Sunday, July 20, 2008



Today I honor  Christmas in July by sharing some family photos with every one. I have lots of Christmas photos, I am a nut with a camera. One year my Hubby gave me a camcorder, and drove every one crazy with it.

Well today was a busy day, I have been working in my studio on my projects for my grand opening this Saturday. I have  been grouting, painting , and gluing.  Then my grandson called and wanted to come and visit Mamaw, well I could not say no his little voice on the phone so sweet.  Then my daughter Heather stopped by and we all went for a swim in the pool. Boy the water sure felt great, and the break was nice too.  And now my Sweet Sister is back for another stay, her hubby had to go away on business so she wanted to stay with me in stead of going with him. Is that not the sweetest thing ever. Me over her Hubby.

So Dear Friends if I miss a few posts it is because I am busy in my studio getting things finished. I will make some time to visit  when I can, sorry this is going to be a short one.......  I think I heard someone yell       Its about time.........  ha ha .  I hope every one enjoys my family Christmas photos. I thank every one who left very sweet comments you mean the world to me.....  I hope every one of my Friends have a great week. God Bless...

12-16-01 001



This is my Daddy, isn't he a handsome man.....



My daughter Heather


Christmas 2002 004

Grandson Paul


Christmas 2002 050

Heather, Chas, and grand kids.DSCF0005

Ahhhh  Caileigh sneaking some cheese


Great grandma with Great grand daughter HayleeDSCF0010

yeahhhhhh  Passing out the gifts.....



Poor Chas our other daughter and her daughter Liberty surrounded by gifts.



Hubby and Me with the camcorder, wow do I need to loose some lbs.



Wow don't the Boys look so bored.... lol; Two sons in law and one son. left to right. I promise I am almost done boring you with these photos. lol



This is at my niece's house Jenny.



This is Karly Clair on the left and Maddy Grace on the right, they are so sweet and cute, my great nieces.


Last one, my Sweet Sister in the middle and her two beautiful daughters, left  Jenny and right Brandee.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas in July photos. Have a great week.   And Merry Christmas in July........




Vanessa Greenway said...

What an adorable granddaughter! I love her little cute out fit. Have a great week! xo Vanessa

justabeachkat said...

I've been thinking about Christmas myself. I've been shopping and shopping for stockign stuffer gifts.


Dawn said...

I love Christmas. What a treat to have a little of it in July. I liked looking at your photos. You've got a big family. (Bigger than mine!). It looks like everyone was having a great time.

take care,

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I loved seeing pictures of your family!! Your family is beautiful :) What adorable grandkids! Have fun with your sister!!


Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Alaura....thanks for visiting my blog:-). What a lovely and LARGE family you have~how lucky you are!! ~ Best wishes, Janet