Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Good afternoon; Ida is still here and making a mess of things… this morning while walking Isabella the wind blew my umbrella inside out…. that was fun… (smile);  But it is not as bad as some other area’s they are with out power….  OK enough about the weather;  As promised I am going to show a peek of the Baby Quilt I have been working on…  It is coming along just great, and looking pretty good if I do say so myself…  Don’t you love the pin cushion above…. I do,,, and not it is not mine just a photo from my Print Master….  Again I am sorry about not getting around to visit much, but I really want to get as much done on this Quilt before Thanksgiving, I hope to have it done before Christmas… Now on with a few photos…

baby quilt # 2 014

Sewing all those 48 triangles together to make 24 blocks…. that was not fun to cut out…. But the end results is well worth it…. Poor Isabella  she was even tired just watching me….. OK just one more photo and that’s it,,, sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy…  I know my bad….hehe

baby quilt # 2 019

This is the finished block called Jacobs Ladder.. I love how all the pretty fabrics flow…  This morning I have been working on the other blocks,, the iron on Teddy Bears.. I have been taking lots of photos along the way…  so when it is finished I can share them with you. So what do you all think??  will it due for a Girl or a Boy?  hope so….  

I have a few more photo’s to share,, but not of the quilt,,,  honey bunny has such a great sense of humor he brought home some left over Halloween candy and just had to do something funny with it.. here I will show you..

baby quilt # 2 022

He called and had me come out and wanted to know If I felt like if someone was watching me….. he crake’s me up…..  he said he would have put them on top of money but instead used chocolate raisins box…  but before he made this cute little thing,, he said as he pulled them out of his pocket,,, look  I have my Fathers eyes…. I told him to keep his day job……. lol;  Honey Bunny never fails to make me smile and laugh,,, I am so Thankful and Blessed to have him in my life…    

baby quilt # 2 002  

I found these cute little salt and pepper pumpkins at the Hallmark store,,, only 5.00.. not bad so they came home with me…  Well that is about it for today,, I have some visiting to do…. I hope you enjoyed my Sneak Peek,, Thank You all for taking the time to stop by you all mean so much to me… Have a great day;;  Until Next Time;  God Bless;




Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oooh Alaura,
I am still laughing over the eyeball jokes. He had his father's eyes, and the money one was just precious. What would we do without them? They always seem to have a laugh for us.

I am so thankful for my Tony(DH), he never stops making me laugh.

I so love your quilt, and I would say it would definitely go for a boy or a girl. It is just beautiful. Such tedious work this Jacobs Ladder. I remember the song from Sunday School. Loved it, thank you for that memory with your beautiful blessing of this quilt to be. I can hardly wait to see it finished.

Have a beautiful day Alaura, and stop by and visit soon. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

Mary said...

Hi that Jacob's Ladder block...I'm looking for a pattern to make for a christmas throw, and this might work just fine. I always have a hard time deciding on a pattern, and end up doing nothing!

I noticed the photo of April on your sidebar? Is she your daughter? My daughter's name is April also.

God bless,

♥Mimi♥ said...

Aren't after-the-holiday sales just wonderful? I so love them because they allow me to have decorations that I would normally pass up because of the high cost.

stefanie said...

lol...that is so funny when your umbrella does that, it never goes back the same way

Vicki said...

Hi, Alaura,
I loved the story of the eyeballs. It sounds like your sweetheart has a great sense of humor, and that is wonderful! I love how your quilt is coming along and yes, I think it would be perfect for a boy or girl. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit today. Blessings to you, dear friend! Vicki p.s. also loved the pumpkin salt and pepper shakes!!

Carrie said...

I love the quilt wow its going to be great!

Jillian said...

That was funny. It's something my hubby would do, too!

Shelia said...

Hi Dear Alaura! Oh, you are so good at quilting! I don't think I've seen a Jacob's Ladder pattern before - just precious! Aw, and a no show on the Teddy Bear Quilt! ;) Again, you're a doll.
Your hubby is a keeper. Love a man with a sense of humor. Those eye balls are so funny!
Take care and don't work too hard and always remember you are a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

dobco said...

Thanks for stopping by. I just marked you too. Will be back to visit again when I have more time. It is amazing how much we fellow bloggers have in common!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That quilt is going to be so pretty! Be sure and show us when it's finished. The eyeball jokes are so cute!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

How funny!

Love your quilt, Alaura!

Thanks for sharing about the Russian adoption! That is so neat! What a blessing!

Have a great weekend! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments!


Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for the sweet comment you left me. The quilt is adorable and is perfect for a boy or girl!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Alaura,
Cute post! My hubby is the one that keeps me laughing although all three of my sons are pretty good at it! Your quilt is going to be so sweet. Your pumpkin salt and peppers are pretty cute too. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.


Creative Breathing said...

Alaura, catching up on so much missed! I needed to see your baby quilt because I have to start one myself as a gift very soon. I look forward to seeing yours finished. I must tell you that my heart melted to see your holly berry tree. They don't have them in Ohio, and they remind me of home. Just beautiful. Such a lovely journal, beautiful family, a husband with a great sense of humor! Blessings for sure! Elizabeth

Darlene said...

That quilt looks like it is going to be adorable!! Those eyeballs are hilarious!!!

suesueb said...

I understand about getting around-Christmas seems like it's just around the corner! The eyeball joke is too funny-better than money!!

Margaret Cloud said...

That is so pretty, I sure do like the material for your quilt. It is nice to have a hubby with a seance of humor, loved the eyeballs. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.

Lallee said...

That will be a beautiful quilt, Alaura! The S&P pumpkins are adorable. Still LOL over your hubby's humor. Too funny.

Michelle said...

Happy PS, I never seen the pumbkin gords salt & pepper shakers, they are adorable. Can't wait to see your quilt when its done.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Alaura,
I love the eyeballs! what a hoot!.
Your quilt is coming along beautifully. I can't wait to see it finished and yes it is perfect of boy or girl. I also love your pumpkins salt and pepper shakers.
Big hugs,