Friday, February 6, 2009



Good afternoon, it is such a beautiful day today. The sun is out and not much wind, and the temp. is in the high 30's.  And the weekend is going to be near 50, so I am hopping that  all the snow and very cold days are behind us now.  If the snow was all melted in my yard, I would have been out doing some type of yard work, lol    I am so looking forward to Spring, aren't you?  Yesterday was not a good day, my Sister called me early and asked if I would go to the V A  hospital, Chris her youngest was in the ER, with  food poisoning. He ate Sushi  the night before, he looked so bad. We were really worried about him. He  has  sent to Iraq  twice, and them comes home to this. Silly boy,  he also had a very bad head ache so the Dr. gave him a shot for it, well he must have had a bad reaction to it, cos he was just so nervous and shaky we were really started to get up set. So sister went to get the Dr. and he had to give him another shot to calm him down. Then he needed to have a CT scan. That came out ok which was such a relief. We did not get home until 3:30 pm.   I got to drive his car back to sisters house, it was soooooo much fun, it was a Six speed. I asked him how well it cornered,,,, he he  my poor sweet nephew.  He is in Collage and will grad. this May, then he will be off to Officer training we are all so proud of him.   I have a photo of him when he was over in Iraq,  his job was to  search the Iraqi workers who worked on the base, any way he was holding a very large gun. It was so hard to believe that,  that was my baby nephew. I will have to scan it to show him off....   Do I sound like I am boasting.... sorry if I am.....   Ok enough of Christopher...  

So  I was unable to start on my chair yesterday, I started to work on it today. I have it on my dinning room table, and started to sand it to get the satin off.  I have taken some photos and will post on them later. I can't wait to start painting it I also have a gel stain to rub on it to age it a bit, then I will be putting  on some very beautiful fabric on the seat.  I won a gorgeous piece of fabric on E-Bay today it is a Toile, I hope it is going to be enough to cover the seat of my bench, it will be perfect.  I wish I had some photos of it, but when I get it I will make sure I show it off.  he he   Well that is about, not much going on,,,  well at least today that is. 

Have to go and start hubby's dinner now,  so Ladies until next time.   Have a great day,,,  God Bless;




Dawn said...

Oh your poor nephew. How scary it must have been to see him so sick!!! I hope he is back on his feet soon and all of this is nothing more than a bad memory!

take care,

Connie said...

You give that sweet young man a big hug and a kiss from this old lady, chickee. He's a real man who wants to defend his country and has my admiration wholeheartedly!!!!!

Sincerely Yours said...

Hi Alaura! I hope your nephew is doing better tonight; and stays away from raw fish!!! looking forward to seeing your project when finished. Hope you have a relaxing weekend! Sincerely, Jeannette

Neabear said...

My daughter had food poisoning from Sushi one time. To this day she won't eat fish except for tuna. It was not fun for her.