Friday, December 4, 2009


Good afternoon! First of all I wish too thank you all for your very heart felt comments on the loss of Grandpa Jack…. Your words of comfort were so appreciated…  We are unable to make the trip back, Honey Bunny has been in touch each day with is Mom, and she is doing better,, my MIL has such a Love for the Lord, and he is seeing her through,, How wonderful our Lord is….  With going back for Thanksgiving, and the loss, I am so behind on every thing… I have not even decorated our home yet,, just have not felt like I suppose…. I have so enjoyed so many beautiful Christmas decorations on you blogs,,,

I do want to share some photos of our trip back,, with you … It was such a great time, the week seem to go by so fast, no matter how I tired to slow it down…  So behind I am now, even with my Christmas Swap,, partner,, I do have my goodies  for her soon to be sent.. I am late in that… my how time flies…   OK on with my photos…

Thanksgiving 2009 045 

Mother in Law, honey bunny, Father in Law….

Thanksgiving 2009 004

Every one digging into the food,, my oldest Heather is helping grandson Zach with his food,, as you can see from his face, he was not too happy with her choice for him… lol;

Thanksgiving 2009 012

Sweet Little Lucy; even she had a great time… don’t you just love the bib…. he he

Thanksgiving 2009 018

My niece Jenny with a cherry on her tongue, sorry sweet pea just had to show this one.

Thanksgiving 2009 065  Craft time; all the little ones making small Ginger Bread houses.. they all had such a wonderful time…

Thanksgiving 2009 023

Thanksgiving 2009 053

They all ate more then they put on their houses…

Thanksgiving 2009 024

My nice Jenny and daughter Heather were the over see’ers. of this project…  Great job girls…

Thanksgiving 2009 026

This photo I took myself,,, not bad,, I am on the left and sweet sister on the right…. I was having fun with the camera….

Thanksgiving 2009 027

Thanksgiving 2009 028

When I took this one we did not know we were sticking out our tongue's out… he he   hope I did not scare any of you with this one……

 Thanksgiving 2009 079

And last but Not Least… our Family photo…  from left to right… Heather, Me , Honey, Chas, Dustin….  This was in our front yard,, as you can see our son still has some leaves to rake up…  I have taken so many photos, that it was so hard to pick and choose,, so I will do a post on it again some time in the future… that way you can see all of them.. with 11 grandchildren,,, all my Niece's and Nephews with their kids we had a very large gathering….  I hope you all enjoyed my Thanksgiving Photos,, I really need to learn how to do a mosaic I have a program just have not used it…… any way thank you all for taking the time to stop by.. I so enjoy reading your comments…. Thank You.  Until next time; God Bless




Fairy Footprints said...

I am so sorry for your loss, I am also sorry I did not read the post that he had passed.

Your family will be in my heart and prayers this holiday season.
God bless you all.

•._.•´¯`•._.•´¯`•.♥°o.O•°o.O HEIDI O.o°•O.o°♥•._.•´¯`•._.•´¯`•.

Heather's Stitches said...

So sorry about your loss again, it is hard to get back feeling up to anything after a loss, I was very slow in coming around to feeling right after the loss of my Dad.

Looks like Thanksgiving was a blast for you and your family!!

fairmaiden said...

Ah you are sooo cute! Great family photo...and the leaves are perfect for the season.

Shelia said...

I Dear One! I'm so sorry y'all were not able to go back. I'll keep your family in my prayer. Oh, Alaura! Your Honey Bunny looks so much like his father! Isn't is amazing how our Lord can really make the difference? He is so faithful.
Your family is just beautiful! First of all, you, Dear One, are beautiful! I love your silliness. Can't have enough of that in the world! ;) You and your sister look alot alike! Your grands! You have so many! They are all darling and what a neat thing for them to be able to make the little gingerbread houses!
Your family photo is so lovely! You have a beautiful family!
Thanks for popping in and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Alaura,
It looks like you have a lot of fun decorating for Christmas!
I see your little grandughter Liberty wears glasses just like my Liberty!! I will show her in the morning, she will be so excited! How old is Liberty Dawn?