Sunday, February 1, 2009


Good morning every one, Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Hubby and I stayed home most of the time, it has been very cold and windy out.  When it is like that my Fibro, and arthritis  acts up and I am taking Pain pills more than I have too.  But today it is not too bad, Praise the Lord.  Ok this is my first time doing a Metamorphose Monday.  So I hope I do it right.  Today I am showing you the before and after of my Fireplace. I have been thinking of  redoing it for quit awhile, but just never got around to do it. To many other things just kept getting in the way. I still have to finish paining the walls too, I am so behind on things, and if I don't get going on my walls,,,, well when spring finally shows up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  well you can forget anything that has to do with the inside.... lol  So on to the before shot.

Rooms that I redid 001 

The Mantle is painted the same color as the walls, it is a  Sage Green color.  I had to spray the bricks with a  Soot cleaner, and it really worked great, it took off all that nasty black stuff.  But I was not happy with the tan color of the bricks, so I let them go for a year, until I could decide how I was going to make them look so much more Chic.  I have been doing our house in a shabby chic style, and the color of the bricks was just not working. 

Rooms that I redid 002

A wider shot of the fireplace.  As you can see I have all my supplies out and ready to get started. 

Rooms that I redid 003

It took longer to tape up the windows then it did to paint it.  But in the end it was well worth it. 

Rooms that I redid 004

This is after the first wash on the bricks, when I stood back to survey it, I was not sure I like it. So I waited a bit before I did another light coat. I did not want a heavy paint on it, but I did want just a bit more.

Rooms that I redid 005

So I was thinking that I would spray the fire surround before I did another coat of white, it might not need it. So out came my can of spray paint I just went for it.  I had to open my patio doors to let out some of the paint smell....  Woooohooooo   I was getting light    Well so far so good, I did not get black all over the newly painted bricks. So that was a good sign.  I put on two coats of spray paint. 

Rooms that I redid 006

Rooms that I redid 007

OK now it was all dry and I could take off all that blue tape and see how great it looked.  I was a little nervous about how everything was going to look.   Would I like it,,,, would my hubby like how about my family would they like it,,,,,  or worse yet  would any of you out there  my dear blog Family ,, would you like it....... 

Please do not look at the yellow chair in the right side, I am going to have it recovered, I love the style of the chair. Hubby and I found it at a antique mall here, but just have not had the time to get it done yet...  And I have  not decided what fabric and colors to use on it...  That will take a while.  One thing about me that drives my hubby nuts, is it takes me forever to make up my mind about decorating, and what I want  for a room, like color fabric furnisher and where to hang things and set stuff...  I know it is a bad flaw, and I am trying to work on it....

Rooms that I redid 008 

Close up of the fire screen...  oh dear you can see me in the glass,, oops!  That was not supposed to happen.   Oh well,,, 

Rooms that I redid 013

I am sorry it is not a clear shot, but  here is the end results.  So what do you think????????   Did I do a great job, or what...  OH and should I leave the mantle green or white or another color, I was thinking of buying some rope molding and running in down the middle of the mantle and paint it white....   but I am not sure about that.... 

Rooms that I redid 011

This is a better photo.  I need to get some new candles for my holders. I have used them lots. and they are too small now...

Rooms that I redid 012

I really need to buy some copper cleaner for my  pots. My boiler we use for small fire wood, and the small one I put pine cones in to start a fire with, they work great as fire starters.. And when I can get them with the cinnamon sent,, wow how nice that is.

Well that is about it for now. I hope you all enjoyed my very first Before and After  Met. Monday...   I am not sure when I will be posting on Met Monday again, as I am kind of slow at getting things done.  I just like to take my time, so I don't mess it up. Which I have done,,,,,,   no no really its true,,,,,,,,,,,,  I have messed up before.  I know how shocking is it  I try not to let many people know about that...  I still have bad dreams about my poor little helpless Bear, that I dropped kicked across the room,, so so many years ago.  And for what I ask you...............  a nose that would not turn out right....   oh the shame of it all.... [ hanging my head........]    OH Alright I will stop now....  I heard that!!!  lol

Now for more beautiful before and after's please stop by and visit our hostess for this wonderful event.  Susan from  between naps on the porch  there you can visit so many more wonderful blogs, as well as Susan's she has the most beautiful before and after photos.  

I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit and leave a sweet comment.  Until next time   God Bless;




Pat said...

I think your fireplace improvement venture turned out beautifully and I wouldn't change a thing! I always think you should trust your first instinct. It's beautiful!! (And, green is my favorite color!!!)
Thanks for your visit to my blog today...I always appreciate your comments! Pat

Susan said...

Very brave to paint your brick...and i think it turned out great! I really like the green's a pretty shade!

I think you did a great job!


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Wow, girl, nice job! I really like how you decorated it too. Hey, how did you know I was checking out that chair to the right--then read we weren't supposed to! LOL! The chair IS gorgeous, and you'll have to show us all when it's done being reupholstered.

Connie said...

Turned out great, honey! I think it's a great complement to the fireplace.

Shanda said...

think it's beautiful, you did a wonderful job.

Neabear said...

I think it looks great as it is now. The green mantel allows that lace you have draped on it to show. Very nice!

judicreations said...

Your fireplace looks great. What a difference. It really looks so smart and cozy and I love it!
Lots of work I am certain of that but so well worth the effort!
Hope you are having a great day..
enjoy and come by for a visit.

dana said...

Wow, Allura, you did a fantastic job!! I have NEVER attempted to paint brick--I know that took awhile!! It was worth it, cuz it looks great. THEN you went after the firebox door! It turned out great, too! Did you prime that first--did you use a special type of spray paint? It's super---I vote to keep your mantel the same color as it is.

I don't think I thanked you for the award--I'm sorry for not doing that--I though I had! You have to excuse me--I'm old! :)

Keep up the great decorating jobs--you make me feel like a lazy bum!