Saturday, May 2, 2009



Good afternoon. and Happy Pink Saturday, I am so so sorry that I am so late getting my post in today.  It has not been a good week at all for us. My granddaughter  Madison is sick, cutting teeth, and the hot water heater is going out, so that means heating up water on the stove to do dishes and bath the grand kids... yea...  so I hope you all will forgive me for being so late..

Any hooooo   for my Pink Saturday I will be showing some pretty Pink garden photos, now they are not from my garden, but from a program I have. so I hope you enjoy my Pink show, and if you want to see lots more Pretty Pink's   then please stop by and visit our hostess Beverly of   How Sweet the Sound to see what ever one else is showing today.... Have a great day and get in the Pink!



I love the Pink and White Tulips....




Now I would love to have my front yard look like this, if you look closely you can see the beautiful Pink Roses on the arbor... ahhh to dream......


I love Hydrangeas, the ones I have planted last year are really taking off, so I can't wait till they look like these.  Well I hope you liked my very short and threw together photos. Again I am so sorry for being late... I hope and Pray that things will be so much brighter next week....  So until next time. God bless.




Connie said...

Beautiful, Alaura! Happy pink saturday. I love the cottage pix the best and will try to find one on the net today. Just gorgeous, sweetpea.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Alaura,
What lovelies! I love the hydrangeas too. Happy Pink Saturday.


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Such pretty flowers and a dream cottage. Best of luck with that water heater! Happy PS!

jeanne said...

Hi Alaura, I love your pinks today and I love your cottage garden dream. I dream about my arbor covered with those gorgeous pink roses.

Have a great weekend.


She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! I love that cottage picture! My hydrangeas are getting ready to bloom too. I can't wait to see what color they are this year!
Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Your flowers are all gorgeous, I want my garden to look the picture too.
Happy Pink Saturday!!!
♥ Teresa

Gabriela said...


Love all these photos!

~ Gabriela ~

Mimi said...

Those tulips are stunning!

Blissful Melissa said...

The Tulips are Breath-Taking!!

Yes, wish that was my front yard,!

Hugs for you and your family during this time and hoping soon you are not heating water for baths, how exhausting that is. You are a sweet G-Mom caring for your G-Babies.


PS, thanks for dropping by and saying hello

Marina Capano said...

just beautiful garden!Happy Pink Saturday!!!

RobinfromCA said...

Teeth cutting and the joys of home ownership. Life getting in the way of play. But the pinks are just lovely! Thanks for sharing! My hydrangea looks like it's going to have a fabulous season as well!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

vickie said...

Happy Pink Saturday, lovely pictures. Aaahh to live in a little cottage with a beautiful garden.

Claudia said...

Lovely flowers - hope all is better in your house soon. Happy Pink Saturday!

TattingChic said...

Beautiful photos! Hope your pink Saturday was fabulous!

Sheila T said...

Hi! What pretty pictures. You just know the hot water heater always works in a cottage like that, too! Have a good week.

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY pink in the garden post!