Monday, December 1, 2008


Yesterday after noon I finally got up my Christmas tree, just put on the lights and thought I would wait to decorate it. I did not get it decorated today, I was not feeling very energetic today, must be the weather. I did get my Village set up it looks very pretty. I am going to get some new buildings and more people. It is looking  so lonely. lol  I took some photos to share with you all.


This is where I am going to set it up now just pretend that you don't see my wall  aircon. Any hooo this is the spot for it.


So this is my tree, I have about 800 lights on it. I love lots of lights. Hubby worries that I am going to blow up the house. It does not look to bad with just lights. I have been looking though some old Christmas Magazines trying to find some different way to decorate my home.  I did not realize how many of them I had, I keep all of my favorite ones. 


Sorry this is not very light, I did not have a lot of light in the dinning room where I set it up. My flash on the camera was not working very well.


This one is not too bad, just click on them for a closer look. I have a school house, church, old Victorian House two of them. I need to get some batteries for my Christmas tree in the town square, and the light post.  I love my villiage, for years I have wanted one, and two yrs ago Hubby surprised me by getting me a couple to start one.  I am looking for something really big to set it up better that I can add more too. lol 


This is Just My doodles Christmas Quilt. I love this one. I made this one last year. I set it on my dinning room table or on a shelf.


Here is a close up, this pattern I found in a book called,  Favorite Applique' and Embroidery Quilts by Betty Alderman she has some really great projects, they are all pretty easy for the most part. I am really in the quilting mood again, have not been the mood for a while it comes and goes.   Oh I also had my first Christmas Card Swap in the mail today, I was so excited,  she was very fast in sending hers out. I am  getting all of mine ready this week.


It is from Joy Northrop. Love the  white sparkly snowflake. The little boy  on the card is so cute,  thank you so much for my Christmas Card Joy I love it.    Well I am sorry I don't have many decorated  holiday photos yet, but keep stopping by I will be taking lots more. I still have the out side to get done too, I will do that this weekend.  The rest of the week will be  decocted to the inside.  I am only putting up one tree this year  I have lots of table top ones but my six foot one will sit this one out.  I just don't have it in me this year to do up two trees.  I hope next year I will.  I am trying a less is more this year, I am not really a less is more kind of girl, I the more is more type. ha ha  So we will see how it goes.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the few photos I had to share, I want to thank you all for the very sweet and very kind comments you left me.  I so love to read each and every one, so please keep leaving me some... lol;   Have a great week every one.. God Bless




Smilingsal said...

Oh, your tree is beautiful; I love lots of lights. Your village is sweet too, and I love that quilt. You're ahead of me, I'm afraid. I've got to get cooking!

Dawn said...

The lights on your tree look very nice. I had such ambition for when I got home from school today and it all fizzled out. I was too tired. Rich and Tim finished putting the decorations on the tree and that's about as far as we got. There's always tomorrow.

I like your village. I used to want one of those but now I'm glad I don't have it. There's NO PLACE to put one LOL! I think I am aiming for a less is more year myself.

I just adore the quilt you made. It's very nice!

take care,

miss gracies house said...

You are soo ahead of me!!! Looks like you had a great holiday, too! THANKS for the visit!
Have a great week,

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

We decorated our tree yesterday. Now I am off to do the rest of the house!

Carrie said...

everything looks great I just love those villages! Good job!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

You enjoy alot of lights on your tree, just like me! Looking good!

Shelia said...

Evening, Alaura! I love your tree and all the lights make it look so magical! I love your little village too! Now, that quilt is so beautiful and you're very creative! I've got to get started with my decorating - yikes, I'm behind!
Thanks for coming to see me.
Shelia ;)

Joy said...

Alaura - I am glad it arrived safely although I should have put something over the little Christmas tree on the envelope as the paper I used was more brittle than I thought.

I received my first card today ~ they are nice surprises and I think I'll do more card swaps in the future. :o)

Neabear said...

All the lights on the tree is so pretty! Nice job so far. I like your quilt too.

justabeachkat said...

I love a tree with lots and lots of lights. I've finished decorating my tree and my mantel and I've hung lots of wreaths. I have a small kitchen tree I need to finish tomorrow.

Happy decorating.

Catherine Holman said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Very pretty!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Finally, someone who, like me, isn't done with their decorating yet! Our tree's lights suddenly all went out, (well, actually about 1/8 stayed on) and this does not a happy husband make.:)

I'll be back to see it all in its full glory later. Lidy

Bella Casa said...

Hi Alaura!

What a beautiful tree! And I did not even notice your a/c til you pointed it out, is concealed very well on that wall, love that :)

Your village is so nice, too, aren't they pretty? I have a few houses that I am going to pull out this year, it's been awhile since I've had them out, it's time.

I LOVE THAT QUILT, wow!!! You are so talented!!! Gorgeous!!!

I am a more is more kind of gal, too, lol...but I am also trying to not be so excessive, it's a struggle as I am sure you know ;)

Take good care, Alaura, I so appreciate all of your lovely comments on my blog...and I *love* your name, it's beautiful!


Margaret Cloud said...

Your tree is awesome, I like lots of lights on the tree and your quilt is very pretty, thanks for coming by.


Your decorations are lovely, I just love all of the lights!! So sorry to hear about your mother's tree topper. I am very sentimental about that type of stuff too. It is wonderful that you were able to incorporate what was left of it!!
I am doing a very minimal decor this year since we are in our small cottage!!!
Have a Blessed day!