Wednesday, June 24, 2009


fathers day fun 029

Good evening;  Wow it was sooooooooooooooooo  HOT today. I only went out to water my plants this morning. Then I ran back in the house where it is cool... ahhhhhh.  Well our pool is finally done and ready for me to jump in and float my cares away..  My daughter Heather stop by after she got off work to help with pricing  things for the garage sale this weekend.... Boy I can't wait till it is all done, and what does not sell I am taking it to the Good Will..........   And thennnnn I can start working on my new craft space, fixing the walls and then painting , not sure of the color yet, then set up my work table for sewing and crafting what ever I am in the mood for... hahahahaha    I  am so excited about that, I will be taking photos of each progress to share with you all...  As of right now I am using my dinning room table for my work in progress, which I will do a post on tomorrow.... just a bit of a tease though....... he he he.....  wink ; 0 }    Ok now on too my post for tonight,,,,   Boy my grand kids sure had a great time out side playing in a Elmo sprinkler mat.  The photo above they are all taking a break, and see my Izzie is really getting in on the act,, she loves her tummy rubbed....

fathers day fun 005

They were really enjoying it, too bad the pool was not ready yet, but they sure did not mine one bit....  Little Madison was not too sure about the sprinkler, she is the tiny one in blue..... she was so funny to watch, when all the others ran through the mat, she would run with them then go around the mat....  so so cute..

fathers day fun 018

Hmmmmmmm do I see a large grown up playing in there,,,,,,, by golly there is,,, that is Auntie Heather...

fathers day fun 004

Zachary and Haylee, are hugging and saying they were sorry to each other,  they were running on each side of the mat and well lets just say them met head long in the middle.... Poor babies.. But all was well and back to playing...  boy kids sure are  tough.

fathers day fun 023

My other daughter Chas is getting in on the fun now...  I should have put down my camera, and jumped in,,,,,,,,

fathers day fun 027

Now this is my little movie star Liberty doing a pose for the Paparazzi....  she just kills me  Libby is always posing when you pull out a camera...  she is my little ham....

fathers day fun 036  Auntie Heather is a Cheerleader coach, and Regan in the green is in her squad, but Libby and Haylee are in a different group. My niece Jenny is the head coach and started the group. they are all so cute and fun to watch a  basketball games, and during the fourth of July... 

fathers day fun 033

OH my look who is posing again, little miss broadway.... My little Libby....  She just stood there  and said  Mamaw  take my picture.  wow she is a bit bossy....   lol   well I will show you one more, then I will stop. I did take alot of photos but I won't show them all.   I really do mean that.... lol

fathers day fun 024 

Hey one for all and all for one......  It was a wonderful day spent with our children, and our grandkids.  But  by the end of the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   were really happy when they went home, we were so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open....

Well  dear friends, I hope you all enjoyed my family photos, of fun in the sun....  I want to then you all for taking the time to stop by for a visit and all the lovely comments... I have said it before and I will keep saying,,,  I am so Blessed to have you in my life.....

So until next time God Bless;




♥Mimi♥ said...

Now, on a hot day I'd rather be doing what those adorable children were up to than swimming in a pool. What in the world could be more fun than to run through water...just like we did when we were kids☺

jeanne said...

Alura, I adored your fun in the sprinkler and pool/summer water works. Everyone is having a grand time. The photos are wonderful and I think you should have joined in the fun too.