Friday, December 19, 2008



12-19-08 018

Good morning every one, so this is what we woke up to today. This was taken from my bedroom window. It started about 2 am and it is still going on. Later we are getting some snow, and then more of this. So hubby and I are hunkered down keeping warm, hoping our electricity does not go out.  So is any one out there getting some wonderful winter weather???  

12-19-08 020 

Now this is out my front window, my poor little  Weeping Pea tree, and my little angle sitting on a silver ball. She is doing well though she is a tuff little angle, won't leave her post. lol;  All the schools are closed so I am sure my grand kids are just having a ball in the snow and ice. Wish I had some ice skates,   hmmmmm maybe not. well if I had lots of body armor I just might take a go at it... lol  

12-19-08 022

Do you think I waited to long to store my out door furnisher???  Good thing every thing is made of out side, the wicker is not the real wicker it is more durable. But just the same I need to clean it off and get in my garage .   OK  now I have some Christmas photos to share, I did just a few more decorating, not allot just a touch. 

12-19-08 005

This is in the living room.

12-19-08 001

I just hung up some green garland with a pretty red bow on each end, the other bookshelf  looks just like this one. I think it turned out pretty, do you.......

12-19-08 009

AWWWW  my Santa on top of our TV  Armoire,  can you see his little beady black eyes,, my flash really washed out his sweet little face. lol;

12-19-08 011 

The top of my China Cabinet in the dinning room. I am sorry that it is dark, but when I used my flash settings it just did not work to good, that's what you get when you buy really cheap.... But I do like the lights, in the crystal vase you can barely see it have two very heavy Red glass balls. I bought them at Cracker Barrel.

12-19-08 012

And my sweet snow man, I made him a long time ago at a class I took at Hobby Lobby, I talked my Sweet Sister into going with me, so she has one too, on she did hers in a really pretty red and gold. I like doing the ice blue and white. We used the round boxes and glued them to each other and used a thick texture snow mix and then painted him we had a great time that day.

12-19-08 026

I had to show off my gift wrapping skills, lol I offered to wrap the gifts my Sister bought for her hubby.

12-19-08 030

I found most of the decorations at Dollar Tree, love that store. I used some green and gold glass ornaments, with green ribbon with a gold wire edge. Some silk poinsettias with a bit of gold and sparkle on them, some evergreen tips. Then last but not least I used some vintage Christmas tags, that were made by Kathy from Country Chintz , we did a  Scrapbook trading card swap, and she sent me the most amazing tags, I will have to take some photos to show you all. Stop by her blog and take a look at what she can do with bits of paper and glue, just amazing.

12-19-08 031 

Last one I promise just a close up of the bow and other pretties.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Photos, I still have to get my bum in my sewing room to do some sewing. But first I am watching a movie  Christmas with the Cranks. I just love that movie so funny. I also have my big bowl of popcorn so I am ready to do some blog visiting, then off to sewing when the movie is done.

I really want to give my sincere Thank You for all the Sweet and Thoughtful , inspiring words. It has been a tough Dec. for me and you all have made it so much easier with all your Prayers and Love.  I have the most wonderful friends in blog world, that I think of as extended Family.  I hope and pray that every one has a Beautiful and joyous Christmas......  God Bless;




BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Alaura..your decorations are very lovely...and you do wrap quite well!! This is the first year I didn't use bows on any of my gifts...I recycle them but it breaks my heart when others throw them away!

I hope you enjoy the movie...I loved it!

Dawn said...

Alaura your house looks lovely! We are expecting some snow this afternoon, lasting until tomorrow morning. They closed school early and sent everyone home before lunch. The snow hasn't started yet!

I love Christmas movies. I might watch one with the family tonight!

take care,

ceekay said...

I really enjoyed the Christmas card swap. I think I will do more next year! Merry Christmas!

Neabear said...

Thank you for sharing your decorations. Enjoy the snow! We don't get snow here. But it is cold today. Temp outside was 32 degrees when I woke up this morning and there is frost out there.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi Alaura, thanks for coming by and encouraging me, I have continued the chairs and they got better each time.

Merry Christmas! I love the pics of your snowy yard, makes me feel like I'm there!