Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Rylan Mason 054

My daughter finally gave birth to her fist baby on Monday evening. She was amazing, I was so proud of her.. for having her first baby she went really fast… which we were all so happy about…… the delivery was just perfect…. they were a little worried because he had already did his thing before he came out so they had two repertory RN’s from the NICU. there to suck out his lungs,,, but all is well with baby and mommy.

  Now I will show you some more photos of my new angle…. oh that is Mana,me with  Rylan….

Rylan Mason 015 

Mommy and Daddy waiting for Rylan to make his entrance into the world…… she would kill me if she knew I put this on here,,, so shhhhhhhhhhh  don’t tell her I did this….. the smile is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyy before the contractions kicked in……

Rylan Mason 027 

The two awesome RN’s working to clear out his lungs …..

Rylan Mason 030 

Here he is in all his splendid glory,,,, and very loud… all pink and sweet,,,, ten fingers and ten little pink toes…… and a head of black hair,,,,,

Rylan Mason 035 

Proud parents,, bonding with little Rylan…. we were all in there crying,,, even a nurse…..

Rylan Mason 043

New mommy and Nana,,,,, with Rylan… his first feeding,, and he is a natural at it…..

Rylan Mason 034

Rylan Mason 062

Rylan Mason 068Rylan Mason 064

The photo above this one is his proud big brother Paul…

This is the first birth of a grandchild that I was able to witness… it was so amazing to be able to watch the absolute Miracle of birth,,,, How great our Lord is…I will carry that memory with me for the rest of my life. truly a gift from God,,, Rylan was so tiny his clothes were so big,, his little hat kept falling over his little face…. his arms kept coming out of the sleeves…  I am so in love with this little man,,,, now you all know that I will be doing a lot of posting about this handsome guy here with tons of photos…lol  but I will try to hold back a bit.. so I don’t bore you all….. lol 

  Well that is it for know my dear friends…. I  thank you all so very much to taking the time to stop by for a visit,,and for all you sweet comments,,I treasure them all as I treasure you…. God Bless;



Friday, July 15, 2011

ON BABY WATCH;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; STILL,,,


Oh my,,,,, the spoon has a Pink ribbon on it,,, and we are having a Boy,,,,, oops,,,  any way dear blog friends,,, The reason I have  been MIA,,, is that I have been so busy helping my daughter get ready for her first baby…… we have been getting all the  bags packed and made a spot in their bedroom for the bassinet… and weeding her garden,, planting flowers….. and then I was helping a girl friend pack her house she is moving into a new one… so I have had every waking moment lending a helping hand where ever needed…..

Today is Heather’s due date,, so it looks like he is not ready to make his grand entrance into the world,,,, her Dr. said if she has not delivered by mid week they will induce her….  I Pray that she won’t have to go through with that….  I can’t wait to show you all the photos I will  be taking of my new grandson…… gotta show him off….. forgive me if I have already told you his name,,so just pretend I did not tell you….. if I already have..

They settled on Rylan Mason  you pronounce  his first name this way… Ryelan….. like the bread…. I do like it. it really fits him…

So needless to say we are all ready to go,,, just waiting on Rylan …. 

I have not even had time to get to my projects I am wanting to do… so I can post some photos for you all… I have so enjoyed stopping by all of you,, and all those gorgeous gardens…. and your lovely homes…. Well that  is it for now,,, hopefully the next time I post it will be with photos of Rylan…Mason…

So until next time; God Bless;



Friday, July 1, 2011



Hello my patriotic friends,,, Wishing you all a wonderful fun July 4th weekend….. I love to see the fireworks, and all the family cook outs,, watching my grandkids with the sparklers..

 I can’t believe it is July already,,, and my Daughter is now due any time with the birth of her first… I am so excited, I can’t wait to meet this little guy.. his room is all ready for him… I have been busy with school so I have not been able to do much, to post about,,, but now I am off until the end of the month,, which is great timing so I can spend all my time with my daughter and her son when he decides to show up… I did make a dent in my old veggie garden area,, to make way for my rose garden,, but that is as far as I got… but know I am hoping to get more done… with it so I can show it off.. I have a great plan for my old metal bed frame,, can’t wait to get that done too…..



So have a Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I hope the weather is gorgeous where you are at..

Until next time;;; God Bless;