Monday, June 15, 2009


Good afternoon;  I hope  everyone had a beautiful weekend.  We had a pretty good one, we did get some rain and my poor back yard is like a sponge lol;  But today the sun is out and my sponge yard is drying up..  I planted my four tomato plants that is about all I can do this year.  Oh and dear hubby did bring home today some sweet basil and spinach. So I have to get them in the ground.  I can't seem to find my Romaine lettuce so I won't be planting that this year... oh well.   Yesterday afternoon I was doing some weeding and replanting a few plants to a better spot in the yard... I moved my Lavender where it would get more sun I don't think it liked being moved, it is not happy, I just keep watering it until it takes root again..  Then I planted my sweet Mothers day gift from Chas a small yellow rose bush  with tiny yellow blooms on it, out front so it would get more sun and the lamp post sure did need lots more flowers... You can never have too many flowers.. right ladies.........  My  Hydrangea's are doing great they have small bud's on them and will bloom soon, just wish they were bigger, hope by the end of Summer they will be.

Since my Son can't keep from mowing over my Russian Sage I have to move them where he can't get to them.... poor little things. they should be a lot bigger by now.  I am going to move them by the Hydrangea's  they will help hide my fence where my veggie garden is,,,,,,,,, you can see it from the road and I don't really care for that...  I love the smell of  the Russian Sage and they do grow large.  I am sorry for not showing any photos, I have not really not had the time to take any, but I will so you can see  what I did with my chandelier out on the patio, it took a while but I think it will be ok.....  Boy the things I don't get myself into.lololol;;;;;;    I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments you left me for Pink Saturday.... I so love to hear what you think or are doing.....  So thank you for taking the time to stop for a visit.....  Have a beautiful week,and enjoy life...   Until next time. God Bless;




Melissa Miller said...

I hope things work out in your beautiful gardens soon Alaura!

Happy Summer! ~Melissa :)

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

You seem to have a green thumb so I think your garden will be back up and in full bloom before you know it.
Your pink Saturday was beautiful!, I enjoyed it very much.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Connie said...

Well, we will be expecting some fantastic photos from you next time then, sugar!

The Painted Garden said...


I can tell by your previous photos that your grden will look great in no time - sometimes it takes moving things aroud until they find the perfect spot. Your Pink Saturday photos are lovely.
Have a wonderful week.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello Alaura,
Thank you so much for coming by my blog this weekend. Sorry to read about your cracked ribs. I hope you are feeling better now. Big hugs!!

Neabear said...

Wow! Moving plants around. I never do that. Well, never needed to yet. Maybe another time you will get the pictures.

This Country Girl said...

I want to see what you did with your chandelier! I am really really wanting one for above my patio table!

Wish I had the green thumb that you have though with a garden....I just don't have it! I hope it all works out and your garden rewards you! :)

Have a great rest of the week, Alaura!


Lori said...

Hi Alaura!
Speaking of Russian sage, my has been a stinker this year, very small! Maybe the darn cold here! Good luck planting! Lori

Judi said...

Your garden sounds lovely. Beautiful roses and herbs are so great aren't they? They do smell so good and you can use them too! You have hydrangeas?? Luck you. I really need to plant some I just love them.
Move those herbs to save them!! I have to do the same with my thyme.
have a lovely day