Friday, December 12, 2008


Photograph (3)

Good Evening;  The above photo is of my grandson Zachary, he was not quite a year old, this was he first visit to see Santa. I so love this photo of him, he is not 5yrs old. My how time flies.

Now for my post, about two PM yesterday our light went off and on for a few minutes,  ok no big deal right;   then last night they went out for quite some time, the entire East side of town was with out power. So I  gathered my candles and oil lamp and lite them. Hubby made a fire for us to keep us warm. It was kind of nice and cozy. With the flicker of the candles and the crackle of the fire, who needed the TV..  So I made us some coffee and I took out my knitting and we had a very nice night. Although hubby was not too happy he could not get on line, he is such a computer geek. Now I say that with Lots of Love.....  Kisses honey bunny.... { smooches}   He put a movie on with his Laptop. Hubby has quit a few movies on it for just such an occasion.

Then the lights came back on, I was sort of disappointed,  I was so enjoying the evening, but hubby was so excited to watch the movie on TV and use his Laptop. Oh well I will just have to plan on having the lights go out some weekend.... lol;    I am almost finished with my sewing for my daughters Christmas gift. I did not get enough for the ruffle. So tomorrow I am off to walley mart to find some nice trim, I need six yards. Now how could I have messed  that simple little detail,,,,,,,,  maybe it is because I have not been sewing for quit some time and I am just rusty...  But they are turning out very nice. The neck roll is all done if my bedroom was done in chocolate brown I think I would have to keep them. lol    But it is not so I will let her have them. 

Now the problem with having a blog is that my family reads it, so it is hard to show you what I am making, for fear she will see it. As it is she knows what she is getting for Christmas, but not what they look like.  But you can bet your booty that after Christmas I will be showing them off to you all.  Today my two grandsons want me to make them a Spiderman pillow, so that is my next project. They are very excited about that, they were in my craft room when I was sewing, and they had lots of questions as to what I was doing, and how it all worked..  It is funny how they really did not know what fabric was or where to find it. So I had to explain it to them.  Then they got bored and left,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  boys...  I have finished the last of my family Christmas Cards today, I am getting ahead of the game it seems. It is a great feeling to get it all done. I hope my Christmas Card swap partners have received my Cards. I still feel bad about getting them out so late. I just love all the ones I received and the sweet little gifts in side. I was very excited when I reached in the  mail and pulled out some cards.. I have not take photos of them yet so I have to hurry so I can post them with every one else's .   So that is about it for now, tomorrow hubby and I are going to do some Christmas shopping then I am baby sitting  four of our grandkids... oh boy that is going to be fun...  two are teenagers and the other two are six and four. So if you don't hear from me for a couple of days,.......  worry ok they may have tied me up or wore me out.. At least the tow teenagers can pretty much take care of them self's but the two little girls now that is another story in its self.  I have to come up with something to keep them busy, I was thinking of having them make a Christmas Card for their Mommy, she would love that.

Well dear friends I want to thank each and every one of you for the time you took out of your lives during this busy time of year to read my post, and the kind and sweet comments you left.  I hope every one has a wonderful weekend full of fun and laughter.

God Bless;




trash talk said...

Alaura, try taking all the light bulbs out and unplugging everything and telling your hubby there is another power outtage! You might get away with it. You are so far ahead of me with your Christmas preparations-I am so jealous. Try not to get too tired with the GKs. Debbie

justabeachkat said...

It sounds like you're staying real busy. I hope you're enjoying the Holidays. BTW, I posted how my Mom and I made our cinnamon stick Santas. Stop by and see when you can.


Shanda said...

I have a secret idea. Just hit the main breaker in the breaker box and shut down all the lights and he will never know. Need some quiet and romance, just hit the breaker button. Shhhh, I'll never tell.

Dawn said...

I think I am like your husband. I would almost have an anxiety attack if I couldn't use my computer. We've lost power before and the moments with the candles and fireplace only last so long for me LOL! I am actually looking forward to the next (SHORT) outage to watch a movie on my laptop too!

Good luck with all of your sewing. Thanks for the Christmas card. I just received it yesterday! I finally got around to mailing out all of my cards yesterday FINALLY!

take care,

Smilingsal said...

How did you make coffee with no electricity?

kari and kijsa said...

SOunds like another busy holiday! Love the grandson photo!

We have a fun giveaway of a target gift card today with the AHA for go red! A little early Christmas gift!

kari & kijsa

Alaura's Hubby said...

When a bunch of women get together in one place, it's just a bad bad thing. Plotting to unplug everything, removing light bulbs or even turning the breakers off! I can see I am going to have to keep an eye on this blog a bit more than I have been lately.

Alaura's "hunny bunny"