Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Good Afternoon every one. We seem to be getting better weather these days. although it is still quit cold, the Sun is out and oh so pretty. With the days growing longer, I can't help but feel Spring is not too far off. I have been dreaming of what I will be planting this year, and how I will be our front yard. This year I am only going to concentrate on the front. I really need curb appeal bad. lol

So until then I am still trying to finish our family room, painting and putting up the molding with the bead board.  But my next project is my Ladder back chair, it sits at my kitchen desk, so I thought I would paint it a creamy white,,[what else]  and pad the seat with some quilt batting and shabby fabric.  I am hopping to begin some time today with it,,,  notice I said Hope, to start it..lo

Then I have my Mothers old Deacon's bench, it really needs to be redone. I have not been wanting to redo it since my daddy passed it along to me after my Mom passed. But I finally decided that Mom would not mind if I redid her bench. I really love it and am so happy to have it in my home, every time I look at it,, it reminds me of Mom.  I will be taking before and after photos and each and every step along the way.  I still  have to start on my lap quilt, I have not been able to get to it yet.  I get so far behind on things, and drives me crazy. lol...  I think I need a kick in the rear, some days, ok maybe not. I think my rear is just fine. :}   OH  I finally broke in my new Paula Dean Pans, it was very hard for me to use them, but I was very brave and closed my eyes and jumped right in,  am missed the pan,,,,,,,,  so just a reminder do not close your eyes when you are dumping in a bag of  veggies, it is not a pretty sight......   When I was all done with the pan I gave it a nice soapy warm bath and rinsed it off and dried it, tucked it in its new home.  I was so nervous about using it, but all went well,,,,,,  at least after I opened my eyes that is... lol    

Well Ladies that is bout it for now, my fur babies are wanting to go out, and you know what that means.........  I want to Thank you all for you very kind comments about my fireplace redo you all are so up lifting  I treasure each and every one...  Have a great day;

Until next time;;  God Bless;




Pink Slippers said...

Smiles to you...
And soon daylight savings and spring will be here.

This Country Girl said...

I love that...Mamaw Goddess! That is so sweet! I bet you do get some looks though! :)

Have a great weekend!