Thursday, December 31, 2009



To all my Dear Friends; who have taken the time to pay me a visit and for leaving me wonderful comments, Thank You.. It has been such an amazing Year with you all,,, meeting new friends and getting to know old ones better…. I an going on 2yrs now blogging, and I just love it….where else can you meet and become friends all over the world.. and with whom I have not met in person, but feel close to.. friends who will be there for you and Pray for you give you advise, share with you… even when we moved to North Carolina, I took you with me you all made me feel so much better about it,, with all you caring words of encouragement..  So here’s to you Dear Friends for a Happy Healthy New Year, filled with such Love and Blessings… I thank you for coming along for the ride,, and will see you in the New Year.

Until next time.. God Bless you all;



Monday, December 28, 2009



Hello Dear Friends; Well a new Year is almost here,, my how fast time flies…  With the coming of the New Year we are going to be getting ready to move to a larger home… So we are so excited about that, and we will be able to bring back the rest of our things from back home…  I am really missing my pretties so really looking forward to having them again…  And! I can Paint too,,,, Yippy yippy!!!!!!!!!!! now that is good news too… I really have been missing decorating since we have moved here.. So I will be doing alot of work on our home,, now I have to pull out my paint chips and pick colors for each room…. and then decorate them…  And take lot’s of pictures to share.  I have really missed that too…. I have not been doing much by way of that…

I am almost done with the Teddy Bear Quilt,,, just a bit more sewing on it then it is off to its new Mommy…. I hope to have it done in a couple of weeks… crossing fingers….   By the blogs I have been visiting every one has had a Lovely Christmas…  We were unable to make a trip back this time, so we just had a small Christmas dinner here it was so nice and cozy,, and Christmas day our fur baby opened her gifts from Santa Claws…. she was such a good girl this year… I will take some photos of her goodies and do a post on them,, Isabella would really love that…  Some time this week I am taking down my sweet little Christmas tree, and get ready to pack,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, again,,,, to be ready to move….  we won’t have to move far it is in the same complex we are in now….  I will have my camera ready to take a photo like a good little blogger….. hehe….


Have a great week…. Until Next Time; God Bless;



Thursday, December 24, 2009




Christmas tree decoration

Merry Christmas house




Friday, December 18, 2009


Hello every one; it has been a while since I have done a Pink Saturday Post… I have missed being apart of all the Pink fun,,, Hosted by our very own Pink hostess Beverly at  How Sweet the Sound,, she does such a wonderful job at putting all this Pinkness together,, so if you want to see more Pink pop over and take a look to see who is showing off theirs…. you won’t be disappointed.

 Lucy's finished Quilt 006 

I hope you all don’t mind that I show you some of my past Pink Pretties,,,, This is the baby quilt I made for my G. G. Niece Lucy Clair.. she looks so pretty all wrapped up in it……

Photograph (13)

My two sweet Pink little grand daughters,,, love this photo of them… so so cute,,,,,,,,,, don’t you think..

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 019

I love this set,,,, from my sweet MIL… can’t wait to have them with me again……

Pink Saturday 004

And a beautiful Pink Rose Chintz tea cup set… love it… well dear ones that is it for now… I hope you enjoyed my Pretty Pink’s today,,, even though some of you already have seen them…… :)  I want to thank you all for your sweet comments and taking the time to stop by for a visit….  I treasure you all….  and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I Wish You All a Very Merry Christmas! 

until next time; God Bless;



Thursday, December 17, 2009


Merry Christmas house

Good evening dear friends; I am still here,,, just been taking a few days off that is all.. I have started quilting on the Teddy Bear Baby Quilt doing some hand quilting around the bears then doing the rest on the sewing machine… I was hopping to have it done before Christmas,, but that is not going to happen,,,, booo. :( but I will make sure it is done before the first of the Year…. I found the most pretty Soft White Flannel for the back,, will make for a cozy quilt for baby…..  Then it is off to the fabric store for my next quilt…. I just love shopping for fabric,,, it is like candy to me…  We have also found a bigger apt… Yea!!! so Jan. 15th we will be moving… and I will have my own craft sewing room again…. yea rah!!!!!!!!!!!  It is in the same complex we are in now,, just a different area… oh and we will have a balcony to sit out on.. but the only down side of it,, it is on the top third floor…. an that is the only down side… so that is ok with me,,, just think of all the exercise my butt and legs will get….. any way with the bigger home, we can now get the rest of our things from back home… YIPPY…. then I can really get going on decorating….. I have really missed that part.. 

Well I am going to let you all go now,, I have some catching up to do with you all… then it is back to sewing…. I will be doing a post on the Quilt with photos from beginning to end with the finished Quilt… 

Thank you all so much for you comments and taking the time to stop by my little blog…. you are the best friends a blog girl could have…. So until next time;

God Bless;



Friday, December 11, 2009


Christmas tree decoration

I was going through my photo file, and found that I had forgot to share the photos I took of the Christmas Parade… When we went back for Thanksgiving we were there for the parade, so that was exciting to be able to go and see it with some of the family. Most of the photos I took were not very clear… I tried all my options on the darn thing,,, since it was a night and the only lights on,, were on the floats.. but a few did show up ok.     The Christmas parade is something my home town started about 6yrs ago, and has really grown… They have music playing hot coco, coffee to keep you warm.. Our local radio station was there it was great… So many kids all so excited to see Santa ride up in his Sleigh at the end of the parade.   So are you all ready…… here we go……………………

Christmas Parade 011

OK now I know that this is not the parade,,, but I had to show you this cute photo of my daughter and her baby girl Shelby,, with her new Christmas collar,,, poor Shelby she was not happy with it at all,, what we don’t put our fur babies through….lol

Christmas Parade 018 

Sweet little Madison, all bundled up waiting for it to start…..she is really hanging on to her candy,, just like her Mamaw…

Christmas Parade 019

My Sweet Sister and me,,,, I am on the left….

Christmas Parade 021

Family photo,, left to right,,,, daughter heather,,, me,, sweet sis,,, her sweet daughter Brandee…   I bet you are wondering where the parade photos are,,,,, well they are coming up … so hang in there dear ones.

Christmas Parade 022

My two oldest grandsons who did not want grandma to take their photos…. geeee teenage boys.. so silly… they did not even set up with us,,, they were trying to play it cool… Buttttttttttttttt  I made them smile for me….

Christmas Parade 023

Ahhhhhh that is so much better,,,,,,, he he…

Christmas Parade 036

OH look!!!!!!!!!!!  Dancing gift boxes,, and such pretty wrapping paper too..

Christmas Parade 040

Christmas Parade 042

I really wished you could see these better,,, the covered wagon was so great…. 

Christmas Parade 051

Now if you look reeaaallllyyyy close you can see Dancing Christmas Trees…..  Do you see them??????  if you can,,, will you let me know,,, I just want to be sure that they really are there………………. 

Christmas Parade 049

Now sitting in this Beautiful White Carriage, is my Great Niece Karly Clair,,, she was crowned Little Miss DeKalb Co. you can just barely see her sitting in there,, click on the photo so you can see her better…. grrrrrr darn camera……….  with her is is Mommy Jenny and another little Miss,,,,

Christmas Parade 054

OH Yea!!!!!!! Here Comes Santa Clause…  HI Santa,,, can you bring me a new Camera???????????? Please??????? I was such a good girl this year,,,,,,,,,,,,, Really I was,,, Don’t you just love the Reindeer,, so so cute……  When Santa showed up the Children went nuts….. it was such a fun time watching all the sweet little faces,, wide eyes and huge smiles…..

Christmas Parade 027 

This is my handsome grandson Zachary… he loves to have his picture taken… can you tell….

Christmas Parade 028

This young man is my grandson Corbin,,, he was really into the candy that was being tossed out,,,

Christmas Parade 026

Poor Madison,,, she was getting bored waiting for the parade to show up… she calls her binky a yucky,,,,, not sure why,,,hmmmmmmm  OK one more photo and I will let you off the hook,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, maybe………….

Christmas Parade 005

My Sweet Little Lucy Clair,,, and Great Great Auntie,,, she was so tiny such a doll… I loved getting to hold her for the first time… She is over 6lbs now, lots of hair…

Christmas Parade 003

Ok I lied,,, but I promise this is the last one ok…. This is Mommy Brit,, and baby, and Auntie…. Sorry Brit,, but I had to show this one of us,, she would be so upset to see this on my blog,,, she was so tired that day,, but being a new Mommy  you sure don’t look like a Movie Star all the time…. boy do I remember those days,,, besides you look beautiful to me…….  :)  

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Home Town Christmas Parade Photo’s… wow that was mouth full….  Thank you all for stopping by,,, you are the best…  And I have yet to have my lost blogs back yet,, so I will have to put the ones back on….  So until next time; God Bless;



Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello there;;; it seems that I have lost some of my favorite friends blogs…. hmmmmm not sure what happen to them…  They were not deleted by me, so not sure where some of you went….. Now I just have to find you all again and bring you home….  



Monday, December 7, 2009



Good evening; since I was unable to bring back my some of my large Christmas decorations, I thought I would share a few of my old ones with you…  I have seen some very beautiful Christmas decor on your blogs,,, they are so amazing.. The talent I find out here in blog land is so inspiring to me.. I glean so many ideas from you and your beautiful homes… Such love an care that goes into each home is just a treasure to see…  Now don’t worry dear friends I do have a small six foot tree and some pretties to put on it,,, my Sweet Hubby took me to get some pretties tonight,, so tomorrow I will be setting it up won’t take me long…lol but I am excited any way..

The photo above is of last years tree,,, I like to take some close ups once in awhile…  so on with the show……

12-16-01 001

OH look this is from Christmas 2001… wow did I use a lot of white netting,,,,,, oh and yes that is a cat you see sneaking in the back to find something from Kitty Claws…..

Christmas 2002 058

Oh look it’s the Three Wise Guys….  My honey in the middle with his brothers,,, left is baby Brent,, and on right is Todd…. this was the family Christmas of 2002 and my MIL made the hats and scarf’s for them… how cute they were…

Parrish Christmas  2008 008

My beautiful grand daughters… from 2008, how sweet they look when not moving…. left to right,,,, Haylee, Caileigh, Liberty, and Regan… 

Parrish Christmas  2008 013

Family photo with the girls Hubby Me and Chas… sorry it is a little blurry,, or maybe that is how I really look,, hmmmmm 

Parrish Christmas  2008 048

Auntie Heather playing a game with the girls,, do you remember the Memory game??? I loved that game,, and so did they…

Photograph (3)

I just love this one; this is Zachary his first time with Santa,,, he is now 6yrs old,, I so love the look on his face,, but he did not cry…..  That’s my Boy;

The Sparkman Family

My oldest daughter Heather,, with her hubby Paul, and their son Paul the 3rd…  now Paul the 3rd is now 16, and they have another son Nicholas who is 15, they adopted him from Russia about four yrs ago,, so their family as grown since this one… I will have to find a new family photo…  I can’t believe how much he has grown up… sigh…………


This is Christmas at my Daughter’s home in 2004, she hosted it that year… Heather is in the pink fluffy slippers…. she is my Pink girl……


This is another of my favorites,, poor Chas she is sort of lost in a sea of gifts the girls are so into helping out… what a mess we made…   OK I am done for now,,, I hope you enjoyed some of my Christmas’s Past… I have so many many more, but they are not on my laptop,, someday I will take time to scan them in.. back in the olden days, they did not have digital cameras,,, remember Film…. wow the good ol’ days… lol   I thank you all for taking time to visit, and I hope you all have a great week… Until Next Time; God Bless;

Hugs;  Alaura

Friday, December 4, 2009


Good afternoon! First of all I wish too thank you all for your very heart felt comments on the loss of Grandpa Jack…. Your words of comfort were so appreciated…  We are unable to make the trip back, Honey Bunny has been in touch each day with is Mom, and she is doing better,, my MIL has such a Love for the Lord, and he is seeing her through,, How wonderful our Lord is….  With going back for Thanksgiving, and the loss, I am so behind on every thing… I have not even decorated our home yet,, just have not felt like I suppose…. I have so enjoyed so many beautiful Christmas decorations on you blogs,,,

I do want to share some photos of our trip back,, with you … It was such a great time, the week seem to go by so fast, no matter how I tired to slow it down…  So behind I am now, even with my Christmas Swap,, partner,, I do have my goodies  for her soon to be sent.. I am late in that… my how time flies…   OK on with my photos…

Thanksgiving 2009 045 

Mother in Law, honey bunny, Father in Law….

Thanksgiving 2009 004

Every one digging into the food,, my oldest Heather is helping grandson Zach with his food,, as you can see from his face, he was not too happy with her choice for him… lol;

Thanksgiving 2009 012

Sweet Little Lucy; even she had a great time… don’t you just love the bib…. he he

Thanksgiving 2009 018

My niece Jenny with a cherry on her tongue, sorry sweet pea just had to show this one.

Thanksgiving 2009 065  Craft time; all the little ones making small Ginger Bread houses.. they all had such a wonderful time…

Thanksgiving 2009 023

Thanksgiving 2009 053

They all ate more then they put on their houses…

Thanksgiving 2009 024

My nice Jenny and daughter Heather were the over see’ers. of this project…  Great job girls…

Thanksgiving 2009 026

This photo I took myself,,, not bad,, I am on the left and sweet sister on the right…. I was having fun with the camera….

Thanksgiving 2009 027

Thanksgiving 2009 028

When I took this one we did not know we were sticking out our tongue's out… he he   hope I did not scare any of you with this one……

 Thanksgiving 2009 079

And last but Not Least… our Family photo…  from left to right… Heather, Me , Honey, Chas, Dustin….  This was in our front yard,, as you can see our son still has some leaves to rake up…  I have taken so many photos, that it was so hard to pick and choose,, so I will do a post on it again some time in the future… that way you can see all of them.. with 11 grandchildren,,, all my Niece's and Nephews with their kids we had a very large gathering….  I hope you all enjoyed my Thanksgiving Photos,, I really need to learn how to do a mosaic I have a program just have not used it…… any way thank you all for taking the time to stop by.. I so enjoy reading your comments…. Thank You.  Until next time; God Bless