Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Good evening dear friends. I have been out this afternoon taking some photos of  my plants. They are all doing so well that I just have to show them off.........  can't help it I am proud of them..  yes I am shameful aren't I...........  :o}   Even the couple of plants that I moved to other spots are doing well, I was a little worried about my one lavender plant but I had a long talk with her and she understands that she is better off where she is, that she will get lots  more sun...   Oh did I mention that I talk to my plants;   no,,,,,,,  oh I am so sorry about that,,, yes I do talk to my plants, I have always talked to them, some of them I give names too.  But I have so many now that I would not remember who they are,,, I have enough trouble remembering my Grand children's names and getting them with the right  I even get my poor Isabella's name wrong sometimes,,,,, you should see the look on her face when I get her name wrong.....  ok enough of all that silly stuff, and on to my photos, I hope you enjoy them,

flower garden photos 003

This is my beautiful dark purple Clematis, it finally bloomed, I was so excited when I saw all those lovely open blooms.. I planted them off our back patio to grow up the post.

flower garden photos 002 

Close up of one of the blooms, they are a nice size too, I just love  Clematis, I plan on putting one out in my front yard around my light post and then a few to grow around my fence in the back yard..  I can see it all now,  oh with some climbing Rose's too.

flower garden photos 007

I just love my sweet little Petunias or are they Pansies' hmmmm I forgot, so if you know what they are ,,,,,, please let me Any  hooooo  I plan on getting some more for this spot, it is on the right side of our drive way  I planted them last fall and the  did fine through the  harsh winter we had... 

flower garden photos 008

This pot sits behind the those flowers in the above photo, they are just popping up  they are  Texas Blue Bells or Bonnets... see how I am,,,,  I need some help!!!!!!!!   any way a swap I was in my partner sent them she was from Texas and sent  me a bit of Texas,,,,,,  Now there were supposed to be lots more then what came up but some birds found the seeds. and ate them...  :{  I can't wait till they bloom..

flower garden photos 006

OK this is the Lavender plant that I moved, not she looks sad but she is doing fine so please don't worry about her.  This is up by the front  of our house, where I had it before she was just not getting much sun so I moved her and she is doing better. I have her sister on the other side.... I will show her next...

flower garden photos 019

This is the sister of the Lavender  plant that I moved,  if you look you can see her in the back ground.   Please do not look at my weeds, I have not been able to get to them, but I will.

flower garden photos 009

This is the yellow Rose plant that my Daughter gave me for Mothers day, I had it in a pot, I wanted to make sure I did not kill it before I put it in the ground,,,, lol  and she is doing really great, she loves being out front to watch all the neighbors.  This is around the light post.

flower garden photos 010

Just a close up of the beautiful yellow rose, there are lots more buds just waiting to open...  oh this is the spot that I am going to set up my Fairy garden, it will be a great spot for one,,,don't you think......................................   oh I new you all would....

flower garden photos 011

OK here is another one that I don't know what the Heck it is.... last year I ordered from a garden magazine  they sent me many others they are called postage stamp gardens with a diagram as where to plant them,,,  well this just popped up this year, and I forgot what it is,,,,,  see I told you how I forget names.....  so if any one knows what this is please let me know  I hope it is a plant and not a pretty weed,,,,,, hehehehehe...

flower garden photos 012

My Hydrangea one of two on the left side of the house  they are doing so well, and blooming... I can't wait till they get bigger, I am planting my Russian Sage back here with them...  hoping to hide the fence and my veggie garden.. It is a great spot for them they only get morning sun and then shade in the afternoon...  I am hoping to get lots more of them..

flower garden photos 014

This area is by the back gate, my hubby's Aunt brought up all of these plants from her garden three yrs ago.  Except for the Shasta Daisy's I planted them last year.  I have two Yarrow plants, two Black Eyed Susan's and two Purple cone Flowers.  Oh and two of  another that I don't remember but they are gorgeous.  They are just full of blooms .  Ok just one more photo and I will stop telling you that I don't remember the name of the flower.... lol

flower garden photos 018

Just had to take a photo of this bird's nest, last fall I left a landscape timber up against the side of the garage, well some lovely little Robins found it a perfect spot for a home. Every time I am out doing yard work the momma  flies away, so they have not hatched yet, I don't hear them peeping...  I keep waiting for the Robin to dive bomb me when I am too close...   Well I am all done with my  Flower show, I hope you have enjoyed the walk through my yard... Even though I have forgotten some of the plants I planted,,, I feel so silly now,,,,,  I really must keep a record of them when I plant new ones just so I  don't forget what they are.  I do have a garden journal I got in a swap I really should use it don't you think??????   I do too.   Well I am off to do some blog visit's and then do some running down my little grand daughter  Madison, she is really full of energy to night...  So until next time;  God Bless;




Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Alaura~you sure have been busy in the garden! ~xo~ Janet

TattingChic said...

Hi Alaura! Your Clematis is so very pretty! :)

Carrie said...

everything looks so good!

trash talk said...

I have no luck with clematis even though I just love them. Those are pansies and it looks like bluebonnets looking at the leaves. The bluebonnets will reseed and sprout again in the fall. Don't pull them thinking they are weeds, give them lots of water thru the winter and they will keep multiplying. You be careful that you don't mess up your ribs playing in the yard!

Neabear said...

I see Debbie already answered the question about the pansies. Can't help you with any of the other plants though. Everything looks great though. I had to chuckle at your post with the forgetting the names stuff. I do that too. Nice to know we are not alone. Thanks for visiting me and becoming a follower. Hooray!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your flowers are looking lovely! I love lavender, don't you?

faerie enchantment said...

What a wonderful garden post and images!
Magic and Joy!

Smilingsal said...

You have a green thumb, for sure!