Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well today I went to the flea market with my sweet Sister and granddaughter Caileigh. We had fun but boy it was so hot, I must be getting old cause I can't handle the heat any more. So we could only stay a couple of hrs. Most of it was dollar store booths, I was kind of disappointed, I did find a few tables with some great buy on them. But not a lot. We did not even make it half way, it is a big one. Down south in Indiana they have some flea markets some day I will make it to one. When we made it home we all put on our swim suits and went for a dip, it felt real nice. Hubby was in charge of the grill, he made hamburgers and baked beans. He is the Master of the Grill. I should make him an apron with saying on it. Oh and big ol' hat. haha If I ever do I will make sure I take some pictures for you. Well I am going to show you all my neat finds now, I bet you are soooooo excited aren't you.......... 


July 15 2008 013

When I saw this I ran to it, it was only 12.00. I love this little bird bath with a sweet little bird. It is only for a table but would look real cute out side in a flower garden on in the center of a table. I am going to fix it up and sell it in my Etsy store.


July 15 2008 014

Bottom of the bird bath. love it.


July 15 2008 015

Top of the bird bath, I am thinking of doing a mosaic in the bowl. not sure yet.


July 15 2008 016

Love the  old iron keys, I am going to take them apart and pretty then up so any one can hang it from a door knob or hook or hutch. just about any thing, I am going to make on in to a really nice frame.


July 15 2008 017

These plated I bought for only 1.00 a piece, I just fell in love with them, too bad I have to smash them for my mosaic's. Oh well I will just close my eyes when I let the hammer go.


July 15 2008 018


July 15 2008 019


July 15 2008 020


July 15 2008 021 

I took some photos of close ups so you can see them better.



Sweet Sister and Caileigh having a rest for shopping and getting out of the sun.


Some of the flea market booths.



The flower tent in the back with the tall palm tree, Is Lilly's she has the best flowers and makes beautiful arrangements .And her prices are so reasonable.


I liked the wind socks an kites, they were pretty flying all over. lots of colors.

That is the end of my flea market tour, I hope everyone had a great time. I just love sharing my trips with my good friends.

Oh and don't for get my free give away at the end of the month, Aug. 1 is when I draw, just leave a comment. Tomorrow I am going to show the rest of the goodies that will go with the Country Bunny.  God Bless every one who left such sweet comments and good wishes. I love you all. Have a great week.....




Willow said...

Thanks for stopping by Willow's Cottage and leaving a comment!

I'm shuddering just thinking about smashing up the plates. I'm going to go plug my ears and close my eyes.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Alaura! What a lovely bird bath! So cute!! Lucky you to find that! xo, Vanessa

kathy said...

Love your finds - Glad you came to visit my blog . can't wait to see what you make with your plates _ Kathy - GA

Dawn said...

I was visiting a friend yesterday and she was showing me the outdoor sink her friend made for it. It is all plywood now and she said she was going to tile it. I was thinking of you and suggested she do a mosaic on it. I guess the idea didn't thrill her as much as it did me! :)

I like the bird bath. You are right. It would look darling in a garden!

Thanks for sharing.

take care,

Susie Q said...

What wonderful finds! I love them all but that birdbath is just so special!

I am catching up with everyone as quickly as I can! I have missed you all...I hope you are doing just fune and dandy. Have a sweet week okay?


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

That flea market looks like fun! I adore the bird bath!
And the plates!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Alaura.. thanks for coming by my page.. it is a pleasure to know you. and you are such a lucky girl.. coz I love your bird bath.. I've been looking for one.. but I can't find one as cheap as yours.. btw, thanks for the wishes for my mom. So sweet of you. Have a nice day!..

Catherine Holman said...

Great finds! Makes me wish for time to go to some sales!

Shelia said...

Hi Alaura! and thanks for popping in! I'll say I'd love to come along on one of your treasure hunts. I don't do well in the heat either. My feet and fingers swell and I get so cranky! lol To answer your question, I'm a little embarrassed to tell you about the rooster patterns. I got into this kick of looking for free embroidery patterns on the internet and found quite a few sites. I saved the ones I liked and these roosters were from one of those sites. I couldn't tell you which one I got them from. I just printed the designs out with my printer and just copied them onto white fabric and went to town. I know, I'm crazy. I hope that's legal - I'm sure it is - they were free patterns. So if you'll Google embroidery patterns, you're sure to come up with some free patterns and maybe you'll find them. I'm sorry I can't be of much help.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lori said...

Hi Alaura, So nice of you to visit from Brenda's site. Yep, I love meeting new people when I'm so blue! But you intrigued me cause I seen your from Indiana! I know no on in IN online and many from Micigan, could you email me through my site and tell me where? I'm in Northrn In near the In/Mi stateline near Niles. Thanks again for being so kind, and am excited to hear from you again! Lori

Shelia said...

Alaura, come on over to my blog. I've Song Tagged you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

cpullum said...

Wow you find some cool stuff! I need tom start going to flea markets.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

You found some cute things; what an adorable birdbath!
I find that I cannot tolerate the heat well anymore either. Sometimes interferes with the shopping I want to do (not to mention the yard work that needs done! ;)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

WOW! You found some awesome goodies! I LOVE that birdbath! And I have a thing for old keys too :) The plates are beautiful!! Great job!!


Beverly said...

That was fun! I like your idea for the birdbath. I hope you show us pictures of the things you make.

justabeachkat said...


I'm slowly catching up on my blog reading. I've enjoyed reading your posts I've missed. Oh girl, your mirror turned out gorgeous...honestly! I love the birdbath. A great find.


An Enchanted Cottage said...

Alaura - you got so many goodies!!! I love the birdbath with the hummingbird on the edge! It reminds me so much of the one that I have... Unfortunately mine rusted the very first year, but I now use it as a plant stand for hanging plants with the hanger removed, so I still get to use and enjoy it even though it rusted! LOL So glad you had a great day!!...Donna