Sunday, February 15, 2009


Zachary Corbin and Fabric 024

OK, first of  all  PLEASE, excuse the mess that got in the way of my photo, lol  This afternoon my two girls had a play date with their cousin Shelby.  Shelby is the Boston , they had so much fun today. they ran them selves to death. 

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 026

This is Shelby's  Mommy Heather, who is my daughter.  Now Gracie loves to play very hard and Isabella really does not like to play that much any more. So when Shelby came for a visit,,,,,, well Gracie was just to excited to have some one who loves to play as hard as she does.

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 033

This is their boxing, I think it was a tie as to who won. My poor house was a mess most of the day, it was like having  all 11 grandchildren here at the same time.  So guess what I will be doing on Monday......   Now that Heather and Shelby went home here are my two babies...........................

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 018

You can barley see Gracie in the back, she sort of blends in with Izzi B.  I think they are out for the night. yeaaaa  So a good day was had by all..... 

Now that they are taken care of  if is my turn to play.... :}   I found this very beautiful fabric on E-Bay  for a great price, it is a gorgeous toile.  All total I paid  about 10.00 for it, it is a yard of fabric.

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 001

Is this not the most gorgeous fabric ever......  I am going to replace the fabric on my deacons bench. I can't wait to get started on it. But first I have to finish my chair, I have one more coat of paint to do, and then put some shabby fabric on the seat. I hope to finish it tomorrow, I did not have any time to do any work on it this weekend..

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 003

Had to show a close up of the toile.               Hubby and I had such a wonderful Valentines Day, it was the best ever.. Sorry that is all I can say about it,,,, "blushing"  he he    And then today was the first official  opening of  NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     At Daytona, it is like the super bowl of football.  I have really missed watching the races on Sunday afternoons,   well I just could not work on my chair during the Race......  I am such a race fan that nothing gets in the way of my race day,,,      well except the Lord of course. He will always be first... 

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 031  

This is my guy Jimmie Jhonson, #48.. he has won 3 championships in a row, and no one else has done that except of one other in the history of Nascar...  Pretty kool huh...............

Ok so it is not all  about decorating today, and  most of you don't care for it, but I just had to tell you all about it...  So I hope I have not lost you all by now,,,, don't worry tomorrow I will be back to normal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  what ever normal is.... lol   

Well dear friends that is about it for my weekend, nothing really exciting or major in the decorating dept.  I wish to Thank so many of you for taking the time to visit and leave such wonderfully sweet comments.   I am so blessed to have so so many  friends out there who lift me when I need a lift or when I need a laugh, So thank you all for giving so much or your selves,  I truly Love you all, and keep each of you in my Prayers..  So until next  time...

God bless;




Miss Rhea said...

Awwwwe, What sweet cutie pies !!! :) Looks like they had a great play date day :) Love your fabric and that was a great buy !! Cant wait to see what you do with it :)

Layla said...

You won something on my blog.. :-)

The Lettered Cottage

Pink Slippers said...

You had a busy weekend but sounds like you enjoyed all of it.

Dawn said...

The dogs look like they were all having a great time. Your two look plum tuckered out!!!

The fabric you have is very pretty. My brand new sewing machine is broken I think. I need to call to see about getting it fixed soon!

I have never been a NSCAR fan but I know many people that are.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
take care,

Shelia said...

Hi, Alaura! Oh, look at those little fuzzy faces. I love little Boston Terriers, we had one who lived to be 15 years old and she was just like my third child. I'm glad they had fun. Your little doggies look all tuckered out! lol
Now that fabric is so lovely! I would love to have a bunch of that to make some drapes for a bedroom. You did good, girl!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kim said...

They are so adorable. My son and his wife bring their dogs over for play dates too.

The fabric is beautiful.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Are those shih tzu's? We have shih tzu's and they are just darling little mops! Our Latte looks like one of yours. :) Blessings... Polly

Catherine Holman said...

Your dogs are adorable. Great fabric!

dana said...

So cute--puppy play date! :)
Love your new fabric and I can hardly wait to see the finished chair!

Just to let you know I finally posted about the sweet award you gave me on my blog today! Thanks again!!! Dana

Shanda said...

Love seeing that Boston. I adore mine and she is full of life too. My mom calls her a dog yo-yo. They love to play and love kids too. Looks like a full fun day.

SherryRoseBella said...

Love your little furry children!! I have 2 cats that shed all the time and get into things but I love them anyway!!! My house is always looks like a hurricane went through when my grandkids are here but it gives me something to do after they leave and I am missing them!!!lol

Kim's Treasures said...

What cute dogs! They looked happy! Your fabric is beautiful!!! Have fun with your decorating projects!

Joy said...

Alaura, I am always thrilled to see Bostons. What a pretty one Shelby is, and it looks like she knows some sweet fighting moves! LOL

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like a FUN playdate!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Pretty toile. I love toile! Please show us when you're done. ; )

sa said...