Friday, July 15, 2011

ON BABY WATCH;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; STILL,,,


Oh my,,,,, the spoon has a Pink ribbon on it,,, and we are having a Boy,,,,, oops,,,  any way dear blog friends,,, The reason I have  been MIA,,, is that I have been so busy helping my daughter get ready for her first baby…… we have been getting all the  bags packed and made a spot in their bedroom for the bassinet… and weeding her garden,, planting flowers….. and then I was helping a girl friend pack her house she is moving into a new one… so I have had every waking moment lending a helping hand where ever needed…..

Today is Heather’s due date,, so it looks like he is not ready to make his grand entrance into the world,,,, her Dr. said if she has not delivered by mid week they will induce her….  I Pray that she won’t have to go through with that….  I can’t wait to show you all the photos I will  be taking of my new grandson…… gotta show him off….. forgive me if I have already told you his name,,so just pretend I did not tell you….. if I already have..

They settled on Rylan Mason  you pronounce  his first name this way… Ryelan….. like the bread…. I do like it. it really fits him…

So needless to say we are all ready to go,,, just waiting on Rylan …. 

I have not even had time to get to my projects I am wanting to do… so I can post some photos for you all… I have so enjoyed stopping by all of you,, and all those gorgeous gardens…. and your lovely homes…. Well that  is it for now,,, hopefully the next time I post it will be with photos of Rylan…Mason…

So until next time; God Bless;