Thursday, December 17, 2009


Merry Christmas house

Good evening dear friends; I am still here,,, just been taking a few days off that is all.. I have started quilting on the Teddy Bear Baby Quilt doing some hand quilting around the bears then doing the rest on the sewing machine… I was hopping to have it done before Christmas,, but that is not going to happen,,,, booo. :( but I will make sure it is done before the first of the Year…. I found the most pretty Soft White Flannel for the back,, will make for a cozy quilt for baby…..  Then it is off to the fabric store for my next quilt…. I just love shopping for fabric,,, it is like candy to me…  We have also found a bigger apt… Yea!!! so Jan. 15th we will be moving… and I will have my own craft sewing room again…. yea rah!!!!!!!!!!!  It is in the same complex we are in now,, just a different area… oh and we will have a balcony to sit out on.. but the only down side of it,, it is on the top third floor…. an that is the only down side… so that is ok with me,,, just think of all the exercise my butt and legs will get….. any way with the bigger home, we can now get the rest of our things from back home… YIPPY…. then I can really get going on decorating….. I have really missed that part.. 

Well I am going to let you all go now,, I have some catching up to do with you all… then it is back to sewing…. I will be doing a post on the Quilt with photos from beginning to end with the finished Quilt… 

Thank you all so much for you comments and taking the time to stop by my little blog…. you are the best friends a blog girl could have…. So until next time;

God Bless;




Miss Rhea said...

How wonderful about your new apt. :) I am happy you will have all of your things with you :) Hugs !!! :):)

Connie said...

Alaura, go see the white, pink and ROSES Christmas tree, honey!!

Carolyn said...

Enjoy your new apartment!

Merry Christmas.

Shelia said...

Evening, Dear Alaura! Oh, you're still working on the quilt! I can't wait to see it! You're an absolute doll! Hope you're enjoying your break! I've missed you but I know how busy it gets this time of year!
Oh, that's great you'll have a bigger place and you can bring all of your things in!
Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your family,
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

stefanie said...

Have fun in your new apartment!!!

kathy said...

Hope all are well - Love your christmas past pics also --
blessings _ KAthy - ga ♥