Monday, December 7, 2009



Good evening; since I was unable to bring back my some of my large Christmas decorations, I thought I would share a few of my old ones with you…  I have seen some very beautiful Christmas decor on your blogs,,, they are so amazing.. The talent I find out here in blog land is so inspiring to me.. I glean so many ideas from you and your beautiful homes… Such love an care that goes into each home is just a treasure to see…  Now don’t worry dear friends I do have a small six foot tree and some pretties to put on it,,, my Sweet Hubby took me to get some pretties tonight,, so tomorrow I will be setting it up won’t take me long…lol but I am excited any way..

The photo above is of last years tree,,, I like to take some close ups once in awhile…  so on with the show……

12-16-01 001

OH look this is from Christmas 2001… wow did I use a lot of white netting,,,,,, oh and yes that is a cat you see sneaking in the back to find something from Kitty Claws…..

Christmas 2002 058

Oh look it’s the Three Wise Guys….  My honey in the middle with his brothers,,, left is baby Brent,, and on right is Todd…. this was the family Christmas of 2002 and my MIL made the hats and scarf’s for them… how cute they were…

Parrish Christmas  2008 008

My beautiful grand daughters… from 2008, how sweet they look when not moving…. left to right,,,, Haylee, Caileigh, Liberty, and Regan… 

Parrish Christmas  2008 013

Family photo with the girls Hubby Me and Chas… sorry it is a little blurry,, or maybe that is how I really look,, hmmmmm 

Parrish Christmas  2008 048

Auntie Heather playing a game with the girls,, do you remember the Memory game??? I loved that game,, and so did they…

Photograph (3)

I just love this one; this is Zachary his first time with Santa,,, he is now 6yrs old,, I so love the look on his face,, but he did not cry…..  That’s my Boy;

The Sparkman Family

My oldest daughter Heather,, with her hubby Paul, and their son Paul the 3rd…  now Paul the 3rd is now 16, and they have another son Nicholas who is 15, they adopted him from Russia about four yrs ago,, so their family as grown since this one… I will have to find a new family photo…  I can’t believe how much he has grown up… sigh…………


This is Christmas at my Daughter’s home in 2004, she hosted it that year… Heather is in the pink fluffy slippers…. she is my Pink girl……


This is another of my favorites,, poor Chas she is sort of lost in a sea of gifts the girls are so into helping out… what a mess we made…   OK I am done for now,,, I hope you enjoyed some of my Christmas’s Past… I have so many many more, but they are not on my laptop,, someday I will take time to scan them in.. back in the olden days, they did not have digital cameras,,, remember Film…. wow the good ol’ days… lol   I thank you all for taking time to visit, and I hope you all have a great week… Until Next Time; God Bless;

Hugs;  Alaura


Shelia said...

Evening, Dear Alaura! Oh, I've enjoyed seeing all of your pretty trees and always love seeing your family! They are so beautiful! So are you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rebecca said...

OH Girly...I love these pics...past pics or not...they show a happy family. Does my heart good.

Bless you~


victorian inn bed and breakfast  said...

Christmas always brings a lot of happiness ,pleasure,joy and togetherness.It brings sweet memories of family and loved ones that cannot be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

What fun to see all your pretties and such lovely family photos.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Alaura...
Hi sweetie. I so love this post. All the pics are so wonderful. Just makes your heart burst with happiness to see such fun. You have a beautiful family.

I love your trees, they are so pretty, and wait until you get this one up and done. It will be just as beautiful. I love Christmas.

Thanks for sharing sweetie. Please stop by and read my new post. I know you will love it.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I love all your photo's from Christmas's past! What fun and sweet memories you have.
We are going to do a bit of Christmas decorating this weekend with help from two of my favorite elves, our two Grandkids.
Take care and enjoy your week!.
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all your Christmas memories. I too have pictures from the past that I need to scan. What a job but a good way to preserve them for our grandkids! Look forard to seeing some "now" pictures.

Jillian said...

I really enjoyed your Christmas past collage.... what a great idea. I'd love to have time to dig up some oldies...sigh. Maybe next year!