Monday, December 29, 2008


Good morning to all my dear sweet friends. I hope  everyone had a wonderful weekend.  How was your weather???  Ours was just awful, we had such high wind gusts. I was a little scared. Ti howled out all day and night. Yesterday when I got up I let out my babies and saw my wicker love seat tipped over. I was hoping it did not smash the glass table top. I was so relieved that it did not. I must make room in the shed for it before it gets any more bad weather. Hubby and I did venture out a bit on Saturday morning to get a few things for our New Years Party. We like to stay home where it is safe and warm.

Our family Christmas went so wonderful and great. Every one loved what they  received from Santa Mom and Dad. lol;  But I really must share what my Lovely Children gave to me and Hubby, it was such a sweet gift I was crying again. lol  So I will show you now.

Parrish Christmas  2008 036

Ok not don't be scared it is just me with my big mouth open. lol  After I saw what was in side, that is Regan helping out Mamaw  Goddess,  {that is what my grandkids call me I did not teach them that, our Late daughter April did, it is a long story I will share with you some day}  anywhooooo   she loves to help.

Parrish Christmas  2008 037

It is family portrait of them, I was so excited and touched that they would come together for such a beautiful gift. Heather is holding some Purple flowers, they represent April who is no longer with us, she Loved purple. I have been missing her alot this year, so this photo sure did help out. 

Parrish Christmas  2008 040 

Hubby's was a 5x7 black and white one for his desk at work, he just loved it, he even had some tears. I  know it is hard to see the photo, but just click on the photo for a closer look, Baby Girl was taking the pictures and did not know how to use the close up.

By the way it is with my  New Camera!!!  I just love it, it takes the best photos ever.  So now I can take more photos to share. We found it at Best Buy for 1o9.00. it was 189.98  so I think we got a great deal on it don't you.....  We used the gift card that hubbys bosses gave him as a gift, so we used it to get a camera we only hd to use 10.00 of our own money. Pretty kool  huh.... 

I have lots more to share with you, but will wait till tomorrow. I won't show them all don't want to bore you. lol I will only show the best of the best......  Well I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas gift photos as much as I did receiving them .

I want to Thank You all for the all the kind and sweet comments you left me, I have never had so many comments before, I was so excited when I saw how many had stopped by. What a great feeling I get when so many pay me a visit and leave comments, it makes me feel so Welcome and loved in the Blog World. I thank you for that......   So here's to you and my the Lord Bless you and your family.....  God Bless;




Susan said...

Wonderful family photo! Looks like all had a great Christmas!

TattingChic said...

Looks like everyone had a very Merry Christmas. THe photo is beautiful! :)

beth at aunties said...

I enjoyed seeing you full of joy remembering your beautiful daughter. It is the gifts of the heart which mean the most.
Alaura, I hope this year brings nothing but joy, health and happiness to you and your beautiful family.


Buttercream Cottage said...

Wonderful photo. Enjoy that camera too.

Smilingsal said...

It looks as if you had a a great time. That picture is a very thoughtful gift.

This Country Girl said...

What a sweet gift! Those that are of sentimental value mean the most!


Neabear said...

That is so special. When my parents had their 40th wedding aniversary, my brothers and I did a picture of us for them. They were so touched, my mom started to cry too. Those kinds of pictures are really special! Happy New Year!

ceekay said...

Hi Alaura...oh, the portrait is absolutely beautiful and what a precious idea of the purple flowers. Have a wonderful New Year!

Dawn said...

What a great smile you have!!!! I am sure the picture touched your heart deeply, especially with the remembrance of your daughter, April.

I'm glad you got a new camera. What a great deal you got on it! I'm sure you are loving taking pictures again!

take care,

kathy said...

Alura , How wonderful to see the joy on your face ..I do adore my children so and know how happy the picture made a Mother's Heart - happy New Year dear friend -- May you be truly blessed this New Year -- kathy - ga

justabeachkat said...

I'm so glad your Christmas was wonderful. Ours certainly was. Thank you Lord. Happy New Year! I wish for you a blessed 2009.