Thursday, November 5, 2009



Good morning Dear Friends;  Before I start on my subject today,,, I want to let you all know that my Dr. visit yesterday went well, not problems, the numbing part was worst part,, but I am doing fine,, I go back on Friday so he can remove the wick…. Thank you all for you Prayers…. I can never say it enough Blog Friends are just the Best Blessing any one could have…..

Now on to may favorite Charity. A dear Blog Friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful cause.. Lisa from Vintage Sweet Peas…  I should tell you a little bit about it first…. I will try not too make this a long one,, lol;

A very Sweet Lady start this wonderful website her name is Sandy McDonald, She is from Australia; I hope I do this cause some justice when doing this post…  Now Sandy’s Aunt Ronda lives in South Africa, she is a lovely woman who Organized some lovely women too put together 8x8 ins. knitted or Crochet squares to make blankets for Orphans and sick children, children who live in caves and don’t trust any one,, but Ronda has a very strong love for this children and women.. 

image The Photos I am going to share with you are from a news letter that Sandy sends out too keep us up to date on how things are going with our squares,  so these are from my newest one,, just a few to share all the sweet smiling faces of some who receive blankets..


You can also send out knitted hats and Go Over’s (sweaters),, to keep them warm.. The baby blankets to to new born babies to keep them wrapped in love and keep then warm, and to leave with them when they find a new family…. I can make this a very long  post, but I won’t,,, I do have  one more photo to share… This is a just a few of the packages and boxes full of knitted squares from all over the world…



So I am just going to put the link to the website for you to check out…  Knit-A-Square  there you will find the most talented women all over the world, get to know them,, share your squares,,, question’s and answers to some you might be able to help with…  I have been knitting my hands  I have made some wonderful friendships just like here on my blog….   After reading one of the up dates,, they had some videos to share.. my Heart just over flowed with such love for these women who donate their time sewing all these squares to make blankets…. Something so simple that means not much to us, but it means so Very Much to them….  I will show a few of my Squares…

knitting for Squares 002

knitting for Squares 009

bath time 015

The photo above is my fall colors I am making a whole baby blanket to send…. A sweet Friend told me once,, that it did not have to be a fancy one,, it would keep a child warm no matter how it looked…. God Bless her… I am not a knitter that can follow a pattern,, just plane knit, as I do in my Crochet…  so please if you love to knit or crochet  please stop by and check out this Wonderful Charity and read and learn more about it… You never know who you will help keep warm..  I have seen ladies Church groups send out over 200,, what a Blessing…. now if you have any trouble with the link please let me know and I will fix it…. God Bless you all;

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Shelia said...

Oh, Alaura! What a wonderful sweet thing to do. What a great ministry to help these little children. God bless you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Mildred said...

I am thankful that you are doing ok Alaura. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful ministry and for the link. Your fall colors will be especially lovely. God bless.

Carrie said...

How wonderful is this thanks for posting!

stop by tomorrow for my blog party and giveaway!


SmilingSally said...

You are a generous person to knit for these children, and I'm glad you're doing well.

Dawn said...

I think I will share this information with my knitting group. What a wonderful idea. I always feel like I should do something like this. Thanks for the link.

take care,