Monday, July 14, 2008



Today we are having our little Angle Caileigh J for a week. Hubby and I try to have her for a week or two in the summer. She is the daughter our April, whom we lost 7yrs ago. So she is so special to us,she looks so much like her Mommy. Some times when I look at her is see her, and that can be a comfort and a blessing.

Caileigh is so much her mother, tom boy love of  all animals and quick temper, when some one attack's her family. But a very loving caring little girl. She is going to be in the fourth grade, my how time flies. 

April _ Caileigh 

This our April with Caileigh she is one when this was taken. I love this photo.

April's Graduation

Hubby with is little girl at her graduation. Not sure why Hubby is looking like he is, I asked him if he was being snobby. haha

She was our last one to graduate.


Caileigh's Frog

Caileigh with her frog she found at a picnic on Fourth of July about  5yrs. ago. She wanted to keep it. We had to tell her no, it needed to stay with his family. I Don't think she believed us. lol;

Any way this is not supposed to be a sad post, but a happy and joyous one. Even though we lost April God left us with an Angle to remind us of her. So we thank the Lord for her each and every day. Her daddy is going to remarry again and she is happy about, to have a Step Mommy and she has a baby sister which she just loves. 

Now on to other business, my Hubby has set me up on Etsy today. I have not been there yet to look at it, been busy doing another mosaic, and a decoupage tray. I am working late into the night to get some things done. It is not easy to keep house make crafts to sell and entertain my grand daughter. But nothing worth while is easy. I am having fun though. Tomorrow I am going to a large flea market, I can't wait to see what goodies I can find. I am looking for some real pretty flora plates to smash up. And what ever else I can bring home. I will take my Camera to take pictures to post for all to see. I just love this flea market, so many things there oh and the food is wonderful. Lots of Amish women cook there, and boy can they cook and bake. Some of their quilts are for sale too. I would love to be able to quilt like they do.

Well my dear friends, I wish to thank you all for you very kind comments, you are all so sweet and dear to me. I try to keep up with posting and then reading other blogs, I have so many now that I can't seem to keep up with that either. lol.  So if I miss any one I am so sorry about that It is not on purpose. Have a great week, until next time. God Bless All.



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Vanessa Greenway said...

Hello!! Ho cute! My niece name's is Kaylee. Adorable! Hugs, Vanessa