Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Good Evening;  So are you all keeping warm, and for those who live in the Southern area are you keep cool?????   We have been having some very cold days with some snow.  So this morning I put on some very nice Christmas music and started to put the decorations on my tree. I pulled back my curtains so I could see the snow falling, it was just like a movie. lol   My poor fur babies Isobella and Gracie were wondering what mommy was doing running in and out of our garage. They love to follow me all over, and I think I wore them out.



I turned around and this is what I saw. They looked so cute sleeping I had to grab my camera and take their pictures.

The only decorating I finished today was the tree and my fire place mantle, and all the lights still worked too. lol  Don't you just go nuts when you get everything all done and then plug in and no lights or only half of the are on... grrrrrrrrrr   not that drives my crazy.  I went different on my tree this year, the decorations I used on the dinning room tree I put on our living room one.  It looks pretty good. I do miss the all the old family ones though, but I wanted a change.  It is kind of hard to see them with the lights on I should have take one with them off.  I do have some close ups so I hope you can see them better.



Most of the Ornaments I bought at Crackle Barrel last year, they have the most beautiful things at the place. I go nuts when ever I go there. I have not been out there yet, but I am soon they are probably have a sale.  I love sales...  Any way they are a burgundy and gold with sequins and sparkles.  The heart shape ones are crystal they sparkle so pretty in the lights.


On the right side in the back I have silver and crystal snowflakes, they give the tree a icy look like icicles.  And that is all the color on my tree.  I hope you can see them. You can click on the photo to get a better look.  The last thing I decorated was the mantle, I only had to glue on three pine cones that fell off. My garland is all pre glued and decorated so I don't have to do it each year. It is lots better and goes so much faster. Just hope the lights never go out. lol.


I had to staple some of the garland to the top so It would stay up, it is heavy. I took a very old lace table cloth that was hubby's great grand mothers and laid it over the top of  the picture. It looks pretty good don't you think.


In my hurricane candle holders I set little berry and glass wreaths I just need to find some candles to set in side. I was thinking of a deep red, what do you think??  Would love to know...


I am also thinking of doing a white wash on the bricks, I really don't like the color of them. And I thought with the white wash they would look pretty good with my sage green.  After Christmas I am going to finish the other side of the room, paint and put up the rest of the wainscoting. I have been so lazy about getting it done, I know  shame on me.  When I look at all the redos everyone does, and then they get them done, well I feel really bad. So I am going to just do it,,, really I am.  I will take photos to show you all every step of the way.... lol. 


This is the beautiful Angle on top of the tree. Now I always had the topper that used to be on my Moms trees for as far back as I can remember, and last year the tree fell over and it broke, I only have  the top of it, I was so upset over loosing it. So she is sitting on top of what is left of  my Moms topper. She is sitting pretty well up there, she changes colors very pretty.  Sweet loving Hubby found her last year and brought her home. How sweet he is, and he has good taste as well. lol;


And I can't leave out my cute Santa Bear, he is sitting by the fire place, keep watch over all.  My sweet Mother in law gave him to me as a Christmas gift. I just love him....  well that is all I did for today, so tomorrow I am going to finish more in the living room and then on to the kitchen. I will be posting more photos to share with you all. 

I want to thank every one who took the time to visit me and leave me such sweet and kind comments. I really look forward to reading them each evening. Have a great night and a bright tomorrow.. God Bless;




Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Alaura,
Your tree and mantle turned out so pretty. I love to shop Cracker Barrel for great decorating stuff!

Smilingsal said...

Your tree has some gorgeous ornaments, and I love your angel on the top. I use an angel to top my tree too, although I'm not that far yet. In fact, I'm sitting in the middle of a mess.

But I did get my cards finished.

Carrie said...

Love everything your tree is beautiful!

Neabear said...

Your decorating is looking great so far. Very pretty! I love Cracker Barrel too, but we don't have them there. We go when we visit my son in Florida. They have a couple in their area.

Connie said...

I'm your younger sister and don't you ever forget it, chick!!! They don't come any younger than me.....LOL

Dawn said...

Good morning Alaura,
Everything looks so pretty. I love the color burgandy! It is very pretty with the gold!

I still have more decorating to do. I wish I could look out the window and see snow :) The weather her is just CRAZY. It's very cold for a couple of days and then gets warmer than normal.


take care,

Dawnie said...

Hello! I'm dawn from Wisconsin!

I have 5 grown children, 3 grandaughters and a new baby on the way.

I love your mantle and christmas bear. the lace around the picture is a neat idea also. I cant get enough lace..its time to go on a hunt!

Donna said...

Hi Alaura! Your house looks beautiful! I still haven't put a single Christmas decoration up, but you have me in the mood - especially when you described how you put on Christmas music, opened the drapes and watched the snow fall - you're right - it does sound like something right out of a movie! We don't have a Cracker Barrel very close to us. Your ornaments are really pretty! And I just love Isobella and Gracie - sooooo sweet!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

JudyBug said...

All your pics are just beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog. I went shopping yesterday and just didn't even go in Hobby Lobby. That place is just way too tempting!

sa said...