Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Aysler town 014

Good afternoon dear friends; As I promised I am going to show you photos of where our new Apartment is at..  the photo above is at the end of  the town of Ayrsley, it takes you right to the large area of  Condo and Apartment living..  The ones you are looking at are gorgeous Condos,  back where they are all located is like it's own little town, well with out shops,,, but very beautiful.

Aysler town 015

I tried to get a close up of one of the Condo's, but Honey Bunny would not slow down too much, or pull over....... Men,,,  don't they know that we blogging Women have to have photos to show,,,,,  geeeeeeeeeee;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   Don't you just Love the brick work, they all look so old world to me, and the style,,,,  you can tell we are close to the East coast...

Aysler town 016

Now these are a different set of Condos, by a different  company, I am not sure but I think there about  Three different Condo complex's and two Apartment Complex's... it is very large back there, and with office company's  which is where Rod works too.

Aysler town 017

Ok this is where my Honey Bunny works,,, it is on the way to where we are going to live..  I mean it is just down the street... can't get any closer than that...

Aysler town 018

Another shot of where  HB works.....  It is the the Corporate office's are, so it is not a huge building... but it is nice.. 

Aysler town 020  

We are coming up on where our Complex is just right ahead...  I love how they put in bricks for the street crossing's even in town.  if you look close in front you can see them in the street... so very cool looking....

Aysler town 021

Here is the main office and club house, with the pool out back, inside they have a beautiful sitting area, coffee bar area and exercise room, double sided fireplace, the screened in porch has the other side of the fireplace, and then a patio with table and chairs and then the pool area, behind them pool they have a area where you can use two very large gas grills too cook out and tables and chairs to sit and eat,,, they even clean the grills for you you just have to clean up you food mess....

Aysler town 023   Now do you all see those two sets of window above the two garage's  well that is our new home...... The entrance to our's is around the to the left of the building. 

Aysler town 022  A close up of our new home,,,,, yippy..... I can't wait to move in.. just one more week,,,, I hope I can wait that long......  it is just beautiful in side... they even have crown molding in some of the rooms,,,, which I have not seen in some apartments before..

Aysler town 024

Now we are on our way to the pool so I can get a shot of that,,,,, if I can get HB to slow down enough to get a good shot of it.... He gets so weird when I ask him to slow down or to pull over to get some photos,,,,, wonder why that is.........................  it is a very well kept area with beautiful plants and so clean.....and quite love that....  oops!!!!!!!!!!   I just noticed you can see me in the side mirror,,,, so just pay no attention to that woman in the mirror... hehehe

Aysler town 025  Sorry Ladies; this is just about as good a photo as I could get,,, what with HB driving so fast, well not that fast,,, but would not slow either, he was worried that people would wonder what we were doing...    silly man,,,,,,,,   ok ladies one more photo to show, then I am done..............   Ok did I hear a  Finally out there...... lol

Aysler town 028

Ok I tried to get a good photo of the ski line of Charlotte, you can just see some of the tall buildings.  we were on a bridge going back to Shelby.... which is where we are staying for  just ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hippp hippp hurayyyyyyyyyyyyyy;;;

Well I hope you all enjoyed the second part of our home.... I thank you all for stopping by and reading my humble little blog... I am so blessed to have this large family blog friends, it makes it a little less home sick for my family back home.. So I thank you all for still being here for me,,, bless you all.. 

So until next time;; God Bless;




Connie said...

That looks like quite a lovely place to live, sugar..... I'm sure you're excited to move in and get everything put away so you can go to that POOL!!!! How much rent do they charge for a place like that? Just wondering.....

Stella said...

What a beautiful area to have a new home. A pool as well won't that be fun. Have an exciting time as you move forward. Blessings.

Rebecca said...

I so hope I can visit your sweet town someday...I pray it will be soon. It looks sooo beautiful...truly lovely.

Thanks for visiting sweet lady. I promise I'll be back!

Hugs to you...& Love, Rebecca

Mary said...

How exciting! A beautiful new place!
The town looks very beautiful...I love the colors of the buildings.
I wish you much luck and happiness with your new place!
Thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting my blog!
It's great to "meet " you!

Mary :)

Mary said...

I can just feel the excitement in your voice and pictures! It looks like a beautiful area, and I hope you meet many new friends there, as you enjoy the grounds and the pool. Can't wait to see pictures as you decorate and fill your new apartment with your treasures!

Little Cottage said...

Thank you so much for stopping in at my blog! So nice of you & welcome back anytime! Have a great weekend - I'm going camping!

Neabear said...

I find it fun to see the pictures of the area you will be living in. I have never been to NC so the pictures really help me to picture what it is like there.