Monday, November 9, 2009



Good evening to all my dear friends; I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I am so far behind on my blog visit’s; I really need to to get some catching up to do… I so missed my Pink Saturday visits, but I do plan on making some very late Pink visits…  On a walk a few days ago honey bunny took some fall photos for me,, so I can show you some beautiful color…  I love the color in the above photo… this is around where we live…


Now I know this is not a fall tree,,, but I do love it, the red berries on this holly tree is just beautiful, they have them planted all over here…. It just says Christmas don’t you think!!!


This gorgeous flower is blooming all over,, but I don’t have any idea what it is,, so I am hoping some one out there can tell me what it is… 


OK again I don’t know what these are either,,lol  gosh I just don’t know any thing on this post…. must be my age… ewwww.. hehe; Guess I did not have that many  fall color photos either…. wow what a bummer..  anywhoo….  I have been really busy getting my next Baby Quilt together,, been sewing my finger off… it is coming along really great… Now tomorrow I will show just a peek of it,, I can’t show more than that.. want it to be a surprise for the owner…. I know I am a stinker,, I am taking photos of the progress of each step,, I have cut 24  2 1/2 squares to cut in have to make 48 , then the same thing for a 4 1/2 ,, then make a Jacobs Ladder block,,, whewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have never seen so may triangles before,,,, but some how they all came out… I was getting confused, with the fabric, because I forget to mark which one was for what block…. silly me,, but now worries it all came out in the end…. (I hope)  lol;  On Saturday Honey Bunny took me to see the new Scrooge Movie;;; in 3D… loved it… then to a late lunch at the Salsa Cantina in Ayrsely…. so yummy… loved the food… Well ladies that is all for now,, I thank you all for you sweet comments… I will make sure I pop by and get in my visit’s…..  I hope you enjoyed my post…  Tomorrow is sewing day again… Until next time;

God Bless;




Connie said...

Well, the quilting is keeping you busy, but we have missed ya, chick! Beautiful photos of the flowers...

Mildred said...

You do have some pretty colors around you to enjoy. Can't wait to see this next quilt you have started. The movie and the dinner sound wonderful to me! Enjoy your day.

Dawn said...

I love the colors of fall!!! Good luck with the quilting.

I want to go see that movie too. I am considering taking my son and granddaughter.

take care,

*Ulrike* said...

I always enjoy seeing quilts that people have made. I know that it takes a lot of time and love to make one. I have several from my grandmother.
Your holly bush/tree to me is a nice sign of fall as the berries provide food for the birds! And the flower you have blooming everywhere looks like an azalea probably one of the repeat ones.
The weather has been so crazy lately that I think plants don't know what to do!!
Have a wonderful day!