Friday, February 27, 2009


lady in pink hat

Good morning  dear friends; now I know that it is not Saturday morning yet. But I am getting a early start on my Pink post. You know what they say  the early Pink Bird gets the worm.. ewww sorry about that one.  It has been a not so good Friday for me, health wise, my sinus's are driving me nuts. We have been have some rain and my head fills up and really hurts. Now I am getting a sore throat, and poor Honey Bunny is not feeling too well either, he is getting it in his chest. So we are happy it is the weekend so he can get some much needed rest.  I took a little walk around my front yard and I saw a few plants peeking up threw the  ground. I was so happy to see them,  my Tulips and Iris's  are showing. So I hope it does not turn really cold again and kill them off, I am keeping them covered though so I hope that helps.  All the snow has melted and now we have  muddy brown yard, but I won't complain it is so much better then snow.......  I am itching to get my hands dirty in the yard, I have missed it very much. I am getting  so many great ideas for my front yard planting, my garden books and magazines are out and ready to browse.  OK  I will stop now and show you some Pink,,,,,,, cos that is why you are here,,,,,,,,, lol

Rooms that I redid 035

Can you guess what this is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Right it is my baby bracelet, it was in my memory box of my Mother's  I have my Son's in there as well, I was so excited to see them in there, that she kept them all these years. Sorry it is not a very good photo so just click on the photo and you can make it larger.  It is too bad that they don't make them like that any more. My Mom used to work in the Hospital so when I was giving birth to my Son she was in the delivery room with me, they did not have birthing rooms back then. lol;  And she went an made the baby bracelet for her to keep, how sweet was that, she also had one for my nephew Chad, I need to give that to me some day.

Rooms that I redid 032

Now I really tired very hard to get a good shot of this gorgeous ring.  So I am hoping that when you make it bigger you can see the great detail on it. This ring belonged to my sweet hubby's Grandmother. I did not get to meet her for she pass away before we were married from breast cancer. So from what I have heard about her she always dressed very proper, and loved her jewelry. and worked in a clothing store for a while. This ring means so much to my husband, because it is the only thing he has to remind him of her. I also have another one, a mother of  pearl and  incase you can't tell they are both very large rings. Now this beauty has a wonderful Pink Rose in the center, with some green and blues. I wear it on my middle finger it is the only way I can wear it.   Now I know that memories are very special to keep safe in our hearts but to have something to hold from the loved one who is with the Lord, is just a sweet. It brings back such lovely memories of her for me, he was very close with both his grandparents.  They would send him tapes when he was in the Marines instead of letters his dad had found one of them them one time, and it was so great to hear his voice, hubby tiered up. I hope one day that he will let us have the tape to keep. Some day.

I will have to do a post on them, I have some really great photos of them, they were a very loving couple and were married for a long time.  So I really should honor them and share what I know with you all.   family is just the most precious treasures in our lives, and they should not be forgotten, their stories should be told, some are very very interesting.  

So now if you all want to see some more lovely Pink Saturday Posts, please stop by and visit our lovely hostess of this wonderful event  Beverly  from How Sweet the Sound. I love to visit her blog she has such wonderful post to share and photos to go with them. From sharing her family and recipes  to every day life, you will not be disappointed.  

I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Saturday post's I have enjoyed sharing them with you very much.  I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments and suggestions with the help of  fabric for my chair, you all have such great taste and I treasure each one.

So until next time;  God Bless;



Thursday, February 26, 2009


Good morning ladies; I hope you are all enjoying a great day. We are having some cloudy day today but now Snow in sight, and it is going to be about 40, so I am happy. My Weeping Pea tree is getting it little buds on it, I sure hope they last. 

Yesterday I spent most of the day in our family room moving furnisher around. I don't have a very large room and the shape is kind of odd, so not many choices there. But I am the type who has to change things up to give me a fresh new look. Now this has caused some get problems in our home, my poor Honey Bunny has had many a miss haps with the moves I have mad and forgot to tell him... oops!    For instants  in our first home we had when we moved back from Az.  I moved around the living room, well hubby at that time was working a second shift job,   bet you can see where this is going;  any way  when  he walked in to a very dark house, I was asleep,  I awoke to a loud  boom and then a very loud   WHAT THE HECK!!   Then I remembered the chair and ottoman I moved to a different spot.  You guessed it,,,,  right in his path to the bed room, just like  poor Rob Petree ? spelling  fell over the foot stool. I felt so bad for him, boy he never let me forget about that one.  Then there was  time I had rearranged all the kitchen cupboards, and forgot to let him know, poor guy could not find any thing for about a month....  oops again.  He used to say  No Wonder I don't feel Secure In my home, you keep changing things...  Well I say change is the spice of   life   right Ladies.........   So I took some photos to show you how it came out,  please let me know what you think of the move.....

Rooms that I redid 044 

Now this chest used to be on the wall by the patio doors, so I moved it over by the kitchen cabinets, and our tv armoire. I think it looks pretty good there, don't you.....

Rooms that I redid 048 

I love my chair, so I moved it where the chest was, it is close to the fireplace and to look out the patio doors, which is a good thing.  I love my table lamp.  I think I will paint it and redo the shade to fit it in better, the blue and white quilt I am moving too, it does not go with any thing in the room......  Do you see that pillow on the chair,,,,   I made that pillow, is it not the sweetest thing you ever saw......  lol  can you tell I am bragging....

Rooms that I redid 049

Now this chair we found at a local Antique mall, and I have to have it recovered, but I have not found a fabric I like, so do you have any suggestions...  I would love to hear some.. you can see my color scheme from the photos , the sofa was sitting where the chair is now.  but Hubby did not like it there so I had to move the chair to where my chair was and mine where his was, so he is happy now.  yeaaaa   a happy hubby.....


Rooms that I redid 051

The sofa is down where  Honey bunny's chair was and the round table was sitting in front of the quilt.  Oh look you can see all my little babies hanging on the wall are they not the cutes kids ever....kidding  but to me they are...... he he

Rooms that I redid 050

Just a close up of the sofa I put it on a slight angle to see the tv a little better,  I really need to finish painting my walls, so the match, I am not very good at starting, but when I do I  don't stop until I am done...  So I need a kick in the bum to get me going......Any takers..............    Oh look on my trunk  one of my Favorite magazines,  Romantic Homes.... now in side the cute chest is where I keep all of my issues of Romantic Homes, and Romantic Country, and there is a lot in there.. you can hardly move it.  But it keeps them close at hand when I want to browse some back issues, and keep them out of sight...  Wow a  two fer...

Rooms that I redid 052  Just had to get a close up of my shells, I love them in my vintage bowl setting in my plate rack. I am looking for some more to add to it. I just love shells, don't you......   

I am going to redo my chest in front of my sofa but not sure how or what color or maybe stencil something on it..  and I really need some help on how to set up a nice vignette on my round table, I would love to hear any suggestions on that too. So put on your think caps ladies and give me a hand.  I love  all of your homes and how you set them up, so please HELP!!!!!.

OK  that is if for now,  I want to thank you all for leaving me such wonderful comments. And for stopping by, it is so up lifting to know that some of you like to read my thoughts and stories, I am so blessed to have you all as dear friends.  So until next time;

God Bless



Tuesday, February 24, 2009


flooded  back yard 025

Good afternoon to all my wonderful and dear friends. I have felt so many of your Prayers, I thank you for them so very much. Things are getting back on track; slowly but back on track, I Praise the Lord for that he is so good and faithful. With out the Lord I am  sure things would have went a very different way, in a bad way, so I Praise him so much for Loving us the way he dose.

Now on to the photo above, I am sure you are all wondering why I am show you my feet, with the black shoes.  Well it all came about a couple of weeks ago, my niece Jenny called me and wanted to know if I would take an Adult Tap Dance Class that she is Co teaching. I really was un sure about it, my Sister is taking the class, it is really for the exercise  so I said I would. It is on Monday night from 7:15 to 8:15   On my first night I did not think I was going to make it, but I hung in there with the rest of them. lol   But I did have a little help from my niece  she showed me  the steps that they learned so I would not be behind, now how sweet is that.....    I have a wood floor in my kitchen and I practice on that , my poor fur babies think their Mommy is going nuts. Tapping all over the place. lol

I missed this past class so  I am behind again, so I am going to have to make a trip to  Jenny's again...  

Now my other niece Brandee; she is setting up her home now, and did not want these beautiful  hand painted flower pots, so my Sweet Sister gave them to me..... yea I love them and can't wait to sit them out on my patio. 

Flower Pots 001

Are these not the cutest you have ever seen. The colors are so perfect, I can't wait to find the perfect plant to put in them...

Flower Pots 003

Sorry this one is not very clear, but just had to show the wonderful detail, I am so loving these..... squeal!!!!!!!!!  with joy.

I also have to show you the photos I took when we had all that rain that flooded out yard, as I was supposed to do before I went on break...    Now don't worry it is just a few....

flooded  back yard 015

This is my sweet neighbors back yard, I felt so bad for them, they are a elder couple and it floods like this all the time.

flooded  back yard 019

This is of our side yard, you can barely see the water but it is there.   I could not believe how much rain we got. Now we have been getting Snow, will it ever end!!!!!!!!!  at least the Sun is out today, which makes it better.  

flooded  back yard 021

And the last photo, I had to show you all my brave little Weeping Pea tree, she did very well. I was so proud of her how she stood her ground and did not give in the bad weather wind and rain. Oh dear I can't forget my sweet little angle sitting on her silver ball, she was very strong also, did not move and inch.  Such a brave little Angle.... don't you think.............

Well that is all for right now, I am  so very happy to be back with you all, I have done some visiting with some of you and posting comments, but I was missing posting of my own.  I love to share my daily life with you, and projects and changes in my home. Tomorrow I am going to try to rearrange our family room, I will be taking photos to let you see how it looks and you can tell me if it is a good move or not, or help me out with some suggestions, which I so look forward to, I treasure each one it shows me how you care, and want to help...  Thank you all again for your kind words of comfort and prayers, I treasure you all very much.....  So until next time;

God Bless;


Friday, February 20, 2009


Good evening my dear sweet blog family. I am with heavy heat to have to say this at all, but I really do need to take a brake from posting. It was a hard disunion too make. But I must, I will not forget each an every one of you and I will from time to time do some visiting you. I wish I could tell you what a problem is but I can not, buy prayers would be very welcome I could really use them so very much. I just did not want to stop posting with out letting you all know where I was, I think that is a unkind and rude thing to do.

But this is the best I can come with, you all be been so wonderful to me with all your sweet and kind comments, some funny and some of them so very up lifting, and it means to alot to me,, more then you will ever now.  I am not sure how long I will be off,,,,,,,,,,,

My hope is not to be gone  too long, but remember I will be stopping by to visit you, I would go nuts if I was unable to at least  do that... lol  I will miss you all so very much. I hope you won't forget me, I know that I am a easy persone to forget sometimes, lol    So please tak care and be kind to one another.

So Until nest time   God Bless;



Sunday, February 15, 2009


Zachary Corbin and Fabric 024

OK, first of  all  PLEASE, excuse the mess that got in the way of my photo, lol  This afternoon my two girls had a play date with their cousin Shelby.  Shelby is the Boston , they had so much fun today. they ran them selves to death. 

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 026

This is Shelby's  Mommy Heather, who is my daughter.  Now Gracie loves to play very hard and Isabella really does not like to play that much any more. So when Shelby came for a visit,,,,,, well Gracie was just to excited to have some one who loves to play as hard as she does.

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 033

This is their boxing, I think it was a tie as to who won. My poor house was a mess most of the day, it was like having  all 11 grandchildren here at the same time.  So guess what I will be doing on Monday......   Now that Heather and Shelby went home here are my two babies...........................

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 018

You can barley see Gracie in the back, she sort of blends in with Izzi B.  I think they are out for the night. yeaaaa  So a good day was had by all..... 

Now that they are taken care of  if is my turn to play.... :}   I found this very beautiful fabric on E-Bay  for a great price, it is a gorgeous toile.  All total I paid  about 10.00 for it, it is a yard of fabric.

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 001

Is this not the most gorgeous fabric ever......  I am going to replace the fabric on my deacons bench. I can't wait to get started on it. But first I have to finish my chair, I have one more coat of paint to do, and then put some shabby fabric on the seat. I hope to finish it tomorrow, I did not have any time to do any work on it this weekend..

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 003

Had to show a close up of the toile.               Hubby and I had such a wonderful Valentines Day, it was the best ever.. Sorry that is all I can say about it,,,, "blushing"  he he    And then today was the first official  opening of  NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     At Daytona, it is like the super bowl of football.  I have really missed watching the races on Sunday afternoons,   well I just could not work on my chair during the Race......  I am such a race fan that nothing gets in the way of my race day,,,      well except the Lord of course. He will always be first... 

Zachary Corbin and Fabric 031  

This is my guy Jimmie Jhonson, #48.. he has won 3 championships in a row, and no one else has done that except of one other in the history of Nascar...  Pretty kool huh...............

Ok so it is not all  about decorating today, and  most of you don't care for it, but I just had to tell you all about it...  So I hope I have not lost you all by now,,,, don't worry tomorrow I will be back to normal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  what ever normal is.... lol   

Well dear friends that is about it for my weekend, nothing really exciting or major in the decorating dept.  I wish to Thank so many of you for taking the time to visit and leave such wonderfully sweet comments.   I am so blessed to have so so many  friends out there who lift me when I need a lift or when I need a laugh, So thank you all for giving so much or your selves,  I truly Love you all, and keep each of you in my Prayers..  So until next  time...

God bless;



Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Valentine's day to all my sweet friends. And a Happy Pink Saturday. There is going to so many wonderful  Pink and Valentine's pretties  floating around in blog world. Our Hostess Beverly , from  howsweet the sound  I just love being apart of her Pink Saturday, so please stop by and visit and to see who else is posting for Pink Saturday.

flooded  back yard 011

Ok now I know you are wondering why I am showing this  bundle of wood,,,,,,,,,,,  well it has a very cute Pink handle on it. I was so surprised that it had a pink handle on it. So I just had to snap a photo of it. 

Rooms that I redid 027

This beautiful Pink Valentine box was made by Michele from teacups treasures and tumbling rose cottage,  we were Swap partners for the Valentine Swap. I just love this box, she did an amazing job. I am keeping it out all year long....

Rooms that I redid 037

Sorry if you can't see this very well, I did try to get a better shot of it, but this is the best one. You can click on it to make it bigger and get a better look at it... It of  Jesus's Mother Mary, and it was my Moms for a very long time, it is not a pin or necklace, it if from the Hospital where I was born, Scared Heart, it was a Catholic Hospital, she was shopping with my Aunt and she went into labor with me and that is where she ended up.  Maybe that is why I love to shop.... lol   After she passed away my Dad gave me this small box shaped like a trunk and this was inside it.  I remember I use to look at it when I was little, on the days I did not feel good Mom would let me lay in their bed and look in her jewelry box at all her beautiful pieces she had. I just loved looking at each  ring necklace and bracelet she did not have a lot but what she did have was so pretty.  I don't know what it is,,,,,,,,,  but there is just something so special and magical in you Moms jewelry box.  I would sit for hrs just looking, even though I have seen them all so many times before.  And when my Daughter was small she would do the same thing, and then dress in my clothes and wear my shoes she was so sweet looking.  

And now when I take out that small trunk like box, it is like going through Moms jewelry box all over again.   How strange that something so small can hold so many memories of the past. In side that small box are some very special pieces  not just jewelry either. Some day I will do a post on it, and show you all what is inside my box of memories...   I know this was not a very Valentine  post but Valentine's Day is a day of  Love and Memories, and the box is my Valentine  to share with all of you,,,, for you all are so very special to me,  I am very humbled to have you all as dear friends.  So Happy Valentines Day to you all, may your small box of memories be full..  OH and Happy Pink Saturday as well.   Have a great weekend. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and photos, until next time.

God Bless;



Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello to all out in blog land. Well we are getting some heavy rain today, my back yard is starting to look like a lake. As well as my sweet neighbor's is  their yard is really flooded. Most of the State of Ind. is under a flood watch, so keep and eye out my state might just float by you...  if is does I will wave to you,,,,,,  well to who every it goes by I guess and then what state it floats past too.  Oh well I hope you know what I am trying to say, because I just lost my self..... lol;   So today I have not done much of any thing creative just listening to the rain and wiping down my two fur babies when they come in, oh my goodness Isabella came in last night and she looked like she stuck her face in the mud, and her little furry white feet were brown, I just gave her a bath that day too...  I should have taken a photo of her, now Gracie is brown already so she did not look too bad, just like a drowned rat... poor babies....   As of right now I have a nice little fire going and I made me a small pot of Darjeeling tea, so I am sipping and writing my post. I should go and  find a  photo to put on here, I love to look at photos so hold on I am going to find one for you all. OK .... now don't go any where I will be right back........................

family cedar point 027

Ok I think I found one you all might get a kick out of. What a great place for all the Men to be in,,, lol 

Now from left to right;  SIL Paul  daughter Heather,  Son Dustin, DIL Laura, SIL Ron daughter Chasity.  This was taken about four years ago, we took them all to Cedar Point for Hubbys Birthday, we all had a blast.  I really don't care to go on any rides but some how they talked me into a roller coaster, boy I was so scared I almost wet my pants. But I did it.... 

I have been listening to the news and my prayers go out to all the victims of the Tornado in OK. It was very scary to see it on the news I can't even imagine what it must have been like. So please keep them in your prayers. Sorry about the side track, but I am watching the news and they have been showing it. And  the wild fires in Aus. they showed the firefighter giving water to the poor scared Kola Bear, she looked so afraid, they said she is doing fine now and has a boyfriend now named Bob, how sweet is that. So my out there who need our Prayers, even though we do not know who they are or their need, the Lord knows.  So for those who need prayer I am praying for you...

We had a break in the weather around 4:30 p.m.  the sun came out and it was so pretty, I did take my camera out and took some photos of our back yard and my neighbors with all the water, I will post on them tomorrow.  I have one more photo to show you with my wonderful Kids at Cedar Point.

family cedar point 021   

Ok this is not my kids but  Honey Bunny and Me at the restaurant where we had his birthday lunch, they all sang Happy birthday to him, it was great...   Well I guess that is about it for today, so I will let you all off the hook and say good night.. But before I do, I want to Thank you all for taking the time to visit me and leave such sweet comments, I know I say it a lot but it really does mean show much to me that you care enough to leave a comment.

Until next time;  God Bless;



Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Good evening to all my dear blog friends.  Today was a wonderful warm day we had, it was almost 60, yippy  yeaa!!!!!   But sadly it is not going to stay long. Tomorrow is going to be rainy with very high winds and thunderstorms. Which I am not going to be up set about, the temp is going to drop and with the rain it is going to be freezing rain. boo boo  I hope it does not stay long. But today was like a Spring day, my bearded deep blue Iris's are starting to peek through the ground, my Weeping Pea tree is getting some buds on it, so I hope they don't blow away or freeze off.  I do have them covered up to protect them. 

Yesterday was a fun day,  my two grandsons and I were making Valentine Cards for their Mommy and Daddy and all the grand parents. They had such a great time, as well as I did. We had glue stick and stickers glitter paper and all that goes with it every  where. lol  And I have failed as a true blogger, I did not use my camera to take photos of them......  I know I know, shame on me to not capture a time as that forever.  I can take a photo of the cards Zachary made for Papaw and I he was so so proud. Corbin is into Penguins so he was making them. 

So since I did not have a photos to share, I am going to show the two quilts I made a while ago. 

April 2003 053 

This is a Irish Chain Quilt; I made this for my oldest daughter Heather. It took me a long time to quilt, I hand quilted around each 2 inch square and in each white block I put in a star and half moon. I won't do that again. My poor hands were so sore and tired. but she loved it, I think it came out pretty good.

April 2003 051

This one I made for my grandson Zachary's baby shower, it had some matching pillows. Now as you can probably see that in the last row one block does not match the others. It is supposed to be a Log Cabin quilt, but some how I sewed the block the wrong way and did not notice it until I was taking this photo....  [look of shock]   So I call this my Humility Quilt, because it does not have to be perfect.  I am the type that has to be perfect in what every I am making or doing, and that is a hard thing to break out of. But know one noticed it right away any way.  I have a couple of Quilts that are humility quilts, lol like the Amish call them, so I am in good company.  I have make quilts for most of the grand babies before they were born, I will have to do some digging to find them. not sure where I put the photos.  I have made two Guardian Angles Quilts, they were very hard  for me to make, as I was not very good back then with triangles, which the whole thing was make of.  The second one was made for my niece Maddy Grace  she had to have lots of Dr. appts. and almost had to have open heart surgery, so I made the quilt for her keep near her. Her Mommy said that she stills has it and takes it every where, she was adopted from the Philippines when she was about 2 yrs old with some health problems. And today she is in first grade and doing fine, she is such a little doll.  Some day I will have to do a post on all of my grand kids and grand nieces and nephews, just to show them off. lol   I hope you all enjoyed my photos even though they had nothing to do with the card making post. sorry about that.....  

I want to thank you all for the visits and hope you will continue to stop back, I love reading all the wonderful comments you all leave.  Oh dear I hear Thunder out side, I love the Thunderstorms there is just something about them, they relax me, except if they are really bad then it is kind of scary.....  :}  

OK ladies until next time; God Bless;



Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hello to all my dear friends. like my title says I am very tired, hubby and I had three boys and three dogs this weekend. The boys were our oldest and youngest Grand sons, and my two fur babies and one fur grand baby. My S I L took my daughter to a romantic weekend for an early Valentine's gift, so we watched their boys and one dog. Then my Son took his wife out for their Anniversary and needed a sitter for their son. So I had a very full weekend. But what a time we all had, it was so much fun, but they sure wore me out. lol  Our oldest grand sons are 15 and 13, so they were trying to teach me how to play video games, well you can probably guess how that went.  I was so bad but they were so great about it, how sweet of them. We took them to a movie last night, we went to see Taken, which was a good movie by the way. It was not a very foul mouth one or ladies with out apparel, so it was a good movie with the grand kids.  Then I made their favorite food that I make which is Lemon Pepper Chicken, my boys love it, for dessert I make a very moist chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting...  mmmmmmm :] so so good and bad. lol 

Then this afternoon we took them to lunch at their favorite restaurant Los Limos.  So hubby and the boys stuffed them selves.  Went to the store to get a few things, they each picked out their favorite Magazines and then we came home so I could just drop. lol   Mom and Dad came to pick them up about an hr ago. So all is well and very quite. yeaaaaa   I love to have my grand kids, but I too love it when they go home. Does that make me a bad grandma,,,,,,,,,,,  hope not, I do love all 11 of them so very much. 

So I am so sorry that I have not been able to visit you all for Pink Saturday, I love to visit everyone as much as I can to see all the beautiful Pinkness.  I will be making some stops though. I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments you have left me, and the visits. I so love for you to stop by  from time to time, it means a lot to me. Well I have to put up my tired feet and sip my coffee,and do some blog surfing. I hope you all have had a great weekend, and my your Monday be a bright and sunny one. Until next time; God bless;



Friday, February 6, 2009


Good morning to all my fellow Pink blogger's .  I hope you all have had a wonderful week.  Before I start, I want to thank you for you kind and caring comments concerning my nephew, he is doing fine now,Praise the Lord.  Now on for Pink Saturday, it seems to be showing up faster and faster. I no sooner post one and then here is another. My my how time flies, when you are not looking.

Rooms that I redid 029 

Now I know that there is not a lot of Pink in this, but I just had to share it with you. This is a dresser scarf  that my sweet Mom make so many years ago, it is very old and not in such perfect shape, but it is beautiful to me.  I used to keep it in a drawer to protect it, but I decided to bring it out now, it is on my dresser that we bought at a local Antique mall,  so now it has a home. And every time I see it I think of my Mom.  I took a photo of how it looks so far on my dresser, I am looking for a dresser set now to complete the look.

Rooms that I redid 030

The long gloves I found at the same Antique mall, I fell in love with them. I really need to get some candles for my holders. They were a gold color and I sprayed painted them and then did and antique look to them with a gold stain. I took some wax and buffed them and they came out great. 

Rooms that I redid 028

Now this sweet wall hanging was made by my two daughters and my oldest granddaughter Caileigh J.  They surprised me with it on Grandparents Day.  It means so much to me, this was made the year after we lost our daughter April Caileigh's  Mommy.  Now I know what you are all probably thinking,  why does it say Mamaw Goddess. well I will tell you all.  I remember the day that April told us she was going to have another baby, we were so excited. I was making a joke saying that  this time can the grand baby call me Goddess instead of  Grandma.  So  April and Chas were teaching Caileigh to say Mamaw Goddess she was two yrs old.  So now she is 9 yrs old now and still calls me that, now my other three grand daughters call me that. It is something so special to me to hear them call me that, because my daughter taught her.

You should see how people look when they hear that out in public. lol I love the look on their faces...  

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Pink Saturday photos, and the sweet stories that go with them.  I hope you all have a very Pink Day, and too see more beautiful Pink pretties stop by our wonderful hostess Beverly of  How Sweet the Sound to see more pretties.   until next time; God Bless;





Good afternoon, it is such a beautiful day today. The sun is out and not much wind, and the temp. is in the high 30's.  And the weekend is going to be near 50, so I am hopping that  all the snow and very cold days are behind us now.  If the snow was all melted in my yard, I would have been out doing some type of yard work, lol    I am so looking forward to Spring, aren't you?  Yesterday was not a good day, my Sister called me early and asked if I would go to the V A  hospital, Chris her youngest was in the ER, with  food poisoning. He ate Sushi  the night before, he looked so bad. We were really worried about him. He  has  sent to Iraq  twice, and them comes home to this. Silly boy,  he also had a very bad head ache so the Dr. gave him a shot for it, well he must have had a bad reaction to it, cos he was just so nervous and shaky we were really started to get up set. So sister went to get the Dr. and he had to give him another shot to calm him down. Then he needed to have a CT scan. That came out ok which was such a relief. We did not get home until 3:30 pm.   I got to drive his car back to sisters house, it was soooooo much fun, it was a Six speed. I asked him how well it cornered,,,, he he  my poor sweet nephew.  He is in Collage and will grad. this May, then he will be off to Officer training we are all so proud of him.   I have a photo of him when he was over in Iraq,  his job was to  search the Iraqi workers who worked on the base, any way he was holding a very large gun. It was so hard to believe that,  that was my baby nephew. I will have to scan it to show him off....   Do I sound like I am boasting.... sorry if I am.....   Ok enough of Christopher...  

So  I was unable to start on my chair yesterday, I started to work on it today. I have it on my dinning room table, and started to sand it to get the satin off.  I have taken some photos and will post on them later. I can't wait to start painting it I also have a gel stain to rub on it to age it a bit, then I will be putting  on some very beautiful fabric on the seat.  I won a gorgeous piece of fabric on E-Bay today it is a Toile, I hope it is going to be enough to cover the seat of my bench, it will be perfect.  I wish I had some photos of it, but when I get it I will make sure I show it off.  he he   Well that is about, not much going on,,,  well at least today that is. 

Have to go and start hubby's dinner now,  so Ladies until next time.   Have a great day,,,  God Bless;



Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Good Afternoon every one. We seem to be getting better weather these days. although it is still quit cold, the Sun is out and oh so pretty. With the days growing longer, I can't help but feel Spring is not too far off. I have been dreaming of what I will be planting this year, and how I will be our front yard. This year I am only going to concentrate on the front. I really need curb appeal bad. lol

So until then I am still trying to finish our family room, painting and putting up the molding with the bead board.  But my next project is my Ladder back chair, it sits at my kitchen desk, so I thought I would paint it a creamy white,,[what else]  and pad the seat with some quilt batting and shabby fabric.  I am hopping to begin some time today with it,,,  notice I said Hope, to start it..lo

Then I have my Mothers old Deacon's bench, it really needs to be redone. I have not been wanting to redo it since my daddy passed it along to me after my Mom passed. But I finally decided that Mom would not mind if I redid her bench. I really love it and am so happy to have it in my home, every time I look at it,, it reminds me of Mom.  I will be taking before and after photos and each and every step along the way.  I still  have to start on my lap quilt, I have not been able to get to it yet.  I get so far behind on things, and drives me crazy. lol...  I think I need a kick in the rear, some days, ok maybe not. I think my rear is just fine. :}   OH  I finally broke in my new Paula Dean Pans, it was very hard for me to use them, but I was very brave and closed my eyes and jumped right in,  am missed the pan,,,,,,,,  so just a reminder do not close your eyes when you are dumping in a bag of  veggies, it is not a pretty sight......   When I was all done with the pan I gave it a nice soapy warm bath and rinsed it off and dried it, tucked it in its new home.  I was so nervous about using it, but all went well,,,,,,  at least after I opened my eyes that is... lol    

Well Ladies that is bout it for now, my fur babies are wanting to go out, and you know what that means.........  I want to Thank you all for you very kind comments about my fireplace redo you all are so up lifting  I treasure each and every one...  Have a great day;

Until next time;;  God Bless;



Sunday, February 1, 2009


Good morning every one, Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Hubby and I stayed home most of the time, it has been very cold and windy out.  When it is like that my Fibro, and arthritis  acts up and I am taking Pain pills more than I have too.  But today it is not too bad, Praise the Lord.  Ok this is my first time doing a Metamorphose Monday.  So I hope I do it right.  Today I am showing you the before and after of my Fireplace. I have been thinking of  redoing it for quit awhile, but just never got around to do it. To many other things just kept getting in the way. I still have to finish paining the walls too, I am so behind on things, and if I don't get going on my walls,,,, well when spring finally shows up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  well you can forget anything that has to do with the inside.... lol  So on to the before shot.

Rooms that I redid 001 

The Mantle is painted the same color as the walls, it is a  Sage Green color.  I had to spray the bricks with a  Soot cleaner, and it really worked great, it took off all that nasty black stuff.  But I was not happy with the tan color of the bricks, so I let them go for a year, until I could decide how I was going to make them look so much more Chic.  I have been doing our house in a shabby chic style, and the color of the bricks was just not working. 

Rooms that I redid 002

A wider shot of the fireplace.  As you can see I have all my supplies out and ready to get started. 

Rooms that I redid 003

It took longer to tape up the windows then it did to paint it.  But in the end it was well worth it. 

Rooms that I redid 004

This is after the first wash on the bricks, when I stood back to survey it, I was not sure I like it. So I waited a bit before I did another light coat. I did not want a heavy paint on it, but I did want just a bit more.

Rooms that I redid 005

So I was thinking that I would spray the fire surround before I did another coat of white, it might not need it. So out came my can of spray paint I just went for it.  I had to open my patio doors to let out some of the paint smell....  Woooohooooo   I was getting light    Well so far so good, I did not get black all over the newly painted bricks. So that was a good sign.  I put on two coats of spray paint. 

Rooms that I redid 006

Rooms that I redid 007

OK now it was all dry and I could take off all that blue tape and see how great it looked.  I was a little nervous about how everything was going to look.   Would I like it,,,, would my hubby like how about my family would they like it,,,,,  or worse yet  would any of you out there  my dear blog Family ,, would you like it....... 

Please do not look at the yellow chair in the right side, I am going to have it recovered, I love the style of the chair. Hubby and I found it at a antique mall here, but just have not had the time to get it done yet...  And I have  not decided what fabric and colors to use on it...  That will take a while.  One thing about me that drives my hubby nuts, is it takes me forever to make up my mind about decorating, and what I want  for a room, like color fabric furnisher and where to hang things and set stuff...  I know it is a bad flaw, and I am trying to work on it....

Rooms that I redid 008 

Close up of the fire screen...  oh dear you can see me in the glass,, oops!  That was not supposed to happen.   Oh well,,, 

Rooms that I redid 013

I am sorry it is not a clear shot, but  here is the end results.  So what do you think????????   Did I do a great job, or what...  OH and should I leave the mantle green or white or another color, I was thinking of buying some rope molding and running in down the middle of the mantle and paint it white....   but I am not sure about that.... 

Rooms that I redid 011

This is a better photo.  I need to get some new candles for my holders. I have used them lots. and they are too small now...

Rooms that I redid 012

I really need to buy some copper cleaner for my  pots. My boiler we use for small fire wood, and the small one I put pine cones in to start a fire with, they work great as fire starters.. And when I can get them with the cinnamon sent,, wow how nice that is.

Well that is about it for now. I hope you all enjoyed my very first Before and After  Met. Monday...   I am not sure when I will be posting on Met Monday again, as I am kind of slow at getting things done.  I just like to take my time, so I don't mess it up. Which I have done,,,,,,   no no really its true,,,,,,,,,,,,  I have messed up before.  I know how shocking is it  I try not to let many people know about that...  I still have bad dreams about my poor little helpless Bear, that I dropped kicked across the room,, so so many years ago.  And for what I ask you...............  a nose that would not turn out right....   oh the shame of it all.... [ hanging my head........]    OH Alright I will stop now....  I heard that!!!  lol

Now for more beautiful before and after's please stop by and visit our hostess for this wonderful event.  Susan from  between naps on the porch  there you can visit so many more wonderful blogs, as well as Susan's she has the most beautiful before and after photos.  

I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit and leave a sweet comment.  Until next time   God Bless;




new pots and pans 001

Good Afternoon;  I am so excited about my new Pots and Pans, they are so nice. They are way to nice to use... lol  I love the color.

new pots and pans 003

I really had to work hard to get them out of the box, it was not easy.  I did a lot of ripping on that box, like Christmas, but I finally won. I was not going to let that box keep ME  from my beautiful new pans..  No sir ree.....  I had that box all over my kitchen.. lol But when you see them you will agree it was well worth it...

new pots and pans 004

Are these not the most beautiful set of Pans you ever saw.........  I wish the Red would have shown up better, it is a deep red with some black splattered all over it.

new pots and pans 005 

She even has her name on the bottom. They are a heavy set, the handles are so comfy to hold and they have a nice curve so they won't hurt your wrist when holding them.  The glass lids are so nice  the knob on top has the same  type of rubber I guess, and the center has a really pretty copper.

new pots and pans 006

OOPS!!!  the copper is around the center, not in the center.... lol  I just love them.....  Boy do I love them.

new pots and pans 007

I am sorry for going on so much about them, but I have not had a new set for years. So this to me is like getting a  Car... lol  I really can't wait to use them though. Now just have to find the right recipe to fix...   OK now I have to find some new flat ware that I love,  a new set of dishes, then glasses.  OH then I have to redo the whole kitchen... lol   And to think it all started with a new set of pans.....  he he    With all I want to do in the kitchen it will be the last one done..  I found some paint colors I like for the other rooms. I will take some photos of them and show you then you can tell me what you think about them...  I love to hear all the great decorating advise that you have. And it really helps out alot.

Tomorrow is Met Monday, and I am showing my makeover Monday, it will be my first time. I have redone our family room fireplace. I think it came out great..  So I am excited to show you.

I find that I need to show more of my decorating style on my blog,  all of the blogs I visit, and  that is a lot,,,,,,  everyone is showing their lovely homes. So I need to get in the act, so with that said I have to get going on my family room to get if finished so I can post it..   Well I hope you all enjoyed my post of my new pans,,   cos I really love them!!!!!!!!!    lol   

Thank you all for paying me a visit and leaving such kind comments.  So please stop by again, I do get lonely with out you...

So until next time;  Have a great Sunday. God Bless;