Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well I did get my mirror up today and cleaned my patio off. Then I could take my pictures for all to see. I hope every one likes it. I still have some things to get for the fire place mantle and then clean up all the junk by the storage shed. We are having clean up soon here, so while I am getting rid of some of my junk, I will be looking for some else's junk. hahaha  I love to go to the rich neighbor hoods they have the best junk. Who knows what treasure I will find and redo to sell. I want to thank you all for you great comments and advise I think I will try Esty out and see how it goes. So some time next week I hope to have it done and ready. I still have lots to do, I am not trying to organize my studio so I can have a better place. I am taking before and after photos so every one can fallow my progress. Well here are the photos of my patio.


 Patio Project 001

This my work of art. haha i still have some things to find for my mantle. Not too bad for my first time. Don't you think.....


Patio Project 002

this is facing the neighbor's house. Please excuse the mess in the back ground. My broom and rake.


Patio Project 003

I love this shot, my bridle Vail in the mirror is just too cool.


Patio Project 004 

A close up of my mirror, hope you can see the mosaic they are green with pink and  red flowers and some white. I will try to do a close up so you can see it better for another post.


Patio Project 005 

My two wicker chairs, just had to show them, or they would feel left out. Sorry for the trash cans and grill I can't wait for clean up week.

Patio Project 006

This is my  beautiful Bridle Vail I just love this plant. Boy is it heavy too.

Patio Project 009

And these are my baby girls. Isobella and Sissybell. Isobella is the black and white one. and sissybell is the little black. Are they not sweet and cute. They just love each other. Sissybell is a shepom and Izzie is all Shih Tzu .


Well ladies this is all I have , hey do I hear a      its about time....

lol;  I hope you all enjoyed my photos. and my babies. I hope you all had a wonderful day  a Pink Saturday. Which I must go and check out and see what everyone has in pink. God Bless;




Vanessa Greenway said...

Hello! I think your mosaic mirror looks wonderful!! And your mantle is adorable, beautiful decoration. Great living area! Hugs! Vanessa

Dawn said...

Your mirror really looks wonderful! I like it on your patio! The pictures you shared look nice. It looks like a comfortable place to sit and relax. Oh, your dogs are just the cutest things!!!

take care,

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks for sharing Alaura, I think ou did a great job with your mirror and your place looks wonderful. AND your babies are cutie pies for sure.

Shelia said...

You did a wonderful job on your mirror - it's just beautiful! I love your porch and the jealous chairs!! Oh, those sweet little fuzzy faces - what little darlings
! I would just kiss those little sweet noses to death! I love pears!! Thanks for stopping by my backyard. I'll give you some lemons if you'll give me some pears! Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Joanne Kennedy said...

Your puppies are DARLING! So cute.

I love your patio. I love the fireplace out there.

Your mirror is beautiful.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Your mirror came out great! Did it take a long time? I've thought about doing something like that but I always doubt myself that I'll get it right. I'm sooo not crafty. Your furbabies are to cute!
Thanks for coming by and visiting me and perhaps another day we'll take another walk around my "fave place"...the beach.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your patio is lovely....Nice job on the mosaic mirror..

miss gracies house said...

Thank you for the prayers for the grandbabies-it blessed my daughter-in-law tremendously~
Great job on the mosaic-I've been wanting to try my hand at some because I have so many pretty plates that I have broken and can't bear to get rid of!
THANKS for the visit~have a great day!

kathy said...

Glad you visited my blog -- Your blog is great - and managing a chain saw yikes !! - You go girl -- Love your patio -- wish I could visit and sip some ice tea - Kathy - Ga -

artis1111 said...

The mirror is beautiful. Soe are the fur babies. Kathy

BittersweetPunkin said...

That is so nice!! It looks like a wonderful place to site and did a great job!
Have a wonderful day!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I love your mosaic mirror, that is gorgeous! I have a feeling your shop will do very well, you are so talented!



Hello from Canada! I am swooning over that mirror! Good job. I can't wait to see what you've got planned next!