Monday, March 2, 2009


Good afternoon to all my friends. I am do you all of you....... oh and yes  you too over in the corner...   Oh remember that old Coke Commercial  I'd Like to "Teach the World to Sing In Perfect  Harmony"   I loved that one, made me want to get buy a Coke, and I like Pepsi. lol   Ok now I know that this does not have any thing to do with my post, but it all of a sudden popped in my head, does that happen to any of you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  gosh I sure hope so.. he he

So my poor Honey Bunny is still sick, he did not go to work today which I am happy for. He slept  until noon, and he never! dose that, that is how bad he is feeling.  So on Saturday I did some shopping and brought home all the goodies to make him feel better,,,  you know the  usual,,,,   cough med. cough drops, chicken soup,  oh and I made him a white coconut cake yummy, and wouldn't you know I did not get a photo of it before every one hacked in to it.....  sorry, but oh my sweeties it was the bomb.....

 flooded  back yard 037

So when I am not feeling to well, Honey Bunny is always bringing me home some beautiful flowers, so when I saw these at Wal Mart and on sale I just had to buy then for him. After all Men deserve flowers too. Do you think????????????????????    I knew you all did.

flooded  back yard 038

They smell so pretty, just like Spring and Summer,,, ahhhh Spring, I miss you so much. Where or Where are you.....

flooded  back yard 040

Sorry I just had to get some close ups of the beauty of this Rose's. 

You know how feel when you are not feeling to good right;;;;;;;;; Well of course you do, how silly of me.. We this morning I was not my best to say the least.  So like I always do let the doggies out to do their business, ok and then they came on in again. Well I went to lay down a bit,  which turned out to be a little longer, and when I came to see what the babies were up to,,,,, Well I was so in shocked at what I saw I could not move or even had the good sense to grab my camera to take a photo. But I was so so up set at them for what they did,  OK are you all on pins and needles yet..... hope so or did you leave me yet.........    Any way all over my floor in the family room was a  left of a tissue box and tissue's all over.  You could not even tell it was a box by the fun they had with it, oh and the tissue's  well  lets just say it looked like we had a snow storm in the house....  I was so mad at them,,,  but they just jumped around and looked so happy, it was like Mommy looked hwhat did for you, does it look pretty.....   ohhhhhhhhh noooooo not really my babies. So out side they went so I could get on all fours and do some cleaning up...  I really wish I thought of getting out my camera to show you all, but I think You get the picture..

Now don't worry they are fine I did not spank or any thing, I should have but with those cute faces looking like they did such an amazing thing for me, well just call me  Jello... lol    So ladies that was my day, not a great way to start the week I must  say.

I hope that all my blogging friends in Texas are safe from the fires out there, my prayers are with them all.  

I  want to thank you all for you wonderful comments you have left. And for taking the time to visit me, I have met some new ladies this Pink Saturday, they are so sweet and kind, I love to meet new friends and their blogs. I have to admit that I have not been able to visit all who are in Pink Saturday, it has grown so much that it is so hard to keep up. So  sometimes I will start with the blogs that I have never seen or paid a visit too, there are so many great and wonderful blogs out there, that I am going nut's trying to keep up with my usual ones and then the new ones. So if I have not paid you a visit I am so sorry for that, it is not  done on purpose I a sure you.  So please bare with me I will make it to you ...  You all mean a great deal to me. and I treasure your friend ship very much...    Ok Ok not this getting really long, hope you stayed until the end.... lol

Until next time.   God Bless;




BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Alaura!

It seems like a lot of people are DD is just getting over her's that time of year and of course the ever changing weather doesn't help does it?

That's cute about the tissue....I'm sure that wasn't your first reaction but I can tell you got a kick out of it in the end!

TattingChic said...

That is so sweet that you bought your Honey Bunny flowers and pampered him while he is sick! That's what spouses are for, LOL! What a sweetie you are. I hope he gets better soon. :)

Neabear said...

You are good at pampering. Too bad you didn't get a picture of the mess the dogs did. It must have been a sight!

kathy said...

Sorry you all have had the BUG -- Get well soon - My mY spring cleaning and rerarranging Looks wonderful - wish I had the energy lol - kathy -ga

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Poor Alaura. I hope you all begin to feel better soon. In Oklahoma, we've also been having fires. I hope OK and TX get rain soon.~~Dee

Shabbyfufu said...

Dear Alaura....I hope that your sweetie feels better very soon! ~XO~Janet

Smilingsal said...

Oh I hope your husband feels better soon. I'm sure those beautiful flowers will cheer him up.

Joy said...

Alaura, I hope your patient is feeling better very soon - it sounds like he's been taken very good care of.

And about those doggies - oh how I would have loved to see a photo! I don't think I would've been too upset with them either. ;o)

Mo said...

Hope you're feeling better!!!!!