Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hello to all; just incase some of you have missed me,,,,, I have been having a  ruff couple of days. I wish I could tell you all what it is, but I can say that it is family related. So stress and all that goes with it is not fun... I  have really missed you all lots. I have not been able to do much visiting which I miss too.  The light at the end of the very long tunnel is not easy to see.  But I do have such faith in the Lord that he will see us all through this time. He is always there for us, and so faithful  I am so blessed that I can turn to him in times like this..

Ok enough of all this stuff I don't want to make this a bummer post.   I have  FLOWERS BLOOMING!!!  yes they are finally popping out to greet the day...  I did grab my camera to take photos to show you all. My  weeping pea tree is looking so pretty with all the tiny with flowers coming out...


It this not gorgeous....  I can't wait till all the blooms are out. It looks so lacy don't you think.  I hope you all can see it I tried to get a good shot of it and you can click on it to make it a little bigger.  Ok more flowers...... he he   can you tell I am excited..


I just love all the colors of my hyacinth, they are  much more  bold in color than the photo shows..  They smell so yummy.


Close up of the yellow one...  They are planted out in the front yard around my yard light..  I have other plants that are  yet to show their true colors..  But they will..  I am so embarrass to say but I can't remember what I planted, I ordered them from through a garden site...  I know I should have kept a record of them. So when they do pop out, I will write them down so I can remember what they are.....  lol;  I even cleaned out my garden to get it ready for planting.. I took photos of that too, I was proud of my self. 

101_0552  Before the digging and cleaning..  Hey can you see my Pink handled tool....  I love my pink garden tools.. and my pink bag.


And after...  it is a small one but I love it. I have it on the side of our house. It gets morning sun and afternoon shade.. Oh hey do you see my Onions growing... I was so shocked to see them growing.. I have never planted Onions before, and I thought they were all dead,,, but low and behold there they are...  My Rose bush is doing fine, which I thought I lost, and my hydrangeas  are growing too....  I am so  excited that Spring is finally here to stay. We have been getting rain these past two days, but on Thurs. we are going up to the 70's... yeaaaaaaaaaa   can you tell I am excited...  :o}  It felt so good to get in the dirt and get my hand dirty...  I am in my own little world when I am out in the yard. I have my Zune on and just drift away...    Well ladies I hope you enjoyed my little show I flowers.  They are not much but they are mine and they are blooming......  I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments and taking the time to visit me....  you are such lovely friends....  Until next time God Bless;




This Country Girl said...


All your flowers are beautiful, but I really love that weeping pea tree...how pretty!

I hope the stressful family situation smooths out for you!


Connie said...

Do NOT give up, honey! Things do get better, trust me. Just keep faith.

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Hang in there Alaura! I hope and trust the Lord will give you the strength to rest in Him during this time. Meanwhile enjoy the beauty in those springtime blossoms. ; )

Melissa Miller said...

I hope it all gets better for you very soon.
We are all thinking of you my friend.

I hope you have a blessed week.
~Melissa :)

Joy said...

Alaura, your flowering tree and hyacinths are lovely. I wish something was blooming around here. Take care of yourself. ((hug))

fairmaiden said...

We all go through those family related stresses...take all the time you need...spending time with HIM as top priority to comfort the weariness. Bless you...Oh, your gardens are always lovely.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Alaura,
Spring has sprung in your garden! everything is so pretty.
I hope things will smooth out soon for you and the family.
Gardening will help keep the stress down.
Have a happy day,

TattingChic said...

Glad you're still here. The flowers are lovely. Sorry to hear that your family is going through a rough patch.

((Hugs)) and prayers in your direction, bloggy friend! :)