Thursday, July 31, 2008


Peach Spritzer

Well First and foremost, I want to Thank Everyone for all your Prayers and love you sent my way. I Thank The Lord for each and every one of you. I kindness I feel and the Love it is so over whelming, I get very emotional when I read you lovely comments. My the Lord Bless each and every one of you.

Now that I have gushed all over the place, I will get to my post. lol:}  Getting ready for a yard sale is not easy, I spent the better part of the afternoon in our garage cleaning it. I must tell you it was very hot in there. I did have a fan but a small one. I was going through my daughter's things she dropped off, and mine. I swept and moved things  most of which is my hubbys computer stuff, so now I have some pretty good room. We hae a two car garage but would not know it by looking in side.

Now about my Honey Bunny; he is a real computer geek,  really he is. So we have lots of computer junk, OOPS.... I mean stuff, we could open a shop.

You know how your Christmas would tangle, well dear hubby has a huge tangle of computer cords. I will take a picture of them tomorrow and post it for you all. It will take him a year to untangle them. And then there is box after box of the insides of computer stuff, not sure what to call them. So I have moved them to the other side of the garage. If I have my way I would sell it all just to get rid of it, or give it away.  But that would not be to nice I guess.  booooo hoooooo.   :{   So I am almost there and ready for my sale my Mom in law is putting in some things also, and I think my niece Brandee. So we will have lots of goodies for some one.  Oh I have to change the subject matter, I went for my job interview, and it went really well, I should know soon, and maybe start next week. How cool is that.. I am excited about going back to work again, even though it is part time. Ok back to my sale.  haha   Hope I have not lost any one.

It is amazing how much one can gather in a course of a life time. Like the junk draw everyone has in there kitchen, I am at a loss of why the need for one. Which I have by the way. I did manage to clean some of mine out. Now I have room for more junk. 

Well I am tired out now, so I am going to make it short,  I  know too late.  lol;  So I hope every one has a great night.  And again thank you for all you prayers. God Bless




Jill said...

Good luck with your yard sale, Alaura!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Good luck with your sale!

Naturegirl said...

Alaura wishing you success with the garage sale! Oh the stuff one accumulates!!
I can honestly relate to your suffering with Fibro..although I don't have it my second name is ((((PAIN)))) something always hurts..arthritis migraines neuralgia pain achelles tendonitis oh I could write a book on PAIN!!
With so much rain in the month of has been a challenge for me managing this pain.
Holding you in my prayers that you will find a way for pain management.
hugging you aNNa

Dawn said...

Good luck with your yard sale. I had one a few years back and boy was it a lot of work!!! Too much work if you ask me! My daughter is having a yard sale in a couple of weeks. I want to get some things together to put in it. I'm tired of some of the junk I have hanging around.

take care,

My Arts Desire said...

Hi Alaura,
Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad my post made you chuckle. Those were my intentions. Life can be hard and a good laugh can lift the spirits. So can a hug and timely words, and on and on.

I am so sorry to hear of your health issues. Asking for prayer is such a wonderful way to feel God's hand at work through the lives of others. It is hard for most of us to ask for prayer, for help, etc. Yet, when the tables are turned we wouldn't hesitate to offer our support to others. Like you, I'm hesitant to "ask"... what's up with that? I do remember hearing once that when we don't allow others to help we rob them of the blessing they receive in doing so. So thank you for being so honest and transparent in your posting. It was a much needed reminder for me and probably others too that it's better than OKAY to ask!!

A garage sale...hmmm...I'll pray for you on that one as well! They are so much work. I hope you'll take some time to rest after it's all done.

Blessings on your day...

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh mygosh, my hubby is the SAME way!!!!

Good luck with your sale!!