Tuesday, February 7, 2012




Thought I had do a quick post,, have not done one in a while…. but I am still here, and I do stop by to visit you when I can….  I am working 3rd shift now, so most of my time is sleeping,,,lol till trying to get used to it.. not easy… 

  I so love to stop by as see what you all have be up to, with you lives and home decorating projects.. I am sorry to say I have not had the energy to do much here,, I do have lots to do though.. I am thinking of hosting a painting party with some friends,, so I can get my family room painted….. with help it would not take long at all……  now just have to talk my friends into it….lol  I will have to bribe them with a lovely lunch,,,  any why that is about it…. My sweet baby Chloe Isabella is doing fine,, she is so full of energy she wares me out…lol but I do love having a doggie again…..

I am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to Spring, I have some plants to move .. my Lavender plants will be moved to the side of my garage,, they will look gorgeous there,,, and my purple cone and yarrow need to be divided as well as my others…. I so miss getting my hands in the dirt….. oh and then there is my Rose garden to start,,have big plans for that area.. I will make sure I take photos to share…..  guess that is about it for now,,, I know a boring post, sorry I will try to do better next time….. have a great week dear blog friends’  God Bless