Monday, December 19, 2011



Hello dear friends.  I hope you are all enjoy the Christmas season…. I have been busy,, but I am still here.. I have been doing some blog hopping and peeking to see what you have all be up to and Wow you have all been busy little elves decorating your beautiful homes for Christmas….  I only have a few photos to share,,,, this time,,, my two grand kids,,, Zach and Madison helping me decorating the tree,,,, they had sooooooo much fun….  I took a few in black an white,,, so love the look….  ok on with the show..


family fun 025

Zach,,, hmmmmm where to hang this one,,,,

family fun 029

family fun 026

Even their Aunt Meme with Rylan stopped by to help…

family fun 030

Maddy kept asking me Mamaw where should this one go…. every one she pulled out she said  awwwwwwwwwwwwww so pretty….. loud….lol

family fun 033

Can’t forget my grand doggie  Shelby…. she loved her treat,,,, the only way I could get her photo under the tree,,,,, works every time….

family fun 007

This is from Thanks giving,,, by Baby Girl and her baby boy… he is 4 months old now,,,, he is getting so big… my cute little bug……

family fun 006

Love this one…… don’t ya just want to chew on those cheeks….lol  I do…..

family fun 002

and last but not least…… my little bug and his Nana….  one more photo….. than that is it…

family fun 021

For some reason Heather has a thing for Owls,,, so when she saw this hat,,, she just had to get it for me…. how cute he looks,,,, but you know that when he is older he will not like it one bit….. hehehe  he has matching furry booties to go with it too… do darn cute


  Christmas tree decoration[3]

I hope to have more time for my blogging next year,, for I do miss you all so very much….. wishing you all a most Wonderful Christmas with lots of Love,,, family, and friends…. God Bless; you all….

Christmas Hugs;



susy3195 said...

Love the pictures! and the babies =)! Hope you have an awesome Christmas, and don't forget that Jesus is the Reason of this Season!!
merry x-mas =D <3!

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