Tuesday, July 22, 2008



July 5 2008 001

On the right is Karly Clair and left is Maddy Grace. They are in their cheer leading outfits waiting for their turn to dance. Are they not just the cutest things.


July 5 2008 008

This is the whole group, they did such a great job.


July 5 2008 018

This is Karly and Maddy clogging to a song called Momma I am a big girl now. They were so great at it. I wish I could have gotten a closer shot.


July 5 2008 014

They are on their knees begging Momma to leave them along because they are grown up now. hhahaha


July 5 2008 019

The girls did such a great job with all the twisting and turning never lost a step.  Sorry but I am a proud  Great Auntie

July 5 2008 022

Karly is in the middle tub, they did a dance to Splish Splash it was so cute.

July 5 2008 026

Again Karly is on the right, she was tap dancing. to the song.


July 5 2008 029

And this is how it ended. Every one just loved it. I have one more photo so hang in there....  lol;


July 5 2008 020

This is my Maddy all done with her dance, she is getting changed, such a cute smile.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the photos, This was on July 5th.

I have been working in my studio getting things done, I took some photos of the shabby chic projects I finished. I will be putting them on Etsy on Saturday. I will share some of what I made with you all and have a link to the shop on my blog page. Well I have to make this a short one again. I have to go and get busy in my studio again.

I want to thank every one for your sweet comments, and your friendships. I have met some new ones also. I am finding so many wonderful blog sites that I am having trouble keeping up with all of them. I also need to put then on my blog page. One day I will get it done.  Have a great day everyone, I will visit you  all soon.

God Bless;




Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how fun! Clogging is a lot of fun! The girls look adorabale! You should be proud of your little niece...what a cutie!
Have a great day!

Dawn said...

They are the cutest little girls. I'll bet the show was great. I love the song Splish Splash. :)

I'm sure you are very busy getting ready for the big day.

take care,

My Arts Desire said...

Thanks for stopping by on my Pink Saturday post. I'm finding the summertime a tough time to keep up on bogging. Could have something to do with three teens in the house, and 79 of their closest friends here at all times. Smile. Wouldn't have it any other way...well, maybe a little quiet time!

Love the dancing pictures. I could sit and watch these little ones perform for hours. They are so adorable and innocent.

Connie said...

Are they cute or what?!?! Adorable, my sweet cottage chick. Thanks for your comment today, but check tomorrow for more shenanigans from Love Bunny!! I just might have to shoot that man!

At Home in the Country said...

What cute little dancers...I'm partial to the cheerleading outfits...love the hair bows!

Anxious to see your mosaic pictures!