Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hello to all my Dear Friends. I hope you all had a great weekend. So are you all still decorating for Christmas???  I know I am, I have been under the weather so I have not been able to do much of any thing. Which is getting me very depressed. I am usually all done by now.  I am hoping tomorrow that I will be back on track, I have my Christmas Card swap to get in the mail, and one more Christmas swap box to get in the mail. I feel so bad about being so far behind with my swaps.  I really don't like making my sweet blog friends wait. But you all are so understanding and great about it.  Ok enough of my self pity. lol;   My sweet sister Roxanne has moved back here, and she does not live that far from me. How great is that!!!!  I was at her house on Thursday helping her do a little decorating for Christmas.  Now they don't have most of their furnisher up yet just in their family room.  I did take my camera so I did take some photos. Most of them she did not know I took,,, he he  I know shame on me..  She has the most beautiful tree,  hang on I will show you....


She put it all together by herself, now for some reason she thinks she has not talent for decorating, but I so disagree, she did a great job  don't you think?  Sorry it is not a very good photo I had to take it with out my flash and for some reason it came out kind of  blurry.  So just  click on the photo for a closer look.


It has a lot of  copper in it with lots of  crystal picks ribbon stars and balls. It is a huge tree and so full. They bought it on sale last year fully decorated, they just wrapped it up in tight plastic and laid it in the Van, how cool is that...  But this year she had to put all the decorations on...  Oh even the lights are a copper color, it has such a great glow.  So I did not have to help her with that.  I just did some help with the out side.


Now this is my Sweet Sister, sitting in her front living room, she is trying to take off all the light on her very very long garland that were blown out. It did take a while getting them off they were very tangled. Poor sis...  But we did get them off.  Then she was trying to take them apart so it was not too long for the around the front door, now that was not and easy thing to do, she looked for ever it seemed to find where the they were hooked together. lol


Ahhhh  looking for more garland, in the big deep black bag.. She is like me  more is more..  It was a very cold and windy day with some snow, but it was fun.  Love her wood floors,  well I must confess that this is their house they lived in before they moved last year.  The couple that were going to buy it changed their minds and so they decided to move back here.  So they have no redecorating to do. I will have to take some photos to share of their home,  Sis and her hubby did a wonderful job decorating it.


I did her light post, that was my contribution to helping.. ha ha  It is a gas light post so I thought a fruit theme would be a nice look, like Charles Dickens.   In the back ground is Sis hanging the very long garland.


A close up of the light post she also had some really pretty vintage looking Santa bulbs that I put on too. I think I did a pretty good job....  :}   I know I am bragging.  


Hmmmmm she is still hanging the garland,,, I hope she was not frozen to the shutters... come to think of it she was there for a while.  lol   hey would I leave my sweet sister stuck to her house,,,,,  hmmm let me think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no I guess not.  Any hooo it is nice that she is close by again. We used to do a lot together, but this past week I have not been able to. The weather has my Fibro bothering me more that usual, so I am taking my pain pills more. boooooooo.  But enough of that.  I will have to do a post on the other homes they have lived in, they are so pretty.  I have been doing a lot of blog surfing and the Christmas decorating  all of you are doing in your homes are so beautiful. I am getting lots of ideas, even on how you wrap your gifts.  There are so many talented ladies out there, so many different styles and tastes I so love it.  From very grand to very simple, just wonderful. It is better then some Magazines.  Oh and all the cooking recipes that every one shares are very yummy looking. Now I ask you   where else can one go for  Friendship, decorating, cooking, advice and just some one to listen to...  when I started this blog I had no idea how many lovely Christian friends the Lord would lead me too...  I want to thank you all for all your kind and sweet wonderful comments, and in this busy time of year to take a few minutes to visit me..  I really Love you all...  God Bless;




TattingChic said...

You and your sis do a lovely job of decorating for Christmas. Perhaps you both can come over and help me, too! ;)

Carrie said...

Ya'll did a great job!!

trash talk said...

What a lovely early Christmas gift to get your sister back close to you in time for the holidays! We need our sisters, don't we? Y'all did a wonderful job of decorating. I'm jealous you got so much done. I'm still covered up but it's getting there. Debbie

Joy said...

Alaura, how priceless to have a sister that you are close to move close to you! You two did a gorgeous job decorating.

Neabear said...

Looks great! You two did a great job. Now you need to do your house!

justabeachkat said...

Lucky you to have your sister back living nearby! You both did a fantastic job with the decorating.

Merry Christmas

IsabellaCloset said...
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IsabellaCloset said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment..
I have your "Pay It Forward" banner ready, I need your email address to send it.
Blessings ~Mary~:-}

Naturegirl said...

Alaura how blessed you are to have your sister close by! So much to share now! She has a beautiful tree!
Hope that you feel better soon..sending a big hug.aNNa

Gilbamar said...

Hi Alaura! I am Gilbamar, from Brazil. Thank you for liking my poem translated by Vanessa Greenway.

I invited you to visit my blog:

Ah, what a great job you did decorating for Christmas!

Sorry, I don't speak english as I'd like.

JudyBug said...

Oh the tree is gorgeous! I love copper on a tree and used some on my living room tree. Beautiful!

Connie said...

You are fortunate to have her near you now, honey. The house looks beautiful......

Elyse said...

i love decorated lampposts. how pretty!

Smilingsal said...

I think as we get older, we collect more decorations and expect more of ourselves, just at the time when we should expect less. I'm at the same place as you--frustrated with my inability to get it DONE! But, we will finish, Alaura, and we will think it's beautiful. And we will NOT learn!

Now, drag your sister over and put her to work!

Lallee said...

How nice that your sister is nearby once again. BOTH of you have the decorating genes. I wonder if one of my sisters would come over and help me decorate since I haven't even started yet!

Nora Lee said...

Georgeous! Everything is beautiful...aren't sisters the best?!? Please stop by and visit my Christmas Open House!

Vanilla Lavender said...

Alaura! What a wonderful tree!! I wish I could have my sis close to me... Wishing you a great week! Love, Vanessa

Dawn said...

Hello Alaura. Your sister's tree is simply stunning. I'm sure it looks better is person.

You must be glad to have her close to you.

Thanks for sharing her home and your relationship with us.

take care,

Jan and Tom's Place said...

You and your sis did a GREAT job Alaura!!!

Hope you're feeling better today!


Susie Q said...

You both did a wonderful job. I know you are tickled to have your sis back near you...

I have been catching up and reading all you rposts, looking at all the pictures and having fun!