Friday, February 27, 2009


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Good morning  dear friends; now I know that it is not Saturday morning yet. But I am getting a early start on my Pink post. You know what they say  the early Pink Bird gets the worm.. ewww sorry about that one.  It has been a not so good Friday for me, health wise, my sinus's are driving me nuts. We have been have some rain and my head fills up and really hurts. Now I am getting a sore throat, and poor Honey Bunny is not feeling too well either, he is getting it in his chest. So we are happy it is the weekend so he can get some much needed rest.  I took a little walk around my front yard and I saw a few plants peeking up threw the  ground. I was so happy to see them,  my Tulips and Iris's  are showing. So I hope it does not turn really cold again and kill them off, I am keeping them covered though so I hope that helps.  All the snow has melted and now we have  muddy brown yard, but I won't complain it is so much better then snow.......  I am itching to get my hands dirty in the yard, I have missed it very much. I am getting  so many great ideas for my front yard planting, my garden books and magazines are out and ready to browse.  OK  I will stop now and show you some Pink,,,,,,, cos that is why you are here,,,,,,,,, lol

Rooms that I redid 035

Can you guess what this is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Right it is my baby bracelet, it was in my memory box of my Mother's  I have my Son's in there as well, I was so excited to see them in there, that she kept them all these years. Sorry it is not a very good photo so just click on the photo and you can make it larger.  It is too bad that they don't make them like that any more. My Mom used to work in the Hospital so when I was giving birth to my Son she was in the delivery room with me, they did not have birthing rooms back then. lol;  And she went an made the baby bracelet for her to keep, how sweet was that, she also had one for my nephew Chad, I need to give that to me some day.

Rooms that I redid 032

Now I really tired very hard to get a good shot of this gorgeous ring.  So I am hoping that when you make it bigger you can see the great detail on it. This ring belonged to my sweet hubby's Grandmother. I did not get to meet her for she pass away before we were married from breast cancer. So from what I have heard about her she always dressed very proper, and loved her jewelry. and worked in a clothing store for a while. This ring means so much to my husband, because it is the only thing he has to remind him of her. I also have another one, a mother of  pearl and  incase you can't tell they are both very large rings. Now this beauty has a wonderful Pink Rose in the center, with some green and blues. I wear it on my middle finger it is the only way I can wear it.   Now I know that memories are very special to keep safe in our hearts but to have something to hold from the loved one who is with the Lord, is just a sweet. It brings back such lovely memories of her for me, he was very close with both his grandparents.  They would send him tapes when he was in the Marines instead of letters his dad had found one of them them one time, and it was so great to hear his voice, hubby tiered up. I hope one day that he will let us have the tape to keep. Some day.

I will have to do a post on them, I have some really great photos of them, they were a very loving couple and were married for a long time.  So I really should honor them and share what I know with you all.   family is just the most precious treasures in our lives, and they should not be forgotten, their stories should be told, some are very very interesting.  

So now if you all want to see some more lovely Pink Saturday Posts, please stop by and visit our lovely hostess of this wonderful event  Beverly  from How Sweet the Sound. I love to visit her blog she has such wonderful post to share and photos to go with them. From sharing her family and recipes  to every day life, you will not be disappointed.  

I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Saturday post's I have enjoyed sharing them with you very much.  I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments and suggestions with the help of  fabric for my chair, you all have such great taste and I treasure each one.

So until next time;  God Bless;




MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

I like the idea of making your own baby bracelet. It's nice of your mother to have kept it all these years. And now, it is like a treasure discovery on your part. Sweet!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Riet said...

Lovely pink post. Happy pink Saturday

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

These are great!

~ Gabriela ~

Mimi said...

What a lovely blog and such great pinkies that you share with us this Pink Saturday...l♥ve 'em!

Pink Saturday is just too much fun for me...never get anything done!

Amy said...

Neat baby bracelet.. lovely ring.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Love the baby bracelets. I wonder where mine is now.

Forever Vintage said...

My mother in law gave me my hubby's baby bracelet as well. The same little beads as yours! When my daughter was born my cousin made one for her.

Chandy said...

I love things that remind me of happy times... Great post!

Elyse said...

hi alaura!

i love the baby bracelet. i think i have mine, too, somewhere ...

happy pink saturday!

Kris said...

Sweet bracelet. What good memories. The gorgeous.

Happy PS



Beautiful post! I agree....families are our greatest treasure! Happy PS to you!

Beverly said...

Alaura, this is such a wonderful post. Thank your for sharing your sweet memories with us.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Smilingsal said...

Isn't that something--to have baby bracelets all these years? And you've kept your son's too! The ring is a beauty too.

Shelia said...

HI Alaura! I'm sorry to hear you and your hubby aren't feeling very well. Hope you'll be back to feeling yourself soon. OH, the little baby bracelet is so sweet and the ring!
Happy Pink Saturday, my friend,
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday


Vintage To Chic said...

Love the baby bracelet. Hope you have a wonderful week