Friday, July 31, 2009



Hello there!!!  guess what???????????????????????

we are moving into our new Apartment tomorrow!!!!!  wooohoo!

I am doing the happy dance....... lol   I am so excited that everything worked out so that we could move in one week early... Now how sweet is that,,,,, Praise the Lord.... he always amaze's me how he works,,,,  Now we don't have alot to move since all of our furnishings are back home... but I really don't care.... hahaha  cause I will have lots of  room, and a POOL!!!  We are going to make a fast trip home next weekend,,,,,, we hope to pick up some more things,,,, we are waiting to rent a U haul until we figure out what will and will not fit in the Apartment.... So my dear friends I will be a little busy this weekend...... I will get some pictures of the inside and do a post some time next week...... yippyyyyy 

Can you tell I am Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   lol thought so.....  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.....  So until next time...

God Bless;



Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Aysler town 014

Good afternoon dear friends; As I promised I am going to show you photos of where our new Apartment is at..  the photo above is at the end of  the town of Ayrsley, it takes you right to the large area of  Condo and Apartment living..  The ones you are looking at are gorgeous Condos,  back where they are all located is like it's own little town, well with out shops,,, but very beautiful.

Aysler town 015

I tried to get a close up of one of the Condo's, but Honey Bunny would not slow down too much, or pull over....... Men,,,  don't they know that we blogging Women have to have photos to show,,,,,  geeeeeeeeeee;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   Don't you just Love the brick work, they all look so old world to me, and the style,,,,  you can tell we are close to the East coast...

Aysler town 016

Now these are a different set of Condos, by a different  company, I am not sure but I think there about  Three different Condo complex's and two Apartment Complex's... it is very large back there, and with office company's  which is where Rod works too.

Aysler town 017

Ok this is where my Honey Bunny works,,, it is on the way to where we are going to live..  I mean it is just down the street... can't get any closer than that...

Aysler town 018

Another shot of where  HB works.....  It is the the Corporate office's are, so it is not a huge building... but it is nice.. 

Aysler town 020  

We are coming up on where our Complex is just right ahead...  I love how they put in bricks for the street crossing's even in town.  if you look close in front you can see them in the street... so very cool looking....

Aysler town 021

Here is the main office and club house, with the pool out back, inside they have a beautiful sitting area, coffee bar area and exercise room, double sided fireplace, the screened in porch has the other side of the fireplace, and then a patio with table and chairs and then the pool area, behind them pool they have a area where you can use two very large gas grills too cook out and tables and chairs to sit and eat,,, they even clean the grills for you you just have to clean up you food mess....

Aysler town 023   Now do you all see those two sets of window above the two garage's  well that is our new home...... The entrance to our's is around the to the left of the building. 

Aysler town 022  A close up of our new home,,,,, yippy..... I can't wait to move in.. just one more week,,,, I hope I can wait that long......  it is just beautiful in side... they even have crown molding in some of the rooms,,,, which I have not seen in some apartments before..

Aysler town 024

Now we are on our way to the pool so I can get a shot of that,,,,, if I can get HB to slow down enough to get a good shot of it.... He gets so weird when I ask him to slow down or to pull over to get some photos,,,,, wonder why that is.........................  it is a very well kept area with beautiful plants and so clean.....and quite love that....  oops!!!!!!!!!!   I just noticed you can see me in the side mirror,,,, so just pay no attention to that woman in the mirror... hehehe

Aysler town 025  Sorry Ladies; this is just about as good a photo as I could get,,, what with HB driving so fast, well not that fast,,, but would not slow either, he was worried that people would wonder what we were doing...    silly man,,,,,,,,   ok ladies one more photo to show, then I am done..............   Ok did I hear a  Finally out there...... lol

Aysler town 028

Ok I tried to get a good photo of the ski line of Charlotte, you can just see some of the tall buildings.  we were on a bridge going back to Shelby.... which is where we are staying for  just ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hippp hippp hurayyyyyyyyyyyyyy;;;

Well I hope you all enjoyed the second part of our home.... I thank you all for stopping by and reading my humble little blog... I am so blessed to have this large family blog friends, it makes it a little less home sick for my family back home.. So I thank you all for still being here for me,,, bless you all.. 

So until next time;; God Bless;



Monday, July 27, 2009


Aysler town 003

Hello my dear blog friends........  Is this not just the cutest up town street you ever saw????????????????????   On Saturday we went to the area and parked and just walked every where,,,,  before we went to see a movie...  That is how they are building this up and coming town, so you can walk any where you want, they have uptown living too, looks very preppy   to me............... lol kidding. But  I just fell in Love with all the cute shops , some are not open yet or even rented out , but they are really growing fast...  Ok ready for more photos...............  I am...... hehehe

Aysler town 001

This covered area is really great,,, as you can see lot's of people sit and just rest to get out of the hot Sun..... it also looks like them might use it for  bands and such,, how fun would that be.....

Aysler town 002

Down this side is not much yet,,, they are still building,  most of the restaurant's have out door seating , they have so many different ones,,,, I saw and India one, never ate their food,,, but I am willing to try....  I guess the big thing out here is that on Fri. nights they all go out to a different place to eat,,, try new foods... then pass along what they love and don't love.... pretty cool....

Aysler town 006  There is the Restaurant where the Indian food is,,, and just too the left is a new parking garage..... I just love the colors they choose for the buildings, and the architecture is really interesting..  I wish I would have thought to get a close up of some.... maybe next time.....

Aysler town 008   OH ladies;;; my heart stopped when I saw this;;;;;;;;  a Day Spa... oh be still my heart......  not sure about the price's but hey I can save up my pennies,,,,,,, right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  oh what fun I would have in there....  ahhhhhhhhh oooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhh.

Aysler town 007

Now Honey Bunny and I really must eat here sometime soon.... It looks really great,,,,, and more out door seating... so European.....

Aysler town 009  I love this fountain, is sits out front of a  Aquarium shop,, so we went in to take a look around....  Wow they had some beautiful fish and tanks.... Then we went out back where they show different ponds with beautiful plants and fish in them..... So I just had to take out my trusty camera to get a few shots..... 

Aysler town 010 

Aysler town 011

Aysler town 012

Aysler town 013

HMMMMM I wonder if they would let me dig and huge hole in the ground where we are going to live at the Apartment.......  what do you think????    yea thought so,,,,,,,,,,,  I didn't thinks so either...

But They are just so pretty to listen to and sit and watch... like having  and Aquarium in your house, we used to have one and I loved to sit and just watch them swim, like staring into the fireplace in the winter..... just something about it...... 

OK  my dear friends,,,,, since I am so very new to this part of the country, or this area,,, is there any one out there who can give me some great places to shop????  and visit  oh and how is the winters out here?????? DOES ANY BODY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   HEY I NEED HELP HERE GIRLS.................. smiling  :}  really thought we are going to be moving soon to our new apartment, which I will do a post on tomorrow,, and show you all where Honey Bunny works and where we are going to be living......  so you are just going to have to stop by again tomorrow....   ha ha ha   gotcha.......

I am sorry that is the only way I can make sure ya'll come by again....   I miss you so much when I don't see or hear from you,,,,

Gosh now I sound like I'm still in high school....... lol     well thank you all for stopping by to see my sweet little town of Ayrsley... I hope you enjoyed the photos,,, I wanted to take lots more but Honey Bunny said we looked like tourist,,  and I said wellllllllllllllllll  we sort of are right now....... lol;; silly man.....

Oh and I wish to Apologize to you all who were showing such lovely Pinks on Pink Saturday,,,, I was not able to make it to most of you,,,, but I will,,,, as soon as I get this posted......  I just love to  see all the beautiful post's  my sweet friends love to share.... and I thank you all for stopping by my Pink Post.... you are the best...

OH and a update on my Knit a Square for Africa I have three done and will show you before I send them out.... I can't wait till they get there,,,,, I think I am getting the hang of it making sure that they are 8x8....  So until next time;;;  God Bless;



Friday, July 24, 2009


                           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Good evening to all my sweet Blog Friends;  I hope you all had a beautiful week.  I am so happy that the weekend is here, honey bunny is taking me to see a movie tomorrow, and then we are going to take a walk around the cute little town we are going to live in,,,,,, hopefully by next weekend we will be moving in to our new larger apartment,,,,,  yeaahhhh  oh and with a very beautiful swimming pool.... oooo  can't wait for that... lol.  It is going to be a very hot one here in  N. C.  in some areas they have had some rain, but not much where we are in Shelby... they could use some really bad...  I will be taking my camera to take lots of photos of the town and area where we will be living... so I will be doing a post on that next week... so please keep stopping by ok,,,,,,  I love it when you stop by... oh and leave a comment... haha...  OK enough..

  Happy Pink Saturday to all  and if you have a craving to see lots more beautiful Pink Pretties then you must go and pay a visit to our lovely Hostess of  this Lovely day,,,, Beverly of How sweet the sound.....  now for my contribution to Pink Saturday..



This is my sweet little granddaughter Liberty, aka Munchkin.... Look at the proud look on her face,,,,,, she just learned to ride her pretty Pink and Purple bike with out training wheels,,, she has been working  on this for a long time... the other day our daughter sent me this photo over the phone... Is she not the sweetest Pink thing ever........  Love her safety helmet ,,, wow mommy is really keep her safe,,, elbow and knee pads,,,, she is a very good mommy..   you can click on the photo to see that my little Munchkin is getting her two front teeth in,, she is so excited about that,,, she was worried that they were not going to show up...  Well ladies I hope you enjoyed my Pink Saturday post,,, and thank you all for taking the time to stop by for a visit and to even leave me a comment....   So until next time God Bless;



Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hello there my dear friends.  Yes it is true,,,,  we put a down pmt. on our apartment and we will be moving in,,, in about two weeks... I can't wait to get out of here,,,, I will have lots of room to roam around in, oh and even get out side.....  oh be still my heart....  Now we won't be able to go and get our things back home until Labor day weekend, so it will be mostly empty, but who cares,,,,  I don't...  It will give me some time to plan out where I want my pretties to go...  I can even paint the walls they said, so I can do that before the furnisher  and things get here... Just have to find some great colors for the rooms....  this weekend we are going over to the area where we will be living, to look around and see what there is to do... I will take lot's of  photos to show you all, it is the prettiest little town, love the shops and restaurants.  Most of it is with in walking distance, so that way I will get some exercise....  So that is about it, since I don't have much of anything to do or make, this is it,,,, I so miss my all of my craft things,,,,  and my sweetie Izzie,, hope she remembers her mommy..   Thank you for all you sweet comments and for taking the time to stop by and visit me....  Have a great day...

So until next time; God Bless;



Tuesday, July 21, 2009


N.C Trip 001

Hello there dear friends; I took these photos the day before we left, just look at how they are all blooming.... For some reason my Black eyed Susan's did not grow back,,,,, I think they much have been pushed out, so many plants in one small area...  My Yarrow and Purple cone Flowers are doing so well, as are my Shasta Daisy's.....  Please don't look at the yard it has not been mowed yet, my Son was mowing it the day we left.....  Don't they look so very pretty...............

N.C Trip 003

Close up of my Shasta's I picked a few and I had a pretty light green vase with daisies around it, so they look just perfect... I should have taken a photo......  oh well........................

N.C Trip 004   This is out in our front yard around the yard light post. Just to the right you can see my Yellow Rose bush, she is doing great there, When I planted this plant I did not know the color of it, until it bloomed, so It looks just lovely next to the Rose's.  In this area I was planning on putting in my Fairy Garden, with all kinds of little Fairy pretties.....

N.C Trip 007  I am so very proud of my Pink Hydrangeas, they are doing so great. I have two planted, and they were just getting going when we had to leave..... But my Daughter Heather has been stopping by to water if any thing needs it,  bless her she has even been weeding my Veggie garden.... how lucky am I to have a Daughter like that...... awwwwwwwwwwww......  she is my Baby Girl......

N.C Trip 008

My Lavender was really starting to take off as well, I just love the sent when you slid you hands through it.... I was going to dry some for small lavender pillows for dresser drawers, I told baby girl to do it and make some, she does know how to sew so I hope she does....

N.C Trip 010

AHHHHH and my Coral Bells,,,, they have such beautiful long stems with tiny flowers on them...    The leave's color are just gorgeous....  

      Just looking at all the blogs that are showing off their beautiful flower gardens, made me home sick for mine...  But I do have faith that the Lord will give me one again someday... So I will just have to get my garden fix with everyone's blogs...  I have seen so many beautiful ones so many green thumbs out there... OH and all the whimsey and fun garden art and decor too.  I just go off the phone with Hubby and we only have two more weeks here then we can move into our Apartment,,,, yea!!!!!  I hope the weeks just fly by, I can't wait to get out of here, then all the fun begins. Decorating... and find new ways to show off my things..... and then to take some photos to show you all....  So I just need two more weeks, I can do it.... I know I can.... lol    Well that is about it girls, I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and my photos....  Hope you all have a beautiful day.....  As always thank you for taking the time to stop by and read about my day's  and then leaving your kind comments,,, just makes me feel worth while....    Until Next time;

God Bless;


Friday, July 17, 2009


fathers day fun 044

Hello everyone; I hope you all had a wonderful week. Now if you have been stopping by to read my posts, I have posted this photo before and told you I would show you when I finished this chair. Well I am late in posting it, because I had it finished it about a couple of days before we had to leave for N.C.  talk about cutting it close to the wire...  I really wanted to do more to it with the mosaic design but did not have the time...  The chair I made for my Daughter Heather, it is meant for her front yard her and her hubby are doing some landscaping and they have a spot that is just right for it... I have to get her to take some photos of it so I can share it with you.... but until then I will show you how it turned out.... 

N.C Trip 012

I am still new at all this mosaic stuff, but I am learning as I go, the S is for her last name. I did not notice how thin it looked until after I had glued down some white pieces that is why the curve part is thinner than the rest of it... With so much white I know it is hard to see the design, but in person it really does not look this way... but I have learned one more thing about mosaic, be careful with the color and where you put it... I was going to age it some with some antiquing gel stain, but again did not have the time... 

N.C Trip 013

This is the bottom, I wanted to bring down some of the black so I out lined a heart in black with some purple floral mixed in. I also have some yellow roses here and there, after I was playing with the seat, I was really wishing I had done this with the back of the chair, so it stood out more,,,,,, another lesson learned.  With my new wheel nippers which I so love I was able to cut around the yellow rose.......  In the middle of the heart I wanted to make it look like a small plate, but hubby said it looked more like a flower, I guess I don't mind that,,,,,  just one more lesson... lol;  I should be writing all this down in a reminder book to look back on,,,,,, or just read my past posts................ 

N.C Trip 011

This is the full photo of the finished chair..... oh look there is my little car.......................  hello little car,,, I miss you........  :{  but soon  Mommy will be back to get you I promise....   oh sorry now what was I talking about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh yea the mosaic chair.... Now from this point of view I can see where I should have added more color and less white, and with the chair painted a creamy white, does not help either...

N.C Trip 014

Now this photo dose not look to bad,,,,,,  oh look you can see my pretty little Texas Bluebonnets in the back ground growing in the pot....  I was hoping to see them bloom before we left..  I went around an took more photos of  my flowers one more time, they were  really blooming.... I will show you them on my next post, since I am really not doing much of any thing yet...... but soon I will be when the Lord leads us to our new home... which I am so looking forward too.   

Honey Bunny called me at noon today to ask if  I wanted to go to a cook out at his new boss's home,,,, I said of course we would, and now I am a nervous  hope I don't do anything to make his boss sorry for hiring my Honey Bunny........   Believe it or not I am still kind of shy when it comes to meeting new people, but it will be nice to meet some one new and hopefully make some friends.. It will be just Rods boss and his wife, they have kids but they are all grown and moved out,,, they are just a bit older then we are so that is not too bad... It is way better then them being younger then us........  right......  I will let you know on Monday how it went,,,,, maybe,,,, he he   well that is about it for now.  I hope you enjoyed my post and my attempt at Mosaic's  but with practice I will get there, and besides my little baby girl loves it and that is all the counts.  So I thank you all for taking the time to stop by and visit and leave me your wonderful comments which I so love to read..  I will be by for some blog visits to my dear friends,,, I look forward to reading all of yours too.....  So until next time...........  God Bless;



Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Good evening;   So far hubby's new job is going well, he like's what he is doing and they are pretty nice to work for, which is a big plus.  Now the photo above is just a photo I found in my program and just had to share it,  oh how I would love to be laying in that hammock letting the warm salty breeze blow over me gently swaying in the hammock... ahhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  OH sorry I am back now; lol    Well yesterday I spent the morning unpacking our clothes and putting them away, which is not a easy task, the room we are in is very small, and as usual I took most of the space.....  hey you never know what a girl will need, so just in case I had to pack most of everything,,,, oh then all my shoes, couldn't leave them behind, right......   We are going to be renting an apartment  in a couple of weeks, so I guess I can hang on a little longer.. It is kind of a cute place, tomorrow I will take a few photos to show you all...    I did bring some things to keep me busy while Honey Bunny is at work,  most of my Scrap book things and yarn to knit, and sewing basket to do some red work...

I  am knitting some 8x8 in. squares for this group of  caring loving women in Africa, who then take the squares and put them together and make warm blankets to keep sick and Orphans warm. Lisa from Vintage Sweet Peas  sent me some information about it on my face book, she is making some as well, so I joined in.  I did not realize how hard it would be to make sure my square is only 8 in. if I stretch it too much then it is too long or not long enough. So I hope I have not made them too big....  so that is keeping me busy and then getting in some blog time and make some visits to you all.....  I have been able to change my cell phone plan and now can call my kids back home and see how they are all doing,,, and they are doing ok... Yesterday was my grand daughter Liberty's 7th Birthday, we called and talked to her on the phone last night, boy can she talk a blue streak........ wow  she loves to talk on the phone... lol   it was hard to explain that we don't live close to them any more, but we did tell them we would be back to see them when we can....   That is the hardest part about having to move for work,,, leaving some many loved ones..  But when the Lord says, I want you to go here,,,,, well we go....  so here we are...  We both have faith in the fact that the Lord is keeping them safe and sound for us, while he is showing us the way he wants us to go.....  Well I am making my sweet hard working Honey Bunny dinner now, so I must say good bye, he will be here soon... Just wanted to keep  in touch....  I want to thank you all for you sweet comments and for taking time to stop by.... I so enjoy reading them...  Hope you all have a wonderful week..... Until next time;

God Bless;



Monday, July 13, 2009


N.C Trip 016

Hello every one; well we are finally here, this is how it looked when we left on Sat. morning. It seemed to follow us all the way.. But the closer we came South the sunshine popped out.. I took some photos along the way, to show you all. It is very pretty down here,,,, or is it over here.. lol any way it was a long trip.

N.C Trip 028

I tried to get some good pictures from the truck so I hope you can see them fairly well, just click to make them larger to  see them better... I took lots so I don't remember where we were, but I will try,,,,,, lol  you know me;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  for the most part they are all of N.C.

N.C Trip 024

I just had to take a photo of this Memorial, it is so great to see them honored like this.  I hope you can read what is says,,,  oh and if you look real hard you can see me taking the photo,,, I'm in the hat........ 

N.C Trip 027

Now this was inside the Welcome Center rest stop in Tenn. Now I had to run back to the truck and grab my camera to get a shot of this... Wow what a Welcome....... 

N.C Trip 035

Don't remember the name of this beautiful river, but I do remember where it was,,,,,  Tenn..   I had to be fast with taking the pictures, it was hard to capture some really great ones, going 70 mph....  I asked hubby to stop and pull over so I could get some better shots,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but for some reason he did not want to on a 4 lane interstate,,,,,,, well I didn't see anything wrong with that,  would you?????? 

N.C Trip 046

Oh look a tunnel under the mountain. It was not very long,,, good thing too made me a little nervous.  We went through two of them.

N.C Trip 023

OK  I just love how they make it so simple to decide which way to go, don't you.......

N.C Trip 039

In some area's along the way you could see mist coming off the mountains, they are so pretty...  ok I will stop with the photos now...  It was so hard to say good bye to my grand kids and kids, my oldest Daughter Heather spent the last night with us before we left, she was such a huge help in getting a few things packed. Then she sat by me on the sofa most of the night, and wept some,,,, we have not been apart like this. It is hard on her, and for Chas, but when the Lord says here is where I want you to be,,, well we have to go.     Hubby and I found a great Apartment Complex to rent from,,, when we start getting some $$ saved. It is so close to his work that he could walk to it... I will do a post on it soon.  Well ladies that is about it for now, I hope you enjoyed my post and photos...  Thank you all for the kind well wishes and safe travels, you are the best......  Until next time; God Bless;



Thursday, July 9, 2009



Good evening; Well it sure has been a busy week, getting ready for our move.. Today was the first day that I felt like I could do any thing, I am getting over my very bad cold... yeahhhhh hope hubby does not get to ,,,,  what a nasty way to start a new job, I have sprayed a ring of Lysol around him..... lol  hope it works.....

  We are leaving on Saturday morning at Seven am.....  Since our Son is still going to be here we are not taking much with us, this trip....  we have until the end of Oct, to get all our things, which is a really load of our backs.............  he he get it.... backs;;;;;;   ok ok I stop....   I am so excited and SCARDED at the same time,,, never fear dear Friends I will have my trusty Camera ready for some beautiful shots... to share some time next week in N. C... I still find it hard to believe this is happening...  I am trying to find some small crafts to keep me busy when hubby is at work,  so this is what I am taking.....    Ready;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

My Scrap booking , all my yarn, and my red work, that should keep me busy and with  all my sweet dear blog friends I should not be too lonely.....  I am not taking my Car yet that will be in about four weeks when we have found and Apartment and come back to get my baby Isabella,,, I am so going to miss her....

So tomorrow we start packing clothes and other things that our little Studio apt.  we will need, it has the cutest little kitchen in it....  oh and they do clean the room for you so I won't have house work,,, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOO HOOO

So sweet dear friends this is my last post from Indiana, I will be doing a post on Monday in our new  State of North Carolina.... I hope to have some photos to share with you on our way..... 

It has been so very hard to say a good bye to my Family  but I will be back in a few weeks and then for some more few weekends, so that helps out so much.....  So ladies until next time from N. C 

God Bless;;;



Sunday, July 5, 2009


Map image

Good Evening to all; I  hope you all had a wonderful weekend; I wish I could say that I did, I had to miss all the fun fire works and family cook outs.  I am down sick with another bad head cold and chest cough...  :{  So with getting ready to start packing up to move to our new home is not going to very fun....  But we have to do what we have to do,,,, right    I thought I would show you all  a map of N.C. our new home... I am really not looking forward to being away from my sweet  Hubby for  4 weeks, but that is how it is... So the packing is all up to me, and  I am just doing one day at a time that is all I can do...  we are looking at Gastonia  for our new home.  I can't wait to be able to see it all in person, some of the photos I have seen on the inter net , the town looks very nice and has a lot going on with lots of  activities.  But we will see, the Lord my have other plans for us...

You know the closer I get the more I am getting a little sad and nervous,  to be so far from my family, is the hardest part, but they will be fine, in my head I know this  but then in my heart it is not so...  But I must follow the Lord, and trust he will take care of them for me, and they do need to grow up and mot lean on us so much but lean on the Lord more.... I pray for that each day..

So I just wanted to let you know that I have to take a couple of days off to get some things ready for my Sweet Honey Bunny when he leaves  on Sat...  but I won't be gone long, I so love all the comfort and support you give me during this trying time.....

I will be doing some visiting when I can, that way you won't forget me...........................  lol    

verse2  I am sending this beautiful Pink Rose with a beautiful verse to all of  my wonderful  best blog friends a girl could every ask for. I will be taking to you later in the week, I just might take some photos of all my packing..... he hehe   how fun would that be...

So until next time take care and God bless;



Saturday, July 4, 2009



Good afternoon and Happy Pink Saturday and  Fourth of July; I am so very sorry for being so late in posting today for Pink Saturday.....  My mind is really getting bad, I forgot that I told our wonderful  Hostess  Beverly of  How Sweet The Sound  that I was participating, and did a  July 4th post......  oops! 

OKeedookey;;;;;;   Since I forgot I really do not have anything new planed to show you all,  I am going to dig in my files and find some Pink that I have showed in the past and I am hoping that some of you forgot I already showed it..... hahahahaha  or there are some new ones to this wonderful Pink day that have not even seen them......   I hope  I did not  offend any one about the forgetful remark......  :}      So hand on I am off to find some old Pink pretties............................................................

DSCF0028   Look I found something,,, lol  these are my Mums, I call Aprils Mums our daughter, whom we lost about 8yrs ago, she loved this color..  ok off for more Pink hold on  don't leave yet......

07-03-03 041

OH this is a new one never seen before,,,,,,  this is my little Munchkin  Liberty when she was about a year old, she is not going to be 7,  where did the time go..  ok hang on I am still on the hunt for some more Pink........   are you all still with me,,,, hope so...........................   lol

Shelby and goodie box 054

I am back and look at what I found,,,,  ooooahhhh   I bought this tea cup and saucer at a craft fair,,,,,  I just fell in love with it. I know I have shown this one before,,,,,,  but just this one time can you all  just pretend that it is the first time you have seen it...... hehe....  I am sorry  I am not feeling to well today either, getting a bad head cold again.. hope I don't get that cough again that cracked my ribs a few months ago.....   So dear forgiving blog friends  thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I hope you enjoyed my old Pink Saturday Posts....   don't forget to pop on over to see Beverly's blog, she has lots more for you to visit....  to brighten your day....  So until next time,  Happy Pink Saturday and Happy 4th of July,,,,  be safe and have fun..... God bless;