Sunday, March 15, 2009



Good evening; I hope every one had a wonderful weekend. Mine you ask????????   Well lets just say I am ready for a long quite vacation...... lol  The sweet little girl in the above photo is my youngest grand daughter Madison Lee, 18 months old. What a spit fire she is, she is a very busy little bee, if I could harness her energy we  would not have a problem with high gas prices.  Madison wore me out, and her older brother Zachary Thomas,,,, he is five and well lets just say that when he does not have it his way,,, look out.  Then there was Logan, he did not stay the weekend, but had just as much liveliness as the other two.


They had a great time driving the cars, it seems that all my grand daughters would rather play with the cars then the dolls, or tea party. hmmmm  do you think they might take after me;;;;  I was a tom boy when I was little, my Sister was so much older then me that she did not want to have me tag along with her friends.... So I followed my brothers around...   We did have a fun weekend and very busy weekend at that.


Aww look Daddy is trying to teach her to fly, she was just loving it. She even has on her antennas with pink bows, I bet she can get China on them,, but  I call them her personality. lol  101_0381 

Zachary playing Bat Man.


Maddy playing Bat Man, but she turned her face just as I snapped the photo. 


This is her fist time with the color book and crayons, which she thought was lipstick, and kept trying to put it on her lips.. Which I did not get a photo of ,,,,,, darn it...


And Zachary is making a snowman for me...   So this was my weekend ladies..  I am so loving the quite time now.  The weather was just great  Sunny and not as cold, so Daddy took them out to play and then to the park,,,,,, Yea,, oh then nap time when they got home..  For them and me!!!!  lol    


Ok had to get one more photo in of little Logan, he and Madison are learning to talk, and the word they like the most is NO.. can you believe that....    But  they are working on using other words as well, like     don't want to.. or  don't like it....   I hope to add some good ones in as time goes on...  but they are polite when they do say  don't want to,, then comes  thank you.. don' you love it......  I am sorry if I don't make any sense,  with some of this or I am rambling on, but my Brain is not working for some odd reason. So I think I should stop now,,, so I can do some catching up with you all. I have not had the time to visit you, and I sure do miss that...  So I wish to Thank you for all for stopping by my humble blog and leaving a kind comment, which I so love to read. You all make my day so very bright...  How blessed I am ..... to have friends like you....  have a beautiful week...  God Bless




Shelia said...

Hi Alaura! Oh, look at all those grand babies! If I don't get some soon I know you'll loan me a couple of those little darlings! Great photos and pray you can get some rest now! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

TattingChic said...

It looks like you had an eventful weekend! Thanks for sharing. Your grandkids are adorable. :)

Judi said...

What gorgeous pictures of your grandchildren. I would imagine they would keep you busy entertaining them and just keeping up. We don't do that on a daily basis anymore do we... :o)
Cute. I hope you've had a chance to rest up.
thank you for sharing
have a lovely evening

Joy said...

They are adorable Alaura, but I know you're glad for the rest!

santamaker said...

Oh, what a fun time. I can't wait for some grandbabbies!

Neabear said...

You have such cute grandchildren! You are lucky to be able to see yours now and then. Mine is too far away to see. I have only seen her once so far. I noticed Zachary's shirt. Cute, but I am not sure what is on there. Looks like snowboarding theme to me.