Sunday, February 1, 2009


new pots and pans 001

Good Afternoon;  I am so excited about my new Pots and Pans, they are so nice. They are way to nice to use... lol  I love the color.

new pots and pans 003

I really had to work hard to get them out of the box, it was not easy.  I did a lot of ripping on that box, like Christmas, but I finally won. I was not going to let that box keep ME  from my beautiful new pans..  No sir ree.....  I had that box all over my kitchen.. lol But when you see them you will agree it was well worth it...

new pots and pans 004

Are these not the most beautiful set of Pans you ever saw.........  I wish the Red would have shown up better, it is a deep red with some black splattered all over it.

new pots and pans 005 

She even has her name on the bottom. They are a heavy set, the handles are so comfy to hold and they have a nice curve so they won't hurt your wrist when holding them.  The glass lids are so nice  the knob on top has the same  type of rubber I guess, and the center has a really pretty copper.

new pots and pans 006

OOPS!!!  the copper is around the center, not in the center.... lol  I just love them.....  Boy do I love them.

new pots and pans 007

I am sorry for going on so much about them, but I have not had a new set for years. So this to me is like getting a  Car... lol  I really can't wait to use them though. Now just have to find the right recipe to fix...   OK now I have to find some new flat ware that I love,  a new set of dishes, then glasses.  OH then I have to redo the whole kitchen... lol   And to think it all started with a new set of pans.....  he he    With all I want to do in the kitchen it will be the last one done..  I found some paint colors I like for the other rooms. I will take some photos of them and show you then you can tell me what you think about them...  I love to hear all the great decorating advise that you have. And it really helps out alot.

Tomorrow is Met Monday, and I am showing my makeover Monday, it will be my first time. I have redone our family room fireplace. I think it came out great..  So I am excited to show you.

I find that I need to show more of my decorating style on my blog,  all of the blogs I visit, and  that is a lot,,,,,,  everyone is showing their lovely homes. So I need to get in the act, so with that said I have to get going on my family room to get if finished so I can post it..   Well I hope you all enjoyed my post of my new pans,,   cos I really love them!!!!!!!!!    lol   

Thank you all for paying me a visit and leaving such kind comments.  So please stop by again, I do get lonely with out you...

So until next time;  Have a great Sunday. God Bless;




Lorri said...

I love them! I wish I had new pans. I think I do need new pans.HMMMM.... where did you find these wonderful pans?? Come on spill the beans.....Cant wait to see your makeover post.

TattingChic said...

Those pots look like they are fabulous to cook with and so pretty, too! How fun for you! Happy Belated birthday to you! :)

prof en retraite said...

Ohhh! They ARE gorgeous! It's like plastic surgery..where do you stop?? lol I love Miss Paula! I grabbed her new "Quick & Easy Meals" in the checkout line at Publix...wondferful! Have a great week...Debbie

fairmaiden said...

I got the same pan set in November for my b' the turqoise color. I love them!!!! I was afraid to cook in them because I did not to ruin them. But they clean up so good. Even my four teens have not ruined them yet.