s Day,,,,,, I  Pray that your day is filled with Love and Joy being with the ones you Love..

God Bless;



Thursday, May 6, 2010


image Good Afternoon;  So are you all having a wonderful week so far? I hope so,, the weather here is really beautiful, it has been in the upper 80’s blue skies and puffy white clouds…. Yesterday I went to the pool and laid in the sun for a bit then dangled my tootsies in the water,,, which was so yummy,,,,, not too cold….  But today I am staying home,, I am redoing my craft room,,, I brought back my book  Where Women Create….  love that book,, and I was going though it last night and found some great ideas for my room….. So I am off to do some fixing up….. I will take some photos to share with you all…..But for today I have a few photos to share with you from around my home….  I have been finding places for my pretties,,, finally… now I have shared some with you,,, in a later post,, and these are new ones….  OK here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooo--------

Patio flowers 001

This is my sweet hubby’s Gardenia,, it is really blooming,,, he was so excited to wake up this morning and find all of these wonderful smelling blooms…. I am going to get a pretty pot for it this weekend….. it is a dwarf one so it won’t get too big which is perfect for our patio.

Patio flowers 002 

Patio flowers 003

My Lavender,,, I love Lavender.. it is loving being out there on the patio… I am going to be drying some of it..

Patio flowers 004

Don’t you just love the sweet blooms on them……….

Patio flowers 005

I know I have already showed you all this Hydrangea but just had to show her off again,,,, It is really taken off…..

Patio flowers 007

Sorry for the bad shot,, but I did try to keep the blinds closed so you could see it.. I hung this in our bed room on the wall between our bath, and closet. it is perfect there… this was my hubbys idea,,  he does come up with some good ones once in awhile….. hehe

Patio flowers 008

This is on the wall at the end of our bed,, I am still decorating it,,, so this is what I see first thing when I open up my little eyes….. love it….  now I just need to find just the right Pretties for it….

Patio flowers 009

This gorgeous long and big tassel my Sweet Sister bought for me a long time ago,, hangs on the pegs…

Patio flowers 010 

Patio flowers 011



Patio flowers 012

This area is in our living room…. it sits across from the patio door,, I love how it reflects the out door light, and in the evening the light from the lamp…

Patio flowers 013 

The candle sconce hangs on the other side of my Tea Cup shelf…. and my sweet pink Fairy watches over it all…..  Don’t ya just love her…. I do… I received her in a swap last year……

Patio flowers 019

Patio flowers 014

This is in our guest bath,,,, I love the lavender color with some tan and brown,, which is the color style I am going for… still working on it…. but it will get there.

Patio flowers 015

I love my Rooster’s I set this up in front of my sink… makes doing the  dishes much easier, with this to look at….

Patio flowers 018

I found this at the Johnny Apple Seed fall craft fair a few yrs ago back home…. I love it…  Its home is on the wall next to my craft room…   I want to make one like this some day,,, it is just a cut up old quilt with some pretties sewed on,,, and a sweet saying….. then framed…

Patio flowers 020

My round living room table,,,

Patio flowers 021

Tea cup yellow plate,,,,, pearls and a glass cloche… sitting on my light blue book for height.. looks pretty good…. so far,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I change my mind a

Patio flowers 022

I so love this frame,,,,,,, my sweet MIL gave this to me a few yrs ago. it is perfect for our Wedding photo…

Well dear friends I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of my home….  It is slow going,,, but it is getting there..  I want to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and pay me a visit….. I cherish each one of you…. and treasure each comment you leave….  I am so Blessed to have such wonderful friends whom I have yet to meet….

So until next time; God Bless;



Monday, May 3, 2010



Good afternoon blog friends;  I hope you are all having a great Monday so far… We are getting some rain today,, I don’t mind it is so great for the flowers and plants.. I bought a few more over the weekend… Some Lavender, a Dwarf Gardenia which he just loves,, he was so cute showing me with such a smile on his face…….. sorry honey,,,, but you were….  found some pretty pots to plant them in.  I have not taken any photos yet but I will to show you…  I just can’t make up my mind on how I want the patio to look.. I keep moving every thing around…    Well today is a pretty good day for me,,, except for the rain making my head hurt,,,,  So I have been  hanging up pictures, and shelves and finding new homes for my pretties…. I will be show you all later..  I am so far behind on my crafts,,, the baby quilt I really need to get finished,, this is not like me to take so long to make one… hope I get it to her before Carter graduates High School…lol  sorry Shelia,,,,, I am on it…. 

Now for this post I am going to finally show you all the photos of the class of 77* get together…  I had so much fun with all the girls,, well most of them… Some have not changed a bit….  Ok on with the photos,,,, gosh I hope I can remember their names…………

Class of  77 032 

Here they are,,,,, they had our table right in the middle of the place,, guess it was the only spot to set a place for 15 middle age ladies…… hooopppping  it up,

Class of  77 035

right to left,,,,, Donna, Brenda, Theresa

Class of  77 029 

Janice and Donna,,,, it was so funny with us all getting our cameras out…. flashings going off all over…

Class of  77 030

Jennifer, and Denise……

Class of  77 031

Laura,, on the left, Laura was the one who put this all together,, she did a great job.

Class of  77 037

R to L.  Beth, Corrine, Connie…… Beth is still the same goofy girl just like in school…..

Class of  77 042

Theresa,, and Leslie,, Leslie lived just down the street from me when were were little,, I used to go and play at her house all the time,,,, we had so much fun when we were young, 

Class of  77 045 

Standing Corrine,,, Linda sitting,,, and me hugging her,, Linda really looks worried… hmmmmmmm in the back ground is Mary sitting,, she was one of my Bff’s,, spent a lot of weekends at her families lake home,,, so many great summers…..

Class of  77 043

This is our group Photo,,, not sure what Beth is doing,, she look’s like she is on a horse…. heheheh sorry Beth, we had the  sweetest ladies waiting on us,, we had two of them taking our group photo,,, so funny watching them with so many camera’s….  It was not a great spot to get us all in,, some you can hardly see….. poor Jennifer is peeking in the back,,,,,

Class of  77 033

Class of  77 047

Now I can’t believe I am showing you all this one,,, this is with Mary,,, Brenda,,, and Me…….I really don’t like my photo taken,, I like to be behind the lens,,,  Ok friends,,, that was my night with the class of 77,,,,, we are planning a get together in July,, we hope to have a few more…OH we were at an Italian restaurant mmm mmmm yummy food…..  Thank you all for stopping by for a visit….. I hope you all have a great week,,,

So until next time; God Bless;