Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Good evening; to all my sweet and dear friends, all the ones I have know for over a year and too all the new one's I have just met.....  I love you all...   I just received a letter from my very Sweet and new Pen Pal,  Nancy she lives is in Canada. 

Most of you who follow my posts know that my life has not been a very smooth one..  with out going over it all again,, I will not put that upon you....  do I hear a thank you out there..... lol

Well  as you know my sweet honey bunny has  been out of work for some time now. There is just no work any where around where we live,  so we prayed and lifted it up to the Lord to lead him to the job  meant just for him.  Well  Our Faithful Lord has done just that,,,,,,,,, ok now for the Sad news,,,  it is in North Carolina , in Charlotte.  So in the next few weeks we are going to be packing and boxing up our things for storage, until we can get it all out to us... We have been looking on the web sites  for apartments, it will be a while before we can buy a home...  now that is the bad news, I am so going to miss my  lovely yard and all the plants that I have planted, and to leave my family. But it is only a 10 hr trip which we have driven so much farther, we can make it back for weekends and they can come out for vacation. 

I am very excited about this move, starting over in a new place and hope to meet new wonderful friends.  Now if any of you know anything about Charlotte N.C please feel free to share it with me.  The more I know the better it will be.  The area we are looking at  is very close to where honey bunny will work,  Gastonia  from what we have seen it is a lovely town.  My hubby has to be out there by  July 13, I will still be here with my two grandbabies until the DCS lets  their Mommy have them back, which will be around the 17th if she behaves... I was so very scared that they would find a foster home for them but he said that would not happen,,,, so Praise the Lord for that, I feel so much better about that....

Now all this packing is just going to be a long mess, I hope to be able to keep posting, so please bare with me, as these  few weeks are going to be a messy one.....  that is the only thing about moving,,,, you have to pack up you life and then move it then unpack you life. And try to make you new place a home.... So I will be looking to all of you for some decorating advice... lol  Sorry this is so long with a Photo to boot..... lol    So I will let you all off the hook and just say thank you all for staying until the end of this long post...... he he   God Bless;



Sunday, June 28, 2009


Good evening  ever one, I hope you all have a very wonderful weekend, and a Blessed Sunday with the Lord...  I am so happy to have my sale over with, I did do great but, I would rather go to the sale's then have them... So so many things to drag out, and drag back for the night, then up early to start all over again.

My very very Sweet MIL  helped so much, she did way more then she should have, but that is her way with just about any one.  We had her things plus my daughter's and mine,,, my garage and driveway was very crowded...  The days were very hot and we did have some very slow times, I think every one was either at the lake or in their homes staying cool... but we all made some money which made it all worth it......

I have some  photos to share with you all, they are of the Vintage Jewelry my MIL had, it was from her Mother, wow  so many gorgeous pieces, I was drooling all over them... lol

vintage jewlery 001  Sorry about the scissors in the photo, but look at all that eye candy, I was just going nuts looking at it all... you can click on the photo to make it larger to get a better look.

vintage jewlery 002  Her Mother just loved jewelry, don't you think....  I tried on every thing.. They were all clip on earring's and a few were the screw on kind, which I have not seen for a long time..  wait till you see then one I am showing next.... ooooooooooooooo la la

vintage jewlery 003

Now this beautiful set has matching earrings , pin, and necklace. I just love the ice blue stones,  but she did not sell any of them. They were priced very good, for jewelry from the 40's and 50's. So she is setting up and Esty account to sell them on there... So if any of you are into this kind of  jewelry I will do a post on what the name of her shop will be.....  She did give me a beautiful ring before she left, and one for my two daughters, some thing to have of their Great Grandma... how sweet of her....

I am so sorry that I could not make many visits to Pink Saturday Posts,  but the weekend was just so busy, but I will be making some visits even though I will be late in doing so. I love to look at everyone's Pink beauties.....  I hope you enjoyed my post and the photos,  and I thank you so much for stopping by for a visit and the comment's.  I Pray that you all have a wonderful week.  So until next time; God Bless;



Friday, June 26, 2009



Good evening;  Wow it was a very long and very hot day today for our garage sale, but we did pretty good, so that was a plus. Last day is tomorrow, I can't wait I love to go to them but really really don't like to have them........ lol   Tomorrow it is going to be 94  so I hope it does not keep them from surfing for some sales...  I think that maybe next weekend I will do it one more time than all goes to the Good Will. It is the  4th of July so I hope we have more traffic... if not  well it was not meant to be....  My dear sweet MIL  came up to give me a helping hand, she was up way before me, bless her loving heart, and had so much set up. I told her she should have woke me up, and she said she wanted to let me sleep a little more,,, now how lucky am I to have her in my life.......

Ok enough of my garage sale an on to  our very Fun and exciting Pink Saturday,  which is hosted by our  own Sweet Beverly of 

How Sweet The Sound  So when you are done with my post, which I sure hope some of you do stop by,,, hehe  pop on over to her site and she will have a  very long list of other Lovely Ladies who will be showing their Pink Pretties.

So for my Pinkness, I am showing my Pink Hydrangea, I was so excited to see them blooming, this is the first year I have planted two of them, and they are growing and blooming....  So I grabbed my camera and took some photos. To share with you all for this wonderful day....

fathers day fun 042

Now I know that they are not grown up yet they are still babies, but they did bloom, and I have more today going to give birth,,, yippy!!!!   I love the  beautiful Pink,  don't you think so?????

fathers day fun 043

This is on the other Plant, can you see the other blooms just waiting to pop out and show off all the Pink goodness......  I can't wait till they grow up and then I can pick them for the house and dry some....  ooooo ahhhhhh   

Ok this next photo is sort of a tease , I am working on a mosaic for my daughter and just had to show you a bit of what it will look like.  When I get more done I will be showing off more, so I hope all of your pro's in the Mosaic world  give me some advise on how I am doing.....

fathers day fun 044

I just love doing Mosaic's I have so many broken China pieces that I can play with.... lol    I buy them a garage sales and the thrift stores, for really great buys ....  I went last weekend to buy me a new pair of nippers, the ones with the wheels, they work so much better, I really love them. I can get to a spot that I want with out breaking the whole plate... is that not cool or what.... I found too that I can do just the center of the plate that has a pretty pattern. so needless to say I am having a blast with them...  woohooo.  I hope you enjoyed my few Pretty Pink beauties for you . And don't forget to stop by Beverly's for more Pink goodness.......

I thank each and ever one of you for all you wonderful comment which I so love to read, you are the best  friends any one could ask for......  Oh and I have some news on Honey Bunny's job search, which you will have to wait on for my next post..... he he it is a great one too I might add....  So until next time. God Bless;



Wednesday, June 24, 2009


fathers day fun 029

Good evening;  Wow it was sooooooooooooooooo  HOT today. I only went out to water my plants this morning. Then I ran back in the house where it is cool... ahhhhhh.  Well our pool is finally done and ready for me to jump in and float my cares away..  My daughter Heather stop by after she got off work to help with pricing  things for the garage sale this weekend.... Boy I can't wait till it is all done, and what does not sell I am taking it to the Good Will..........   And thennnnn I can start working on my new craft space, fixing the walls and then painting , not sure of the color yet, then set up my work table for sewing and crafting what ever I am in the mood for... hahahahaha    I  am so excited about that, I will be taking photos of each progress to share with you all...  As of right now I am using my dinning room table for my work in progress, which I will do a post on tomorrow.... just a bit of a tease though....... he he he.....  wink ; 0 }    Ok now on too my post for tonight,,,,   Boy my grand kids sure had a great time out side playing in a Elmo sprinkler mat.  The photo above they are all taking a break, and see my Izzie is really getting in on the act,, she loves her tummy rubbed....

fathers day fun 005

They were really enjoying it, too bad the pool was not ready yet, but they sure did not mine one bit....  Little Madison was not too sure about the sprinkler, she is the tiny one in blue..... she was so funny to watch, when all the others ran through the mat, she would run with them then go around the mat....  so so cute..

fathers day fun 018

Hmmmmmmm do I see a large grown up playing in there,,,,,,, by golly there is,,, that is Auntie Heather...

fathers day fun 004

Zachary and Haylee, are hugging and saying they were sorry to each other,  they were running on each side of the mat and well lets just say them met head long in the middle.... Poor babies.. But all was well and back to playing...  boy kids sure are  tough.

fathers day fun 023

My other daughter Chas is getting in on the fun now...  I should have put down my camera, and jumped in,,,,,,,,

fathers day fun 027

Now this is my little movie star Liberty doing a pose for the Paparazzi....  she just kills me  Libby is always posing when you pull out a camera...  she is my little ham....

fathers day fun 036  Auntie Heather is a Cheerleader coach, and Regan in the green is in her squad, but Libby and Haylee are in a different group. My niece Jenny is the head coach and started the group. they are all so cute and fun to watch a  basketball games, and during the fourth of July... 

fathers day fun 033

OH my look who is posing again, little miss broadway.... My little Libby....  She just stood there  and said  Mamaw  take my picture.  wow she is a bit bossy....   lol   well I will show you one more, then I will stop. I did take alot of photos but I won't show them all.   I really do mean that.... lol

fathers day fun 024 

Hey one for all and all for one......  It was a wonderful day spent with our children, and our grandkids.  But  by the end of the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   were really happy when they went home, we were so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open....

Well  dear friends, I hope you all enjoyed my family photos, of fun in the sun....  I want to then you all for taking the time to stop by for a visit and all the lovely comments... I have said it before and I will keep saying,,,  I am so Blessed to have you in my life.....

So until next time God Bless;



Monday, June 22, 2009



Good evening;  I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, full of  love and joy, and a blessed  Fathers day. We had a great time, I have lot's of photos to share in my next post, my grand kids were having a blast running through a  Elmo sprinkler.  Our cook out went well and so much food, that I think I gained  lots.. lol

But this is not what I am posting about,  You My Dear Friend's whom I blog with,,,  this is For YOU......  I have been thinking how blessed I am to have such loving caring  Praying friends that I have not even met.  Some times I am so amazed that any one would  think that I would  have any thing worth while too stop by and read it, and then leave a sweet and sometimes an inspirational, uplifting comments.  When I started this blog with lots of encouragement from my sweet  Honey Bunny, that I decided to start one.   I have come so very far blogging, and meeting so many lovely friends.  I am having so much fun posting  what is going on in my life and family, good and bad, I never would have thought that writing it all down would be such a help, and then the cherry on top is all of you.... 




I have so many wonderful  blogs to visit that it seem's to take me days to fit you all in...  I  really  try to not leave any one out, hence this post.  I want you all to know that if I don't make it to your blogs it is only that I have so many wonderful ones to visit, that I will make it too you sooner or later.  I also have noticed how  a lot of you have made some beautiful changes to your backgrounds and they are just amazing.  I am not very good at messing around with my blog, I am always afraid I will mess it up..lol   Then poor honey bunny would have to fix it for me,  which by the way he has done a lot of that in the past. lol  I am so lucky to me married to a real  Geek...


So my Dear Friends these beautiful flowers are for all of you, for just being here not only for me but each other as well.  This post is just my way of saying Thank you all for caring enough to stop by and then comment, it really dose mean a lot..  OH and such lovely photos of all your beautiful homes I just love to see, some day I will share some of mine, but right now I have not been able to really make over much.  I pray every day that the Lord will bring that  just right job for my sweetie. and he will he is always faithful.  So God Bless you all, and until  next time.... Take Care.



Friday, June 19, 2009


Hello there to all my sweet friends.. I hope you all had a lovely week.  We had lots of very warm days and some very strong storms, we are having one now, so I hope we don't loose the electricity again.....  My how fast the week goes by, and here we are with another beautiful Pink Saturday, and to be able to go and visit lots more lovely blogs just hop on over to our Sweet Hostess Beverly of  How Sweet The Sound .  She does such an amazing job of hosting this beautiful day of  Pink.   For my viewing pleasure I will be show some more of my pretty Pink flowers.  So I hope you don't get tired of seeing more.....  but I am very happy about how they are doing... and I must share them with my dear friends.

planting flowers with caileigh 001

A couple of weeks ago I planted some Pink impatiens, I know it is not a very good photo of them but you can click on the photo to make it larger..  I put some large stones in and around them so the dirt would not make such a mess when the rains came. In the back I put some of my slate to keep my grand kids from jumping over them and the dog, it seems to be working they are not jumping over them................  yet... lol

planting flowers with caileigh 004 

Here I tried to get a closer shot of them, wow you can hardly see them in the stones... I did not realize that until I saw this photo. hmmm I really need to practice with my camera..

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 001

I just love this plant, the lovely dainty Pink flowers pop up all over and now are over falling over the timber... again I don't know what kind they are, so again if any of you do;;;;;;;;;;; Please tell me...  ha ha

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 002

A closer look at the sweet tiny Pink flowers. They are planted out front in around my Light post, I have more room so I need to find some more pretty flowers to plant in there...   And one more photo to share.....   I just love to share with you all..................

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 003

And this pretty little swing is by my front door above it says welcome..  I had to take it down so I could fix it,  it seems to be a little loose and hangs crooked... I don't like things that tilt.....

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 004

Now you can see the Welcome on it.  I just love this little swing, I bought it at a craft fair two years ago... see how it tilts,,,  boy does that drive me crazy.  tomorrow I am taken my screw driver to it and make it straight...   ok  that is it for my Pretty Pink Saturday Pretties.   I hope that you all enjoyed them as much as I do.  I can't wait to see lots more Pink posts tomorrow, with my cup of coffee, and just relax and do some blog visits.. oh and listen to the rain....  I wish to thank you all for stopping by for a visit, which I just love to read what you all have to say,  I am always amazed at how you all think I am worth stopping by and reading my thoughts and every day life...  I am so Blessed by you all....  I hope you all have a very Beautiful weekend....  So until next time; God Bless;



Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Good evening dear friends. I have been out this afternoon taking some photos of  my plants. They are all doing so well that I just have to show them off.........  can't help it I am proud of them..  yes I am shameful aren't I...........  :o}   Even the couple of plants that I moved to other spots are doing well, I was a little worried about my one lavender plant but I had a long talk with her and she understands that she is better off where she is, that she will get lots  more sun...   Oh did I mention that I talk to my plants;   no,,,,,,,  oh I am so sorry about that,,, yes I do talk to my plants, I have always talked to them, some of them I give names too.  But I have so many now that I would not remember who they are,,, I have enough trouble remembering my Grand children's names and getting them with the right child....lol  I even get my poor Isabella's name wrong sometimes,,,,, you should see the look on her face when I get her name wrong.....  ok enough of all that silly stuff, and on to my photos, I hope you enjoy them,

flower garden photos 003

This is my beautiful dark purple Clematis, it finally bloomed, I was so excited when I saw all those lovely open blooms.. I planted them off our back patio to grow up the post.

flower garden photos 002 

Close up of one of the blooms, they are a nice size too, I just love  Clematis, I plan on putting one out in my front yard around my light post and then a few to grow around my fence in the back yard..  I can see it all now,  oh with some climbing Rose's too.

flower garden photos 007

I just love my sweet little Petunias or are they Pansies' hmmmm I forgot, so if you know what they are ,,,,,, please let me know....lol Any  hooooo  I plan on getting some more for this spot, it is on the right side of our drive way  I planted them last fall and the  did fine through the  harsh winter we had... 

flower garden photos 008

This pot sits behind the those flowers in the above photo, they are just popping up  they are  Texas Blue Bells or Bonnets... see how I am,,,,  I need some help!!!!!!!!   any way a swap I was in my partner sent them she was from Texas and sent  me a bit of Texas,,,,,,  Now there were supposed to be lots more then what came up but some birds found the seeds. and ate them...  :{  I can't wait till they bloom..

flower garden photos 006

OK this is the Lavender plant that I moved, not she looks sad but she is doing fine so please don't worry about her.  This is up by the front  of our house, where I had it before she was just not getting much sun so I moved her and she is doing better. I have her sister on the other side.... I will show her next...

flower garden photos 019

This is the sister of the Lavender  plant that I moved,  if you look you can see her in the back ground.   Please do not look at my weeds, I have not been able to get to them, but I will.

flower garden photos 009

This is the yellow Rose plant that my Daughter gave me for Mothers day, I had it in a pot, I wanted to make sure I did not kill it before I put it in the ground,,,, lol  and she is doing really great, she loves being out front to watch all the neighbors.  This is around the light post.

flower garden photos 010

Just a close up of the beautiful yellow rose, there are lots more buds just waiting to open...  oh this is the spot that I am going to set up my Fairy garden, it will be a great spot for one,,,don't you think......................................   oh I new you all would....

flower garden photos 011

OK here is another one that I don't know what the Heck it is.... last year I ordered from a garden magazine  they sent me many others they are called postage stamp gardens with a diagram as where to plant them,,,  well this just popped up this year, and I forgot what it is,,,,,  see I told you how I forget names.....  so if any one knows what this is please let me know  I hope it is a plant and not a pretty weed,,,,,, hehehehehe...

flower garden photos 012

My Hydrangea one of two on the left side of the house  they are doing so well, and blooming... I can't wait till they get bigger, I am planting my Russian Sage back here with them...  hoping to hide the fence and my veggie garden.. It is a great spot for them they only get morning sun and then shade in the afternoon...  I am hoping to get lots more of them..

flower garden photos 014

This area is by the back gate, my hubby's Aunt brought up all of these plants from her garden three yrs ago.  Except for the Shasta Daisy's I planted them last year.  I have two Yarrow plants, two Black Eyed Susan's and two Purple cone Flowers.  Oh and two of  another that I don't remember but they are gorgeous.  They are just full of blooms .  Ok just one more photo and I will stop telling you that I don't remember the name of the flower.... lol

flower garden photos 018

Just had to take a photo of this bird's nest, last fall I left a landscape timber up against the side of the garage, well some lovely little Robins found it a perfect spot for a home. Every time I am out doing yard work the momma  flies away, so they have not hatched yet, I don't hear them peeping...  I keep waiting for the Robin to dive bomb me when I am too close...   Well I am all done with my  Flower show, I hope you have enjoyed the walk through my yard... Even though I have forgotten some of the plants I planted,,, I feel so silly now,,,,,  I really must keep a record of them when I plant new ones just so I  don't forget what they are.  I do have a garden journal I got in a swap I really should use it don't you think??????   I do too.   Well I am off to do some blog visit's and then do some running down my little grand daughter  Madison, she is really full of energy to night...  So until next time;  God Bless;



Monday, June 15, 2009


Good afternoon;  I hope  everyone had a beautiful weekend.  We had a pretty good one, we did get some rain and my poor back yard is like a sponge lol;  But today the sun is out and my sponge yard is drying up..  I planted my four tomato plants that is about all I can do this year.  Oh and dear hubby did bring home today some sweet basil and spinach. So I have to get them in the ground.  I can't seem to find my Romaine lettuce so I won't be planting that this year... oh well.   Yesterday afternoon I was doing some weeding and replanting a few plants to a better spot in the yard... I moved my Lavender where it would get more sun I don't think it liked being moved, it is not happy, I just keep watering it until it takes root again..  Then I planted my sweet Mothers day gift from Chas a small yellow rose bush  with tiny yellow blooms on it, out front so it would get more sun and the lamp post sure did need lots more flowers... You can never have too many flowers.. right ladies.........  My  Hydrangea's are doing great they have small bud's on them and will bloom soon, just wish they were bigger, hope by the end of Summer they will be.

Since my Son can't keep from mowing over my Russian Sage I have to move them where he can't get to them.... poor little things. they should be a lot bigger by now.  I am going to move them by the Hydrangea's  they will help hide my fence where my veggie garden is,,,,,,,,, you can see it from the road and I don't really care for that...  I love the smell of  the Russian Sage and they do grow large.  I am sorry for not showing any photos, I have not really not had the time to take any, but I will so you can see  what I did with my chandelier out on the patio, it took a while but I think it will be ok.....  Boy the things I don't get myself into.lololol;;;;;;    I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments you left me for Pink Saturday.... I so love to hear what you think or are doing.....  So thank you for taking the time to stop for a visit.....  Have a beautiful week,and enjoy life...   Until next time. God Bless;



Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello there to all my fellow Pinky blog friends.  Now I know that I am posting my Pink Saturday on Friday, but from past experience, I thought it wise to post early... lol  In the past I have been late in doing my Pinkness, so now I am a head of myself...  But first of all I want to give a Big Thank You for all the sweet Prayers and kind comments about my Ribs, which by the way I am doing better. But just to be safe, I am still not able to do house work,,,,,, I know it is just killing me, but I am sure I will get through it fine......  :o}  So now I will share with you all my pretty Pink Cutie goodies.    OH and a huge  hand goes out to our Mostest with the Hostess  Beverly of  how sweet the sound  for all the hard work she puts into this very fun Pink  Saturday. So now if you all want to see lots more of lovely Pink Pretties then by all means stop by and give her once over and then you can find so many more to visit.  There are so many wonderful blogs that share their Pinkness that it is so hard to keep up with them all, but do try your best, you won't be sorry.... It is a wonderful way to spend a Pink Saturday morning with a cup of coffee or tea.....  Ok now on with my Pinkies...

My dear sweet Mother in Law surprised me with a beautiful creamy white and pink rose tea set, that was her Mothers. It is missing a few pieces but none the less it is just amazingly gorgeous...  So thanks Mom for giving me such a lovely gift..

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 019  Is in not the most lovely Rose set ever!!!!!!!!  smiling real big;;;  The Pink on some of the Roses are such a light Pink and then the top is a darker Pink..... I am so loving it.............

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 016

Tea Pot and Sugar and Creamer set.  Love it  just love it....

Pink Rose Tea Set for Pink Sat. 017

Just another shot of the cups and salt and pepper set. I too so many shots of this set, I wanted to get as many good ones as I could, but don't worry I won't show them all.....  he he....

I  planted some very pretty Pink Geraniums  in the very pretty Pink flower pots that sit on my fire place mantle out on our patio. I also found some Ivy that has a bit of Pink in it too.

planting flowers with caileigh 005 

Don't they look so Pretty but sorry to say that you can not see the lovely painted pots because of the Ivy.  Now do you see the little cup with grass growing in it;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   well my grandson Zachary brought it home from school they were talking about planted seeds and so they planted grass seeds.... so now I have to mow grass in a plastic cup, have you any idea how hard it is to get the lawn mower up there.............  boy it is not easy.....  

planting flowers with caileigh 007

Close up of the Pretty Pink flowers, now if you look hard enough you can just make out some of the hand painting on the pot, and no I did not paint them,,,,  wish I did,,, but I don't have that kind of skill....

planting flowers with caileigh 006

This is the other side of the mantle,,,  oh dear the grass looks like it needs mowed,,,,,, darn it all..  I had to prune one of the plants so it only has one blooming plant, I planted two in each pot so they would fill it out. They are doing great, these were taken last week so they are bigger now.  Well dear Pink friends I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Pretties as much as I do...  I want to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and leave me a comment.... hint... hehe...  really though you all mean so much to me and I really do love it when you take the time to visit little ol" me...  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and have fun surfing all the wonderful Pink Saturday blogs.....  Until next time; God bless.



Wednesday, June 10, 2009


planting flowers with caileigh 010

Good afternoon ladies; I hope you are all having a wonderful day. It is cloudy here with some rain on the way, which is not too bad. But as you can tell from the photo above my Clematis is really taking off. But it has not bloomed yet, sooooo not to worry today as I was out checking it there are lots of blooms just starting to open. I am so excited they are a deep purple color, I was getting a little worried that it was just going to keep growing and cover my house.... lol...................................   Now please forgive me if I don't make any sense   during this post, I am on some pain pills...

Ok  I just know you all are dyeing to know why;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Right!   Did you know that you could crack your ribs when you have a really bad deep cough?????   Well I did not either, I had the flue a few weeks ago with deep chest congestion, and one day I had a very hard deep cough and felt a painful pop!!!!!!!!!!!!   well it was my ribs cracking, just a few...  boy when you really get old you really do fall apart....lol;  so I have to be careful lifting and cleaning house....  Now the lifting and gardening part is upsetting but the house work does not bother me at all.... some how I will carry on with out doing the house cleaning,,,  am I not just the bravest....... he he 


Now I know that this photo does not have much to do with my post, but I just thought it was so so cute.... This is a tea party I would love to attend, how about you.......   Can you tell that I am feeling now pain....................  I thought so.  any way I am doing fine and it will be about six weeks until I am all healed up.  So that is about it for now, so I am going to go and do some blog visits, so beware of my comments,  ha ha just kidding....  so don't block me ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I want to thank you all for the sweet comments you all leave me, when you visit me. you are all so wonderful to take the time to visit  oh and even read my posts, and then to leave me a kind comment, well that just blows me away......  Oh did I tell you all that I am on some Pain pills......  oops  I did... sorry...................  :-}    Until next time; God Bless;

Hugs; to all;


Monday, June 8, 2009


planting flowers with caileigh 012

Good evening; I hope every one had a beautiful weekend. Now this is my Son Dustin, he is trying to get the water to drain out of our pool, so we can clean it out. I just had to get a photo of him trying to suck on the hose,,,lol poor guy. But he just could not get it to run out.

planting flowers with caileigh 011

As you can see he gave up, ha ha  we are draining it to clean the bottom of the pool. We almost have it, but then the hose plug' ed up the hose and stopped the draining, and could not get it started again... He did not even know I took the photo's, now I will have to show him I did a blog post on it... Only a Mother could or would post on this.... am I right???   The pool is not that dirty but it has a lot of sand on the bottom, our pump had a sand filter and poor hubby put the hoses on wrong and blew the sand in the pool. So we have been working on getting most of it out, it is looking pretty clean now. So I hope we can get it filled soon, I am so ready to jump in and float for a few hrs.

Now I did get to the  garden center and bought some tomatoes plants, so tomorrow I am going to get them planted. That is about all I am getting this year, I have been so behind on getting my garden cleaned up and weeded. So I love tomatoes and that is just about all for now.  But next year I will be planting more.  I have to find a new rose bush, to replace the one that died.  For Mothers day my daughter Chas gave me a pretty yellow rose bush the small ones, and I am going to plant it in the front yard where my light post is.

planting flowers with caileigh 008 

Right now it is in my cooper pot, are they not beautiful.  I almost never been able to keep them alive, but for some reason they are doing just great, so I have to get them in the ground before I do kill them.. lol;    I will take some photos when I get it in the ground to show you all where they will live for ever.........   I hope....   I read in a one of my garden mag. about a little fairy garden, it was so cute, so the spot around my lamp post I thought would make a great fairy garden. In the photo they even had a little fairy door, I will have to look it for it and take a photo of it to show you all. 

Ok now  the project I am working on is a really cute child sized wood chair. I painted it  a creamy white, and I am doing a mosaic design on it, for my oldest daughter Heather. It is going to be for her front yard, I sure hope it turns out like I see it in my head... lol  I already have two coats of paint on it, and now I have to go through all my broken china to find just the right colors, I still have some plates and bowls and a cup to brake up, I just love to take a hammer to do some busting up, it sure feels good....  ha ha  ok I am not that weird,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, really I am not......  

Well that is about it for now, so all I have left is to say a Big thank you to all of you for your lovely and sweet comments, which I so love to receive and read. I am so Blessed to have such wonderful friends such as you all.  So until next time; God Bless;



Saturday, June 6, 2009


Rod _ Alaura's Wedding Day

Good evening to all my dear sweet friends. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend...  We sure are.... he he,,,  We are back together again, Praise the Lord, but we both know that we still have lots to work out, and with the help of the Lord and our very wonderful  Diane, whom we council we go to twice a week we will over come and come out of this all the stronger and better.

So I wish to thank you all so very much for your Prayers and comforting comments, you are all so kind and caring, I can't thank you enough.  Wow look at our wedding photo, boy do I look young,,,,,  and thin,,,,,,,  sure with I looked like that now,, and wow Look at my Hubby   he is so handsome and still is,,,,  I will never let him go again.....  I came so close to losing him and him me, that we are so willing to fight for our marriage and not let go...Amen...   Ok enough of that.....   I sure have missed you all lots, I feel so bad that I have not been by to visit you this past week, but I thought it was best to give all my attention to my Honey Bunny and family. So I am working on finding a balance to too do both.  He has a really good prospect of a job, so prayers for that are still needed, it sounds really promising.  It is amazing how the Lord has really opened my eyes and heart to all that I have been missing, and how blessed I am to see and feel it now.....

Our granddaughter Caileigh is staying with us this weekend, we have not been able to see her for quite some time, she sure has grown up.  She helped me plant some flowers today, I am going to save the photos for next Pink Saturday, since I missed this one... 

I am still trying to get things around and priced for the garage sale next weekend. It is going to be lots of work, but worth it if I do good..  Well ladies that is about it, we have been having some great weather this past week, which is great, rain tomorrow though but I don't mind..   So I will say another huge Thank You again to all of you, may the Lord shower you all with Blessings.  Now I must get to supper and do some blog surfing, I truly have missed you all so very much.....  Until next time; God Bless;